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Valiant Universe Handbook #1 Review


Have questions about Valiant characters? Check out this FCBD book!

The Good

If there's one thing Valiant is nailing out of the park with Free Comic Book Day, it's putting out comics that are extremely new reader friendly and catch up new fans. This book takes a look at every character in the Valiant universe. Hence, the VALIANT UNIVERSE HANDBOOK is exactly what you think it is: each page contains a picture, history, and quick bio.

It's really cool to see how in-depth this book gets. Every piece of history, for their already established characters, is covered here. The only way to understand these characters better and learn about their history is to go through the books with a fine tooth comb.

One of the coolest things is on Eternal Warriors page where we get to see pictures of him throughout the ages. Teams are broken down between members and even characters like The Goat and the Shanhara armor have their own sections.

The final pages of the book show the trades and deluxe editions of their books, which is great or new readers. It gives them a point of reference to jump onto a series.

The Bad

It's not really a comic book. Don't pick this up to expect panel-to-panel story telling. Each page is literally a picture, a whole bunch of writing, then a quick bio, much like every comic handbook you've ever read.

This book pretty much spoils everything that's going on in the stories. It makes me wonder if people will want to go back and read the other books, now that they know what happens.

There's no order to how the characters appear in this book. Normally, you'd see them in alphabetical order or grouped together, but it feels a bit disjointed and random.

The Verdict

The VALIANT UNIVERSE HANDBOOK gives readers all the info about the Valiant universe they could ever need. However, is it too much information? Will they be turned off to the rest of the series because they already know what happens? Otherwise, this is a good way to catch up and see if there's stories that interest you. This is a very conclusive and thorough look into all of Valiant's characters and teams. It's a pretty solid read for fans and new readers alike, but it's not really a comic book, as the title suggests.

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Posted by SavageDragon

I got this and liek the review says is a solid thing to have on hand if you are deciding what character(s) from Valiant's roster looks good for you.