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Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15 - United We Stand, Divided We Fall Review


The country is divided and Captain America is under strict orders from the President to stand down.

The Good

God, I love the Ultimate Universe so much. They aren't afraid to try some incredibly insane story ideas and continue to roll with it. I love how the United States is splintered and those in charge either suck at their job or they kill of their own people.

Two pretty big moments in this issue, both of which change everything in the Ultimate Universe. I won't spoil them here because I actually want you to read the book, but I can assure you it's awesome. There are big changes for the Ultimate Universe coming up and it all revolves around what choices Captain America will be making in the upcoming months. We see the start of it in this issue.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ultimate G.L.A. exists! They may not be led by Mr Immortal, and they're called the Great Lakes Alliance and not the Great Lake Avengers, but I'll take it! Also, we get to see the beginning of Hydra here. I'm very excited to see this play out.

We're in the thick of battle, but yet there is tons of solid set-up for future characters, groups, and stories. I love it. Sam Humphries is doing a great job as the writer here. He's doing a great job with the overall book and story, but also, I love the direction he's taking Captain America and how he's furthering the development of this character.

The Bad

The art was not consistent. There were a few panels were it looked like someone else was penciling the characters. At one point, it looks like Phillip Tan's work, and at another point, it almost looks like Howard Chaykin was drawing the same person. It's not all on Tan though. I notice that the inking is also inconsistent, as is the coloring. However, the colors are the only real excusable element since there were three different colorists on this book.

The Verdict

Ultimates is a solid book going in an amazing direction. The world is upside-down, and I love it. I like the fact nothing ever returns to normalcy, and in this issue, things just get crazier, but I refuse to spoil them for you guys. We get to see a couple of new groups that are 616 favorites and Captain America is slowly becomign a brand new character.

On the down side, I had some issues with the inconsistency with the art here, and not just the pencils. I had the same problem with the inks and colors.

Overall, I love this issue and I highly recommend it.

Posted by cyberchop979

Why is it that on every pic of this cover it says "united we stand" but on the actual book it says "divided we fall"? Weird.

Posted by

This "big decision" was mentioned before so I knew something like this was a possibility. But I definitely didn't think that it would happen. I'm sure in the future when I've had time to think about this it will look like bad Idea from several angles. But for now all I can say is

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

Posted by JamDamage

this is a great book, but look at that cover. That cover is just sick. I'll be pissed if it's not in the weeks best covers picks.

Posted by blur1528

@cyberchop979: Yeah. My thoughts exactly. Thought my copy was a mistake at first.

Posted by TheMightyHerc

Actually IMO the Ultimate Universe is Far away Better and more Interesting than the 616 universe..

Posted by DaltonMunnal

Interesting. Mine says Divided We Fall also. By the way, you say you won't spoil the surprise, but you already did by posting a preview of the next issue. I really wish I hadn't seen that preview before I read this issue.

Posted by SoA

im just glad the ultimate universe isnt getting the axe.

@TheMightyHerc said:

Actually IMO the Ultimate Universe is Far away Better and more Interesting than the 616 universe..

u just got a follow , lol

Posted by Novemberx2

I wasn't impressed with this. the pacing was off and i can't help feel the our villain is basically a rip off of mark milllar's loki from the ultimates 2. also the winning of the election thing seems cool (but completely impossible under any voting system!) but has been poorly handled due to ill pacing of this issue.

too many plot holes have been left dangling for too long now...

are spiderwoman and Cap Britain still in prison? what has happened to Tian or the children of tomorrow? is thor still seeing the god of asgard living inside of him? is director Flumm still in charge of shield? and will some please explain to me why nick fury is still wanted for treason?

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

You mean Billy Tan, not Philip Tan; right?