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Unity #4 - United We Fail Review


Toyo Harada finally has the X-O armor in his custody. However, the rest of the team doesn't exactly trust him with it.

The Good

Writer Matt Kindt is absolutely killing it with Valiant's UNITY. Somehow this guy is able to turn each and every chapter of this book into something that feels like a very high budget action movie and it just refuses to lose steam.

This issue is essentially one big action sequence/heist, and even though a good chunk of it is explosive action, it doesn't slow the series' plot or even skip character depth. In fact, Kindt's able to give each character a key moment where not only does their personality shine through, but they also have an opportunity to show off why they're a force to be reckoned with. On top of a ridiculously enthralling battle, Kindt takes steps to establish a new perspective in this book (or at least something that seems like it'll be a reoccurring one) and ends with a predictable yet still totally exciting development. It's absolutely enough to keep the hype going strong and leaves me anxious to see how this new dynamic will be handled.

Artist Doug Braithwaite and colorist Brain Reber do impressive work with the epic material in Kindt's script. Not only is their character work overflowing with liveliness and a precise attention to detail, but the handling of the massive action sequence is quite a treat for the eyes as well. Watching these seemingly unstoppable characters smash into and through walls is beyond cool and handled in a way that truly allows us to appreciate how powerful these actions are. One particular sequence between Livewire and Harada allows Reber to really go all-out with the colors and create some delightfully vivid and realistic images in some relatively small panels. This consistently strong art team is an excellent match for the absurdly large scope Kindt brings to the book.

The Bad

Seeing as Harada's insanely powerful, it's a little tough to believe he wouldn't have an easier time handling someone like Gilad when sets his sights on him. Why try and make Gilad put a bullet in his own brain when Toyo could literally tear him apart with just his powerful mind, after all? I guess we can chalk it up to ego.

Kindt likely has bigger plans for Renee Rousseaux (or at least I hope so), but as of right now, it almost feels like she's there just for exposition. Seeing as there's a more the detailed recap page right as you open the book, the play-by-play doesn't really feel required.

The Verdict

UNITY hasn't lost its charm; it still feels like a blockbuster movie. Matt Kindt is going all out with this one and Doug Braithwaite's art is just icing on this oh-so-delicious cake. Not only is Kindt able to juggle the roster well, but he's always keeping things moving. If he's not treating us to an epic action scene, odds are he's taking steps to move the overall narrative forward in order to keep things fresh. This is some damn good popcorn entertainment, people.

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Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

Awwwww yeaahhhhhh!

Edited by That60sGuy

Man I couldn't decide which cover to get for this issue so ended up buying two. I regret nothing! I love this damn series.

Edited by Cap10nate

Another great issue. This has been a great read and I hope it keeps up the steam.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

Ninjak is ma boi!

Posted by AllStarSuperman

Cant wait

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by Fallschirmjager

Awesome issue.

Posted by bladewolf

Sadly, gotta disagree. While this is a good issue, it's far below the quality of the first 3. If anyone's interested, I wrote my own review here: Unity #4 Review

Posted by Maddpanda531

Well, looks like I'm going to have to start reading Unity.

Posted by kivatt

@bladewolf: You know I actually looked at your review, and I found it interesting. I liked seeing how different people saw the book. Twas' interesting indeed.

What would you say your favorite valiant book is?

Because as of right now, I am going with Eternal Warrior, but Harbinger, Archer and Armstrong, and X-O Manowar is up there with it.

Posted by Jake Fury

Just finished the first trade (1-4) and this series is very good.