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Uncanny X-Men #20 - Fallout Review


It's the end for Cyclops' squad of X-Men as the battle is over. Find out what their fate will be.

The Good

As with AVX: CONSEQUENCES, we get to see some of the fallout from the decision to use the Phoenix Force to try to change the world. It could be argued that the Phoenix Five had the best of intentions but even with a portion of the power, did they have the right to try to play God?

The issue basically divided into three portions with the focus is on Cyclops, Unit and Danger and Colossus and Magik. Cyclops is incarcerated after the events of AVENGERS VS X-MEN. He is paid a visit by the X-Men's former P.R. specialist, Kate Kildare. It might seem peculiar that she would visit Scott or even be allowed access to a S.H.I.E.L.D. classified location. How she got there is explained later and what she has to say to Cyclops definitely opens the door for more in the future. Unit and Danger take a look at the notion of being prisoners. Colossus and Magik have an encounter that resolves and establishes their relationship moving forward.

This being the final issue, the storylines present in this series are wrapped up nicely. There are definitely some great twists and surprises you won't see coming. It's a fitting end to a good series that often got lost in the shuffle of so many different X-titles.

The Bad

We're seeing more timing problems just as during AVENGERS VS X-MEN. I didn't fully put it together at first but I was a little confused why Cyclops would have his normal visor when Kate came to visit him. Apparently this takes place before the two issues of the weekly AVX: CONSEQUENCES yet in AVENGERS VS X-MEN #12, we see Cyclops with his new inhibitor helmet and ruby quartz prison. Is this supposed to take place before that meeting with Captain America?

Colossus fate felt too rushed and too easy. It was a surprise how quickly things could change. You would think someone in the X-Club could have found a way to help him before. We'll have to keep an eye on Colossus to see how he comes out of this.

I never cared for Unit as a character and Danger became more and more annoying. I could have easily done without their portion of this issue.

The Verdict

It's the end for UNCANNY X-MEN and Cyclops' Extinction Team. This clearly feels like a final issue as we see several story points resolved nice and neatly. Cyclops and Colossus get some big surprises while the resolution of Unit and Danger's story wasn't too fascinating. It's a shame that this series had to end and I felt it got overlooked at times (by myself included) due to the fact there are/were so many X-Men titles. There are the unfortunate continuity questions with this being tied to AVENGERS VS X-MEN and the CONSEQUENCES weekly title. This issue may be the final issue but it definitely opens the door to new possibilities we'll have to wait to see explored. It was a great run. Let's see what Marvel NOW! holds for these members of the X-Men.

Posted by Sleepbutnodream15

Danger sucks. I'd take EVA over her any day. Also, still no Emma Frost...

Posted by Blood1991

I have to ask. Why is this on the Off topic board?

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Not to be a nit-picker, but shouldn't this be in the Gen. Discussion board?

Posted by gwilburn12

What happened with Colossus?

Posted by DATNIGGA
Posted by Renchamp

"It's a good thing they started renumbering this series because ending at 20 issues is far cooler than what 564 would have looked like," Renchamp said sarcastically.

Posted by zackattack529

Alright guys since Uncanny X-men and Uncanny X-force is being cancelled

which marvel Now title should i move onto. I already am getting 1 avengers title so hich xmen title should i get. i want at least 2 good x-men books, which ones are worth getting??:

- All-New Xmen

- X-Force

- Cable and the X-force

-X-Men Legacy

Edited by Lokheit

What happened with Colossus felt too rushed and fast. I think this book was planned to have more numbers but it was greatly affected by the main universe events.

And my only problem with the Scott part of the story is that it doesn't makes sense when you read AVX Consequences 2 and he wants to martyr himself when here he declares that there is still work to do,

Also... what was the deal with renumbering a 500+ series and then finish it again in one year (20 issues but only 12 months)?

Posted by rhone20

I wonder what will be the fate of Colossus? I am sad to know that this is final yet excited to read the content.

Edited by Sleepbutnodream15

@zackattack529: All New X-Men for sure. It'll be the head X-Men book coming out, so all the major universe-affecting stories will take place here. If you're a fan of Legion, you should get X-Men Legacy. Cable and X-Force will have crossovers with Uncanny X-Force and the Uncanny Avengers, so that could be interesting. Uncanny X-Force could be cool, especially considering that Bishop is coming back, and characters like Puck and Spiral who haven't been getting a lot of spotlight in the last couple years are now starring in it. Tough choices. I'm excited for them all!

Or you could buy the number 1's for each book and see what you like from there. That's what I like to do.

Posted by Yai_Inn
@zackattack529: X-Factor! (if you're not already reading it)
Posted by blur1528

I was hoping to see some of Emma or Magneto in this issue. Hopefully they will show up in AVX: Consequences. I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. Sad to see Kieron Gillen finish out his Uncanny X-Men. I would love to see more, but I guess there's always some back issues that I never read from the prior series. I loved how he handled the characters and how he worked the tie-ins were perfect. He never really showed the same scene, but rather the other side or other characters' side of the scene. Issue #19 was such a pleasure to read in this aspect. Thanks for the fun ride, Gillen.

Posted by iSummers

great job gillen. extinction team ftw!!!!

Posted by alex6166

Wow, what an accomplishment, they cancelled Marvel's lost long-numbered book, started over and cancelled it again less than two years later despite selling well.

My favorite comic that (even though I haven't read in a while) was the best ever. What a mess. Seems odd, they cancel such a book for a mis-labeled relaunch. They've spent over 8 years trying to bury the X-Men and it never worked.

In comics history it will always be X-MEN is better than new new new avengers. :)

Posted by chocobojam

Im confuse!! did marvel really declared officially that this will be the final issue for uncanny x-men?? Because i honestly really think that this could be a good opportunity for uncanny x-men to start anew. (or maybe marvel should consider making a new "point one" in this series instead of cancelling it finally.)

Posted by MisterKetch

@Lokheit said:

And my only problem with the Scott part of the story is that it doesn't makes sense when you read AVX Consequences 2 and he wants to martyr himself when here he declares that there is still work to do,

Yeah that just felt weird after reading Consequences 2. I can deal with continuity issues involving where he was originally imprisoned (though I still find the idea the government made a giant ruby prison for him and then used it as a holding cell ridiculous) and at least "Kate" mentioning the visor put some of it into perspective but the martyr issue really hurts this comic. Though I guess we know he won't be dying anytime soon.

Posted by TheNax

I'd love to see a Trial of Cyclops storyline just so someone can point to all the Mass Murdering avengers who never faced any repercussions and the hypocrisy of arresting Cyclops when if the Avengers hadn't tried to kidnap Hope none of this would have happened.

Posted by Hareil0079

This issue made me a fan of Sinister as a villain that's for sure, infact KG run of UXM concerning Sinister was great.

Posted by HopesummersFORtheFUTURE

@G-Man: What is the new x-men legacy about???

Edited by StMichalofWilson

I wish Magik was killed. She deserves to die and Colossus should do it. >(

Posted by jojobinks70
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Wow,been reading Uncanny since I was 11 years old (1981), always THE true reason to be reading Marvel. Collected back to #94, and now,after restarting the books numbering, it ends all together after running for decades, with little fanfare or respect. Seems to me to be the perfect example of how far this company has fallen in regards to actually being a publisher of good comics.

Posted by Blackice709

Posted by PJammaz

Yeah, but does anyone die?