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Uncanny X-Men #13 - Battle of the Atom Chapter 8 Review


It's time for another Battle between the X-Men, the X-Men and the X-Men. There will be some casualties here.

The Good

Brian Michael Bendis continues the story between the X-Men from three different time periods. Actually it's not just three different X-Men teams we're dealing with here. With two from the present and two from the future, we actually have five different teams, and then some. It's like an X-Men party only with a lot more violence and stabbing.

In the previous chapter, the first X-Men team from the future revealed their true colors. This lead to bloodshed and fighting. They are still determined to return the original X-Men to their timeline and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. We still have some mystery present as we see this team face off against the other team from the future. You almost need a scorecard to follow what's going on.

It's during these encounters Brian Michael Bendis continues to tease us with little lines and slight revelations about different incidents that have happened in our team's future. It's possible he may have actually given some thought to these different moments and I would absolutely love to know more but the chances are they are here merely to tease us with the unknown nature of the future.

Chris Bachalo's art continues to shine. There is something about the way he draws certain characters and I can't get enough. Marte Gracia's colors are superb and each panel looks so incredibly vibrant.

The Bad

We're in Part 8 of 10. There have been moments where things have felt they've dragged on. This issue, while full of action and excitement, still feels like fancy filler for the inevitable conclusion. That could be said for lots of things but it feels like we're getting flashy scenes and moments with teases towards different things while the entire story could have been condensed a little. While we're getting these different encounters, there's still some facts that are not being given.

It's also unfortunate that solicits for future issues have informed us a little of how things will or will not end.

The Verdict

We are fast approaching the conclusion of this event. Brian Michael Bendis continues the big action with the help of Chris Bachalo and Marte Gracia. We are getting more on the revelations from the X-Men from the future. There are still some facts to be discovered and the action picks up with some brutal encounters. It's possible this arc didn't need to be told in ten chapters. Some parts feel like they're dragging on while other areas are being completely turned around. It's a really fun issue but we're ready for the end. Bendis is setting things up nicely. With the different twists we've seen so far, we'll be waiting to see if he can throw even more at us.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

Like nothing happened, just death.

Posted by akiro616

Was ok fairly lackluster event tbh. Im not even sure what happened to deadpool??

Posted by frozenedge

@akiro616: probably sent to Limbo and if he wasn't lying about his healing factor being shaky, he's probably dead

Posted by danhimself

@akiro616: probably sent to Limbo and if he wasn't lying about his healing factor being shaky, he's probably dead

no they showed what happened....Magik teleported herself and Deadpool into the sky and dropped him...he landed behind Xavier and Xavier said "Deadpool is no longer with us" while he looked at his broken glasses on the ground

Posted by darthfury78

whose that on the cover?

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@frozenedge said:

@akiro616: probably sent to Limbo and if he wasn't lying about his healing factor being shaky, he's probably dead

no they showed what happened....Magik teleported herself and Deadpool into the sky and dropped him...he landed behind Xavier and Xavier said "Deadpool is no longer with us" while he looked at his broken glasses on the ground

You should be labeled as the see'er!

Posted by Cafeterialoca

I think this is one of the dumbest events I have ever witness.

1) Molly Hayes is evil and is treated like a joke.

2) ANOTHER WOLVERINE KID?! Aren't they already dealing with Daken in Uncanny Avengers who is ALSO FROM THE FUTURE?!

3) The villains plan wasn't going to work this whole time? What was the point of this all!

I swear, this whole event is jsut Aaron and Bendis saying "See? What we're doing is the best thing for the X-Universe! Cause our characters are the ones YOU love!"

Posted by Dannyboy1108

I think its a fun event. Not everything has to be Dark Phoenix. Enjoy the chaos. Its not like everyone's fate is set in stone. Its nice not having another x men extinction themed event. Plus we got to see Logan get blasted by young Cyclops. That alone made the event readable.

Posted by M3th

G-Man is complaining about SPOILERS (solicits). How ironic it is.

To quote G-Man on His podcasts, when it comes to spoilers, "eat it."


Posted by Agent_Everyman

@munkiekong: We have seen the solicits for the upcoming All New X-Men arc which gives us a pretty clear view of some part of how this ends. We know the past X-Men are in the present to stay because they are going to do the 'Trial of Jean Grey'. Status quo maintained as always and really nothing else matters about how this ends since that was what this whole story was about from the get go... should the past X-Men stay or go? We now know they will stay. As for how else this ends, that's why we read comics.. to find out the details without people spoiling them for us so why does it matter to have solicits give us spoilers about an event? You would think that would be the exact thing we don't want.

Posted by victorcheenoanleu

@cafeterialoca umm I'm sorry, but Daken is NOT from the future

Edited by feedonatreefrog

This is soooooo borrrrrrringggggg. Has been for 3 or 4 issues now. The art (Ice-Man Golem in particular) can only do so much.

Posted by Maddpanda531
Posted by ClawFist
Edited by CheeseSticks

This event is so bad. Thank you Bendis, you're the worst writer after Austen, i'm dropping UXM and ANXM right now. I can't believe my favorites characters are getting treated like that, it's suppose to be the 50th anniversary of the X-Men event and every important X-Men are doing nothing.

It's a sad day for X-Men fans.

Posted by _Genesis_

I like this event

Edited by space4rentt

Some of the lines about the future incidents did seem a little out there, but still probably something to keep in the back of your mind. They foreshadowed quite a bit with future Tony's timeline in Heroic Age Avengers, and deadpool's dead presidents storyline in uncanny x-men.

Posted by frozenedge

@danhimself: Completely forgot about that part. Thanks

Posted by lmothander

Which character was Raze before he shape-shifted and revealed his true identity?

Posted by vPuik

Incredibly vibrant colors? Maybe I got a bad print, but to me it was more like fifty shades of gray with splash of red. Bachalo's art itself was amazing though :)

Posted by _AshleyHomicide_

Raze is pretty rad, in my book.

Posted by space4rentt
Edited by JamDamage

I'm loving this story. If the issues were not coming out as quick as they are, I might think otherwise, but they're not. They're coming fast as hell, and that's when Bendis' dialogue works so well. I still have a feeling this is coming down to the death of one of the original X-Men. We haven't seen the future cyclops, or Angel so who knows. Would be interesting as hell if Cyclops dies for the Original.

Posted by Dannyboy1108

I think Cyclops is toast. I dont like the idea of it tho. Kill wolverine, I mean I guess they cant because he is in like 300 books right now.

Edited by Star_Boy616

This events is developing too slow, is part 8 and I don't even now why the bad X-Men are bad. Probably Battle of the Atom #2 is the one who gives the answers.

But, bad things aside, I really liked this issue, the battle as been the best part of the event.

Edited by victorcheenoanleu

@vpuik: you probably got distracted by the fact there were like 86 inkers(it was actually 5) on this book

Posted by Fenderxx

lol I am really enjoying this event, but if you asked me why, I do not think I would have a really good answer, maybe its just so over the top that its funny and enjoyable.

Also Wizard Ice Man is the most interesting Ice Man, I have ever seen.

Posted by kai200995

I liked the fighting scenes, and seeing Magik and Jean's powers, the art is amazing.

Edited by Buddy_Baker

I guess that event is okay if you bought all parts. But I'll only read All New and Uncanny X-men and don't bought or will buy the special issues so I don't really understand the story fully.
Can't wait till I won't be punished anymore for not buying all X-Books. ;)

Edited by mickeymayhew

a huge mess of characters