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Uncanny X-Men #10 Review


One relationship falls apart while others are strengthened. Scott Summers makes an ill-fated public appearance.

The Good

The new kids are finally getting to settle in for some training after Bendis did what he does best and put them all through the ringer (and through literal Hell). First up is Eva Bell sparring with Magik and getting her butt handed to her as powers aren’t allowed in this particular exercise. But when Bell’s powers kick in in an uncontrolled, and completely unexpected, way it shows the kids an important first lesson: your powers may not always work the way you think they do. While all this is going on, Magneto’s clandestine relationship with S.H.I.E.L.D. is fast deteriorating as Maria Hill doubts his loyalty to anyone but his own. The issue ends with a pro-mutant rally that Cyclops decides to make an impromptu appearance at to remind everyone that, though they’ve been in conflict recently, people like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four aren’t enemies nor are they evil. The rally ends with an unexpected bang.

Bendis continues to write each and every character with their own voice that have been changing subtly as the book goes on. The characters are developing from scared kids huddling in the corner to more confident, nuanced individuals as they come to understand the nature of their abilities and learn how to use them to protect themselves. And of course, Bendis’ trademark cleverness and biting wit pervades every page and every panel. The coded exchange between Magneto and Hill, as well as the reveal of Dazzler: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Leshner are particularly clever and noteworthy.

Frazer Irving unexpectedly returns to artistic duties, which actually had me a little worried as his gothic surrealism was perfectly suited for a trip to Limbo, but in the real world, I wasn’t sure his unique visuals would work. Fortunately it was not worth worrying about as his style has adapted and adjusted to life in the “real” world, but it certainly makes the world look like a strange one. This serves the tone by showing, metaphorically, the students’ world as still being one of surreal, frightening darkness. It’s not all grim and gritty to be sure, but there’s a pervasive horror that would, naturally, accompany being pulled, willingly or otherwise, into a completely new existence and Irving’s style fits that tone to a tee.

The Bad

The book is well-paced, but there are a lot of large panels and splash pages, so it reads very, very quickly, particularly for a book at the $3.99 price point. Irving’s Maria Hill is the spitting image of Marilyn Manson. It’s really neither here nor there, but I found it oddly distracting.

The Verdict

It’s a matter of quality over quantity at a certain point, and while this book may not be the lengthiest read in single-issue form, it’s absolutely gorgeous to behold and experience. This is an issue that I practically lost myself in, which is why it was so jarring when it was suddenly over, but it’s one of the most immaculately paced of the week, so it’s little surprising when it abruptly ends. The experience is well worth it, though, and I am on the edge of my seat for the next issue.

Posted by andrebermudez

I've enjoyed this series for the most part but this issue was a big step up from the last couple. Bendis seems to be finally getting a grasp on Emma's voice and I'm enjoying his characterization of other characters.

Minor gripe: one of the cuckoo's changed their appearance in the last issue but it isn't reflected here in the art. Not sure what's up with that but Irving still knocks it out of the park as usual.

Posted by victorcheenoanleu

I can't remember which Cuckoo it was but I'm pretty sure one of them dyed their hair & they all appeared as blondes in this issue. Only real complaint, otherwise it was a pretty solid issue.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Loving All New and Uncanny.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

i'm enjoying this title more and more after every issue.

Posted by JamDamage

This book started out a bit slow, and I didn't know what Bendis was trying to do with it, or if he'd be able to get the characters but to my delight he really is. Cyclops seems the more changed, and in a good way. Emma is the Emma we've always known, and he's got Magneto down pretty damn good too. I'm enjoying this title more and more every issue. I hope he jumps on Angel soon. All he did was change teams, but I want more insight as to why. I want Bendis to get inside Warrens head a bit. Land him stand out. Regardless. The book is a lot of fun at the moment. My only negative about this issue was that when it was over, it was to soon. Also the art fit really well. It's a great style for this book. Like always, when Bachalo is killing it on a book, he's done. Wonder if he's coming back.

Posted by gor724

I wish they stopped making these Uncanny X-Men comics so fucking short. This new issue was only 17 pages and the last one was 19, and I'm spending 4 bucks per pop. If they were cheaper than most comics I would be totally fine, but its the same price for a Batman comic, and the Batman comic is 35 pages! Its bullshit. I have to wait until they become back issues.

Edited by Lukas988

@andrebermudez: @victorcheenoanleu: Irma (the stepford who dyed her hair) appeared in this issue with black hair. In the training session only celeste appeared, that's why you may think they pictured the 3 girls as blondes, but when they go to the pop rally Irma appears with her new hair

Posted by copete

Can't wait to read this!!

Edited by andrebermudez

@lukas988: sorry buddy, Irma is here at the rally WITH Phoebe and Celeste, blonde hair in tact.

Posted by skyjumpermike

@lukas988: sorry buddy, Irma is here at the rally WITH Phoebe and Celeste, blonde hair in tact.


Posted by BreZeJ

This is what I saw, when I was reading.

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@andrebermudez said:

@lukas988: sorry buddy, Irma is here at the rally WITH Phoebe and Celeste, blonde hair in tact.


That's a beautiful splash page right there - I like the art and spooky atmosphere.

If there's any Marvel NOW!/X title that I may pick up again it'd be this. This seems to be the one X title that constantly receives the highest of ratings everywhere. Not sure why I stopped following it (at issue 3 or 4)... probably cuz of a Marvel/NOW!/X overload earlier this year.

The regular cover is quite nice, too.

Posted by flazam

I must say I don't like that cover

Edited by G_Money_Christmas

@gor724: I completely agree. DC, despite its downfalls at least gives you you're money's worth. If you pay $4, you get a back-up story... except Superman Unchained but I think that's because of the cover. I haven't read Uncanny X-men yet but I'm gong to get it today. I dropped All New X-men and kept this one. I love what Bendis has done with Cyclops

Edited by Lokheit

I'm curious to know if this was really the people wanting to support mutants, or if it was a planned consequence of the meeting between Hill and Erik.

Also... like I usually say here: Bendis, you can have a little more fun if you want with Emma and Scott interacting as ex-lovers... BUT YOU BETTER RESTORE THAT COUPLE BEFORE LEAVING!! AND THEN WRITE HOW THEY MARRY AS AN APOLOGY TO WRITTING HOW THEY BREAK UP!!

Edited by lykopis

Interesting write-up -- not too sure about everyone having their own voice, character-wise -- a few short and abrupt sentences does not a personality make but it was good to see some interaction between Scott and Emma - plus touching base on their fractured relationship. There's not much movement there.

While I can appreciate the added excitement of mutant powers having different "levels", the idea that Eva beat Magik is a little much considering it was a training exercise, one that Magik was being very patient in handing out. This whole Magneto thing is a bit much as well -- Dazzler was already known as a SHIELD operative by Magneto beforehand.

It's no secret I am not pleased with how Bendis is dealing with this -- it's a bit unnerving as well having Scott claim the Avengers (and Fantastic Four) are not evil since it wasn't too long ago his treatment of them wasn't the friendliest (especially from Emma) but that's Bendis' style which annoys me. While he thinks he's keeping readers on their toes, changing stances and having them say one thing only to claim another is just confusing and well, nonsensical.

Out of the two books (Uncanny and All-New), the latter has a lot more going on in it whereas this one is just a stretched out conversation, issue after issue. I agree with the other posters who mentioned story length and price -- it's getting harder and harder to justify the expense.

And yay, someone other than me caught the Cuckoos hair disconnect. It's easy to be convinced they dyed their hair all back to blonde, but it makes no sense considering how much I was beginning to enjoy Bendis' treatment of the girls. If it was just a side scene, then strike the chalkboard with another line - another dropped side-story that would have been interesting.

Oh -- and yes, can we get some Angel thoughts? I think we should be made more aware of him then just him being the voice of yester-year, (considering his one of the O5 and made the difficult decision to be with Scott's merry band of X-Misfits).

Cool review! :)

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@brezej said:

This is what I saw, when I was reading.

What I saw was also this, in this image you can see irma with black hair :P

Edited by shol

@andrebermudez: According to Irving, the revision to Irma's hair color was done after the issue went to print. Hence, printed issues have a blonde Irma while the digital edition has a black-haired Irma.

Posted by knighthood

@shol said:

@andrebermudez: According to Irving, the revision to Irma's hair color was done after the issue went to print. Hence, printed issues have a blonde Irma while the digital edition has a black-haired Irma.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Posted by Noteworthington

She doesn't have blonde hair in that picture, look closer folks, there are other blonde Members =P

Posted by Dayvid3

Love this book. it was very short, but also didn't the last one come out pretty recently?

Posted by andrebermudez

@shol: interesting. sucks cause I buy print. Maybe they'll fix it for the HC.

Posted by Perfect 10

love uncanny, my favorite x-men book. as we all know that is mystique not dazzler so i wonder if erik will pick up any nuances from her that give her away. i prefer frazer's art and hope he stays on. how could cyclops not see that this was clearly a trap? also how could magneto not figure out that clearly shield has something to do with these attacks on them (rather they are behind it or have a mole that is) so he should keep his mouth shut

Posted by Sentry9224

Frazer's art is.... unique..

Edited by kai200995

My favorite scene :) Basically sums up the purpose of the series, and the Art! I loved the signs they were holding in the crowd, it really rides this revolution thing to the max for me.

Posted by J_HickmanIsGod

did not enjoy the art all that much, the characters looked really fucking weird.

i hope they go back to Bachalo soon. and if they dont they should let them switch on and off.