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Uncanny X-Force #32 - Opposite of Progress Review


It seems X-Force is no match for their adversaries in one of Rick Remender's final issues on this series.

The Good

This issue, like so many before it, is tragic -- and if you've grown to love this team then you will not be pleased. There have been many times when I've picked up an issue of UNCANNY X-FORCE and thought to myself, 'well, it can't get any worse than this.' Boy, was I wrong. As far as tragic issues, this has to be one of the saddest, most painful to read; and it will surely leave you scratching your head and wondering how the heck these characters will get out of this mess in one piece.

The issue opens with Daken, Wolverine's son; reflecting on the fact that all he's ever wanted to do was gain his father's respect. By the third page, the story shifts to Wolverine whose thoughts dwell on Daken as this travesty that he's cursed the world with by bringing him into it. It's sort of a shocking way for a father to view his child, and this brief moment really serves to put both character's respective wants into perspective for the reader. They truly are on opposite sides of the spectrum. It's an interesting parallel considering the character has been constantly at odds with his father, while his father has demonstrated a tremendous lack of interest in his son's well being. However, as interesting as these two characters are depicted in this issue, the star of the show isn't either of them; it's Deadpool. When we last saw Deadpool, the character had come face to face with Evan, who is being held captive by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Given the chance to shoot and kill Evan (again), Deadpool makes a decision that is somewhat unconventional for his character. There is a great moment where he mentions that Fantomex is not the only character to have evolved during this series with a line that is completely self-aware. It was really refreshing and really great.

Phil Noto's art is absolutely stunning in this issue. Noto's work is really gorgeous anyway, but here I felt it to be more-so. There is this incredible fluidity and finesse in the movement of the characters -- particularly the panels where Deadpool fights the Blob and Daken. Noto did an exceptional job in the depiction of emotion, too. From Deadpool being poisoned, to the fear on Evan's face -- this issue is simply stunning.

The Bad

Nothing bad here. This is one of my favorite issues in this series so far.

The Verdict

This comic is really beautiful. From the way the story unfolds (tragically), to the incredible art of Phil Noto; there is nothing about this comic that I did not enjoy. Additionally, the way the reader is left off, not knowing what to expect next is great. The comic ends on a cliff-hanger and the reader is still left in the dark over whether or not Evan will turn to the "dark side." Great, organized issue coupled with really stunning art, perfect character characterization and a great display of character development. What more could you ask for?

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Posted by SolthesunGod

I read this comic immediately after Avengers vs X-Men #12 and it restored my faith in the medium!(okay that's hyperbole....but not that much hyperbole)

This ws a great issue. I agree one of the best issues of Uncanny X-Force so far. It makes me all the sadder to see this book ending. I'll miss Remender writing this book but it does feel time.

Posted by longbowhunter

The dialogue between Deadpool and Evan was really strong. Not too often we get a heart felt moment from Wade. Can't wait to see how the twist with AOA Nightcrawler plays out. Now that the series is in the home stretch it feels like anything could happen.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Good thang I picked it up.

Posted by McKlayn

I was so excited about AvX ending this week that i almost totally forgot Uncanny X force, even once i got it and rushed home to read it was at the bottom of my stack. As i read AvX, Vs and Uncanny X men and was more then let down by pretty much all them (a few good notes here and there from each but not what i was hoping for) I picked up this issue with a gloom demeanor and totally lifted my spirits and made the day of comics good again!

Posted by Solarflare32

Brilliant story reminds you how dangerous Mystique can be and I think some of things she said were genuine about Nightcrawler. But quick question who actually leads this brotherhood as it seems to vary between Farouk, Mystique, Sabretooth and Daken

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Remender was right about his Final Execution. Definitely topping himself by every issue. Once the series ends in December, I'm rereading everything from the very beginning.

Posted by Sleepbutnodream15

Does anyone know what Daken was doing at the beginning of the issue? He was standing in front of a water tank while it was being drained. Or was it not important?

Posted by JamDamage

not to happy with the art. It's okay, but it's so damn basic some times. Opena should have finished the series with Remender. The story is so damn good, I can only imagine what it would have been like if Opena was the artist. Still the best book on the stands right now tho.

Posted by RoboShark

Hate to see this book ending. It was one of the titles I got hooked on back in 2010 when I first started getting into the weekly's.

Posted by zackattack529

the writing was great

the art was average phil noto art..nothing too special

i gave this comic 4.5/5

Posted by caughtmau5

Ugh i don't want to even read this anymore, knowing the ned is so close makes me want to cry.. lol

Posted by jcbart

@JamDamage said:

not to happy with the art. It's okay, but it's so damn basic some times. Opena should have finished the series with Remender. The story is so damn good, I can only imagine what it would have been like if Opena was the artist. Still the best book on the stands right now tho.

Completely agree. Noto is a great artist, but he does not suit X-Force at all. He isn't visceral enough. There is a one page spread of Logan attacking Sabretooth which looks absolutely laughable compared to the ferocious front cover by Opena. I LOVED the story, but found myself at every page wondering what it would have looked like with Opena pencilling.

The art sort of ruins the stakes for me. With Opena's Dark Angel Saga Part II, everything was wiry and gritty and you really got a sense of foreboding doom and misery. With Noto.... it all looks rather happy? Again, he's a fantastic artist, but nowhere near suiting this title.

Posted by Jawshco

Noto's art was superlatively amazing! Loved this issue.

Posted by kid Apollo

i apologize in advance for this being such a stupid/small thing to nit- pick about, but i really don't like when writers and artists refer to their arcs as 'the blah blah saga'. no one referred to the Dark Phoenix Saga is such when it was being published, but it was called that when years later they collected it and it still held up as an amazing story arc. when i think of the word saga i think of amazingly strong stories that hold up for years to come. i feel its super pretentious to call your own arc a saga. don't get me wrong, i love the current X-force series, but we've had the Dark Angel Saga follow up but the Final Execution Saga. i feel like its something that should be bestowed on your work years after its been published, based on how well your story line holds up through the passage of time. and certainly not by the guy writing the arc

Posted by Jawshco
@caughtmau5 I know what you mean. I've never liked Ned either.

Wow, there are some really differing feelings when it comes to the art. I know it's subjective, but wow- I loved Notorious and thought it was a big improvement and surprised to read others that didn't like it.

What a terrible way for Deadpool to be attacked without his healing factor! I found myself hoping he'd somehow regain it just to end his awful torture.
Posted by caughtmau5

@Jawshco: lol dang should hav caught that i meant the END

Posted by Queso6p4

This was definitely one of my favorites from last week.

Posted by Jawshco

@caughtmau5: Ha! No worries. I typed "Noto" and my spell checker automatically replaced it with "Notorious". I mean I could play it off as an intentional clever nick name that I was giving Noto, but alas no... t'was an error in the same sentence where I'm referencing another error. Spell check karma?