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Uncanny X-Force #3 - Sweet Virginia Review


Sam Humphries continues to flesh out this new incarnation of X-Force. Hopefully they'll survive long enough for us to see how it'll turn out.

The Good

I may have mentioned it before but it's great having different types of X-titles in the Marvel Universe. While Brian Bendis is doing his own thing in ALL-NEW and UNCANNY X-MEN and Jason Aaron is covering the activities at the school in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN, Sam Humphries is setting things up for a new X-Force team.

This isn't your typical team. Psylocke and Storm took on a mission as a way to occupy themselves from other things in their lives. Wolverine sent them to help out Puck, who was on a case that was revealed to involve a new mutant and Spiral. With Bishop on the scene, everything got incredibly more complicated.

The X-comics could always be a tricky read with all the different characters and continuity concerns but you can easily jump into this series without needing to worry about what else is going on with the mutants. Humphries is crafting an interesting plot involving Bishop and his use of Fantomex and his clones makes it all much more intriguing. As the story progresses, there are hints and set ups for other events that get you more excited for what's to come. And bless him for acknowledging Psylocke's career before she discovered she was a mutant in a brief flashback scene.

Ron Garney has always been a favorite of mine. He's already established his feel on this book in creating new but familiar looks for the characters. The glimpses of Adrian Alphona's art adds to the excitement as well.

The Bad

We are seeing more of the story unfold but three issues in and we still don't know what Bishop is up to or what his motivation is. We have no idea where he's been since we last saw him or why he's in his current state. This is obviously something that will be addressed next issue but with that hanging over and the sudden disappearance of another character towards the end of this issue makes you wonder what exactly is the nature of this team. Who are the members?

There was a scene involving an airplane in mid-flight. The way a couple passengers depart and the way another was observing them felt a little too bombastic.

The Verdict

With each new incarnation of X-Force, the writers manage to make us get over how much we loved the previous series. Sam Humphries is carving out a nice little corner of the X-universe for himself and Ron Garney is doing a great job in establishing the look of it all. We're still waiting on answers about Bishop but we are seeing more pieces of the puzzle. If you've ever been concerned about not being able to keep up with the multitude of X-titles, UNCANNY X-FORCE is a book you can easily slide into. The action is heating up with each issue and there's no telling what's coming in the next.

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Posted by JamDamage

so far so good. After Remenders the hell do you follow up something as good as that run was? This doing fine so far. Like the review. It's differant then what the other X titles are doing, and that's what made the last 2 X-Force runs as good as they were.

Posted by SlickyMike88

I really wan't to read this series , but damn 3.99 for Marvel now comic:P gonna wait til it get's cheaper:)

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

The Final Page reminded me of Naruto for some reason 0.0

Posted by spinningbirdcake
Posted by John Valentine

This book is a pile of sh!t.

Humphries is annoying as hell too.

JV out.

Posted by ptigrusmagus

Okay so I did not read the X-Force which just ended and don't feel like I have a grasp on the previous two issues of this new series, should I keep reading this series?? (I am really enjoying Cable + X-Force)

Posted by LifePool

@ptigrusmagus: Definatly. They already said in an interview that they will crossover, so you might as well.

Posted by JMLG

Puck is such a badass, even claiming he is the leader of the pack ha

Posted by Namor1987

Can we get an Uncanny Avengers 5 review?

Posted by feargalr

Really enjoying this series so far, the art in particular is striking, in the book anyway the cover to this issue didn't really do much for me, but Humphries is doing a pretty great job!!

Edited by loganchild

when cable finds out its a bullet to tha head 4 bishop

Posted by Tazirai

I truly wanted to like this book. Garney is getting better, but Humphries is pretty much writing fanfiction. HIs handling of Psylockes "origin" is false and the Editor failed to tell him so. His origin for Spiral is false and he should be fired for not using rescources to get to know his characters. Bishop... ugh. How can any X-man not know LA had subways? THEY FREAKING LIVE THERE! Puck went from being cute to ugh. The science and "it's just a comic book" part of my brain was broken on that last page. Woods Version of Psylocke cannot arrive fast enough.

Edited by Renchamp

I love that we aren't getting everything all at once. It's like we are figuring things out as the heroes are. It feels more real (despite how fantastical it all is). The issues don't feel rushed. I applaud this approach.

Posted by NeoSpeedForce

Shouldnt Bishop be dead?

Posted by sswang

It is funny that Puck thinks he is the leader. Ha..

I gave this issue a 4-Star.

Posted by Mezmero

Does this issue clarify Bishop's new bear power? I figure if there's Phoenix force there could be an Ursa force.

Posted by Blood1991

@mezmero said:

Does this issue clarify Bishop's new bear power? I figure if there's Phoenix force there could be an Ursa force.

Not yet, but the next issue should.

Personally I like the series, and really enjoy how the action scenes are done. The dance club, and subway scenes were really cool.