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Uncanny X-Force #2 - Gimme Shelter Review


The team continues its fight with Spiral and we find out more about Bishop and Fantomex.

The Good

It's hard to believe this is the third recent incarnation of X-Force. Each team has had a separate feel and we're continuing to get a taste for what this team has to offer. Seeing Psylocke kick all sorts of butt without resorting to deadly force really shows off what she's capable of. The whole mystery of what Spiral is up to along with the apparent hate Betsy feels for her is a driving force here. Storm and Puck are great additions as we see this unofficial and newly formed team try to work together.

The comic isn't just about them as we get to see more on the return of Bishop. We're finding out more about what he's been up to and why he's back. The team isn't quite sure what his return means as Psylocke comments:

Bishop?! Is that really you? Did you just growl at us?

Nothing like a nice mystery to spice up a story.

Speaking of mysteries, we also are treated to a scene with Fantomex and Cluster. Yes it is absolutely strange and weird but what is being said and what's said between the lines should be noted carefully.

As a fan of Ron Garney's art, it's great to see it showcased in a book with these characters and with so much action required. Garney uses a nice mix of layouts and you feel like you don't know what to expect when you're about to turn the page.There is a team of colorists on board as well that really adds to the different locations in which the action is spread.

The Bad

It's a torn feeling having the sense that we've been thrown into the middle of the action/story. Mysteries obviously can drive a story but now that we're two issues in, it's still hard to get a grasp on where this team will go and why they'll operate as a team. We do see more on Spiral as well as Bishop but it looks like we may have to wait another issue to get more answers. I can be patient and I'm digging these characters in the same book. I'm just trying to grasp why they're in the same book.

The Verdict

Sam Humphries and Ron Garney continue to pour the mutant action in our faces. We get some great scenes with Psylocke fighting a horde of possessed individuals and you can't help but enjoy seeing Storm and Puck face Spiral. Garney's action scenes are enhanced by a variety of color that adds a different flavor to each environment in the story. There are still questions and we're getting more before seeing some concrete answers but there is a definite hook keeping your interest attached. We may not know why these characters will operate as an incarnation of X-Force but the chance to see them in a separate corner of the X-Universe definitely is appealing.

Edited by judasnixon


Posted by Xwraith


I can only hope that goes viral.

Posted by JamDamage

this book has been pretty good so far. It'll be hard to follow what Remender did, but it seems good sar far. It's got to be kind of like folllowing Claremont after he left X-Men

Posted by pspin

This is great. I like Spiral's portrayal, not a good guy but not really a bad guy either, kind of like how Mystique should be...

Posted by chocobojam

I just hope that they somehow give a brief history of Fantomex and Bishop because i dont know anything about them.

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Edited by kid Apollo

so i was jus thinking... how much do Storm and Psylocke know about Bishop's betrayal? obviously theyd know that he was (eventually) against the X-men during Messiah Complex, but neither of them were there and with all the X-force (logan's team) hush-hush business im sure they didnt get the whole story from Cyclops or Wolverine, certainly not the part about him goin and joining up with Stryfe in an attempt on Hope's life. i might be mistaken but Storm has always been close to Bishop, and their time alongside Psylocke on the X-treme X-men might have painted their view of him. I;d be quite surprised if Cluster, Puck, and Spiral know or even care who Bishop is. Could it be that he returns and the team give him the benefit of the doubt?

Posted by akbogert

@judasnixon said:


Best first comment ever.

I liked this issue. Didn't love it, but liked it.

Posted by Perfect 10

@kid Apollo: my theory is that what ever that energy bear thing is, he (bishop or the writers) can say he was "possessed" during that time by that creature and he isnt really evil, join uncanny x-force and redeem himself. even if they dont go the possessed route this is a great opportunity to bring him back into the fold and hopefully storm can talk some sense into him.

im also wondering what is the relationship with spiral and the girl. spiral is very protective of her. guessing its her daughter but whether its biological or adoptive (like mystique with rogue) im not quite sure. it would be cool if she was spiral's bio kid, it would open up a whole can of worms on who the daddy could be

Posted by PrinceIMC

Bishop being possessed by something kinda reminded me of a Gambit and Bishop mini years ago when he had something living inside him, La Bette Noir or something. I want heroic Bishop back. Maybe it does go back that far, or it's the Demon Bear from the old New Mutant days, maybe something that has been maturing within him his whole life. I dunno. I'm just glad he's back even if it's just as he is.

Posted by c2thaj

Fantomex can go %$#!@ himself.

Posted by akbogert

@c2thaj said:

Fantomex can go %$#!@ himself.

After a nice romantic dinner, of course.

Posted by Ren_

@c2thaj said:

Fantomex can go %$#!@ himself.

He already has ;p

Posted by Ren_

The only thing that really bothered me about this issue was Storm's comment to Bishop something among the lines of 'Bishop, my friend'.

Was the knowledge of him continuously trying to kill Hope and Cable (and destroying the well-being of the entire world in his maddened hunt for them) knowledge that was restricted to Cyclops and X-Force? I mean, they all know that he betrayed them and was responsible for shooting Xavier in the head at the end of Messiah CompleX while trying to kill Hope, right?

Posted by akbogert

@akbogert said:

@c2thaj said:

Fantomex can go %$#!@ himself.

After a nice romantic dinner, of course.

@Ren_ said:

@c2thaj said:

Fantomex can go %$#!@ himself.

He already has ;p

We made the same joke :P

I gathered from the "friend" comment that no, they don't seem to be aware of his betrayal. Having not read anything between the first few issues of Remender's Uncanny X-Force and now, I have no idea whether or where that question would have been addressed. But it seems they're oblivious. It's funny because, as my first Marvel series was Kyle/Yost's X-Force, I've only ever known Bishop as a bad guy. Interesting to see the potential for him to play a more amiable role.

@PrinceIMC: I don't know for sure if it's the same Demon Bear, but I got the sense that some Demon Bear was taken care of once and for all when Selene's dagger was removed back in the Necrosha arc.

I liked this issue. I am reading this book primarily because I know none of the characters, and I've been really pleased thus far. Spiral in particular seems really interesting, especially with her connection to the child. Just in general I like how this team feels a lot less tailor-made than previous ones, and yet you can already begin to see a dynamic developing between them.

Posted by kid Apollo

theres been 2 different demon bears in the past. one that fought against Moonstar and the NM and the one shown in X-force, battling Warpath and Ghost rider. i have a hard time believing that its come back to go screw around with Bishop. he has no connection to it what-so-ever. so im guessing it'll be a new concept

Posted by mickeymayhew

I love this book - it leaves me sort of breathless like a rollercoaster, and it's great to see Psylocke back to how she was during the Claremont/Lee run, when being stabbed in the head with her psychic knife was a real scary prospect

Posted by ComicAddict2814

Not really into this book. I read the first two issues and they were ok. I may give it to the end of the arc because I feel most titles deserve that from their readers. I have such an enormous pull list and I'm trying to cut down on some books. I guess these characters just don't really interest me anymore and when I have trouble wanted to actually sit and read an issue, I know it's not for me. I am interested to see Bishop and what his role he will have, however is that enough for me to shell out 3.99 on a mediocre book? Unless someone can convince me this series is going to be a must read in the near future, I think its safe to say this is on my chopping block.