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Uncanny X-Force #10 Review


The Revenants are descending, and it's a whole new nightmare for Bishop & Co.

The Good

Barreling off of the emotional-psychic drama from the Fantomex split arc, the uncanniest of teams is immediately thrust into something a little more frightening. Bishop's raving warnings about the Revenant Queen turn out to be reality rather than lunacy, and nobody is safe from their darker, nightmare self.

Colorists Jay David Ramos and Rachelle Rosenberg bring the dramatic heat to this issue in a big way, and it's a smashing example of how well-chosen colors can quickly ramp up a new arc's intensity. Bishop's description of the Revenant War is delivered in the form of a spectacular double-page spread that is so bright and colorful that it nearly belies the horrors depicted in each bright panel-fragment, with the effect of actually making those horrors that much starker. He's experiencing a psychic overload as he warns the team -- and us -- of the nightmares to come, and his realization that he's the only one who can stop it is perfectly grey and somber. It's not just that page; the whole issue is dominated by vibrant, telling colors, from the violent red washes over each team member's nightmares to the fiery, lifelike Demon Bear to the dramatically-highlighted black and teal that crawls over the Revenant X-Force. These colors are making this issue (and it's already pretty spiffy on the writing and pencilling side).

The Revenant Queen and her minions are sharp, and they're vicious in how they lay bare each team member's deepest fears, weaknesses, regrets, and insecurities. Isolating everyone from Bishop is a brilliant tactical move, and it looks like we're about to witness a fascinating and large-scale battle.

The Bad

I'm feeling a small sense of withdrawal from the Fantomex arc; Elizabeth may be able to write it off as something best forgotten, but the cutover was fast and almost cold, with only the shortest mention. That said, a doomsaying Bishop and a credible nightmare threat are pretty compelling reasons to move on with the quickness.

The Verdict

UNCANNY X-FORCE is venturing into nightmare territory, but the story is anything but. It's immediately engaging, ripping the team apart and literally forcing them to confront the darkest, ugliest parts of themselves. When Bishop is the only one who can save the day, we're in for a wild ride. This issue is also a fabulous jump-on point for new or lapsed readers; with the Fantomex arc wrapped up, things are taking an entirely new direction.

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Posted by spacemanspiff85

Was I the only one who was wondering what was up with Psylocke calling the revenants busters and scrubs?

Posted by victorcheenoanleu

Finally! Something worthwhile happened! So amped up & excited for what's to come! :)

Posted by BrotherEye

These Revenants sound a lot like Mummudrai to me... And I would really like it if they were. Loved that concept and really don't want to see more demons and supernatural spirits running around. But a psychic twin parasite? I'm happy with that.

Posted by Cochise

Was I the only one who was wondering what was up with Psylocke calling the revenants busters and scrubs?

No it seemed off to me as well.

Disappointed that Spiral wasn't in this issue. Half of the reason I picked up this series was for her, but all she's done is be a punching bag for Psylocke.

Posted by MissJ

@spacemanspiff85: I could be wrong, but I think Humphries tries to sneak song lyric references into all of his books (but not always direct lyrics, for obvious legal reasons).

Posted by spacemanspiff85

When Remender wrote Psylocke, she was pretty much one of my favorite X-Men, but I really haven't cared much for the new version at all. About the only thing I've really enjoyed or been excited about with this book is Bishop possibly becoming a hero again, although that's going to take a heck of a lot of work and explanation. It's kind of funny to me at least, when you think that one of the previous incarnations of X-Force's main missions was to hunt down and kill Bishop, and now he's apparently a member.

Edited by Perfect 10

i get psylocke is the new rogue but can we get some storm stepping to the plate? and a new artist cause im not feeling this one at all. im having withdrawl from the drawn out fantomex arc (which i only liked the first issue of) it was kind of hard to get back into the swing of things here. i dont get why that story arc was needed if they didnt bring cluster into the team. and where is spiral. this book is turning into a hot mess

Posted by Renchamp

I finally found time to read this issue. I loved it. The colors stood out, as you said. And I am okay with the brushing off of Madripoor. Some people hated that arc and this could play to them (I don't know why they would, it was Elfring epic). She hated the experience and a plane flight could have been long enough to cure her of the experience. I love this series and I will continue reading. It's an actual story with various moving parts. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Humphries is doing his best Dickens impression and it is totally working.