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Uncanny Avengers #21 - Avenge the Earth Part Four Review


The Avengers Unity Team get another shot at doing things right.

The Good

We’re rounding the final bend on Rick Remender's longrunning storyline about the pitfalls of arrogance and forgetting the past, as well as a lack of working together on the very team predicated on that concept. This issue moves forward at an incredible clip and every character is exactly where they need to be, saying exactly what it is that they need to say. The characters are, despite their incredible volume, all incredible standouts and come alive with their own, individual voices.

Daniel Acuña’s linework is put to its ultimate test this issue with over-the-top, bombastic visuals and characters being entirely the norm from cover-to-cover, but if you’ve been keeping up with the title, you already know whether or not he passes it. He does. Of course he does. This book is filled with absolutely stunning imagery that never looks rushed nor arbitrary. Every panel has its place and its purpose. The action jumps around a ton, but the book is always easy to follow from one incredible situation to the next, and as the monstrous twist near issue’s end rears its ugly head, it’s imbued with an even greater sense of shock and wonder. The colors, from Dean White, are perfectly muddied and and massively diverse. This is a book with a very, very complex color palette, appropriately so for the bizarre locals and powers being thrown around.

The Bad

This issue is RUSHED. I don’t mean it feels like corners were cut to make a deadline, I mean that an absolutely incredible amount happens in a VERY short amount of time. We get a reversal of one of the key players and the defeat of another, both off-panel all while a mad-dash of a plan is put into place that requires a lot of moving pieces to be in exactly the right place at the right time. I have this complaint somewhat frequently, but this more than any in recent memory feels like it could have, and SHOULD have been two issues. Everything feels procedural and like the central characters are just going through the motions at a time when it should be at its most tense and high-stakes.

The Verdict

While the issue may get to its end too quickly, what an absolutely jaw-dropping end it is. Remender managed to answer one cliffhanger with an even grander, more chest-tightening one. I’m back to having absolutely no idea what’s coming next and, while I would’ve liked to have gotten there just bit more slowly, I am fully onboard with whatever Remender has planned forwhat will likely be an incredible, stunning conclusion. Acuña does his heaviest lifting yet, along with White, holds the issue up high and proud with some of the most dramatic, kinetic visuals of the week.

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Posted by micah

I unfortunately wasn't able to get this issue. Does someone wanna tell me what the twist is?

Posted by Legendary_StarHero

@micah: I give you a hint we all saw it coming.

Posted by longbowhunter

Kang you are such a bastard.

Posted by micah
Posted by Legendary_StarHero

@micah: Kang it is always Kang.

Posted by dondave
Posted by New_World_Order


Posted by Cap10nate

Kang is the man.

Edited by Maddpanda531

This is the conclusion to Avenge the Earth, right?

Posted by BlazingNova
Posted by judasnixon

I agree with you, this needed to be two issues.....

Edited by victorcheenoanleu

I love Acuña's art but I have to say that for me it seem rushed in certain places. Overall a great issue, agree on the 4 stars because yea way too much happened in this issue.

Posted by Novemberx2

I felt this issue was very rushed and too cliche for it own good. I suspect when Remender aimed for this to be be 2 issues long but because AXIS is coming the story has to wrapped up asap.

Did rogue absorb every superhuman power? or just mutants or just popular mutants who happen to be on a super hero team?

Posted by Killemall

The art was brilliant, the story awesome although packed a little too much in one issue, but i cant complain about that.

Personal opinion, but i feel like this is the best ongoing series in Marvel atm. Started slowly but once the whole setting of Red Skull with Xavier mind was done, from there on the series has been really awesome.

Posted by MatthewWilliams

I know remender is big on not letting go the most minot detail (he turned two whole pages from uncanny xforce into an entire arc) I just hope he doesn't let all the apocalypse mythos he built up go to waste. Holocaust/Genocide is the "rightful" heir, the twins mentioned they could "bring back" their father (whether they mean archangel or apocalypse remains to be seen). The whole horseman of death clan (unless I missed something and they died..) now have claim. Also kid apocalypse/genesis.a showdown between the final horseman and horseman of death would be pretty sweet