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Uncanny Avengers #1 - New Union Review


After all the fighting in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN, now is the time to move forward and try to forge a new team consisting of members of both teams. Can it be done?

The Good

This comic starts off with a pretty gruesome scene. Let's just say someone is getting a procedure done. This immediately sets the tone of the book and will make you wonder who is behind the bad things that will be coming.

Even though we have the CONSEQUENCES mini-series, there is obviously some fallout being seen here. The X-Men need to deal with the loss of one of their own. It may be another comic book death but seeing the service for it makes it feel a little more real.

What about the character that took the fall during AVENGERS VS. X-MEN? It may be uncertain what his fate will be. We'll likely see more of that in CONSEQUENCES. We do get to see where he is being kept locked up as he receives a visitor. It's a reunion that is fitting and even overdue. This perfect timing leads to an attack which will hopefully lead to the formation of a new team of Avengers.

The Marvel Universe has changed a little. Mutants are seen in a different light once again. Despite the minor victory they have received, there is a new level of fear which brings back a familiar feeling. The point of mutants in Marvel Comics was their struggle trying to survive and be heroes in a world that feared them. Whether it's cliché or not, I welcome that old feeling. Having a team of Avengers with mutants mixed in to try to ease the tension the public will have adds a different kind of difficulty to the team dynamic. Rick Remender has a lot cut out for him in dealing with the change in public perception but clearly he will handle it with ease.

It's great to have John Cassaday back on a monthly title. The opportunity to draw members of the X-Men and Avengers is something look forward to.

The Bad

Captain America's new-ish costume just looks kind of weird. I'm always torn when Cassaday draws the giant chain-mail scales on Cap. I don't know where it's explained why he changed his costume and why he's now wearing a helmet but it just looks a little odd.

Despite everything that has happened, we're still seeing anger issues from characters like Rogue. The fight between the Avengers and the X-Men is supposed to be over but Rogue is quick to start a fight right away after the services. It's understandable that she would be upset but she's also the one that has pretty much been leading her own squad in X-MEN LEGACY. She should have more restraint than that.

The Verdict

It's a new beginning in the aftermath of the battle between the Avengers and the X-Men. It makes perfect sense that we're finally seeing this marriage between two of Marvel's biggest franchises. The potential for the formation of a new team of Avengers with members from both teams is going to be interesting and Rick Remender is definitely the man to pull it all together. There is a new level of tension in the Marvel Universe that won't make being a hero easy. The idea of who this squad will face right away is intriguing. There may be elements that make this team feel a little too cookie cutter-ish but I can't wait to see how it turns out. There were moments where John Cassaday's art was off a little but the idea of him drawing all these characters is something to get excited for.

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Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

Who is leading this team? I've heard Havok was and other times I've heard Wolverine would...and I didn't even know Cap was going to be in this title, he seems like the obvious choice for leader. But who is actually the leader of this team?

With Cap on the team, it'd kinda make sense for him to lead...him being there just seems like it'd undermine Havok or Wolverine's leadership.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

Sounds good. I'm in it for Cassady's art. Also, I think Rogue is acting that way because Remender is working with Claremont's Rogue in mind.

Posted by ccraft

This one is awesome ^

This isnt as good

Posted by Blood1991

I hate it when they change Caps costume. Just leave it be like Spiderman's as for the issue I'm going to give it a shot even if Cap and Havok are the only characters I care for.

Posted by Vincent92

@ccraft: I thik they wanted to update it but also keep elements from the old costume there

Posted by x_29

Will not be picking this one up.

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

Rogue on the cover=weird, like the roster cept SW <3 Picking it up= yes =^-^=

Posted by Duke_Nasty

I'll probably pick it up

Edited by neiliusprime

yeah I hate how for every book Cap is in, he has to wear a different suit. The one in Uncanny Avengers just sucks, the one he is wearing for Avengers is ok, and the one the he's wearing in his own series looks the best because it only had some minor changes.

Posted by dreamfall31

Been looking for a group series to get into, I hope that this one is a good one to choose!

Posted by TheHeat

The Variant covers are sweet looking.

Posted by saoakden

I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS BOOK! I'm picking it up! This book is one of the marvel books I'm looking forward to reading.

Posted by Aspirant

I'm worried that this book would just tread all over the X-men books to get to where they want the characters to be for this title.

Posted by The Black Hood

It would have been nice to get a either an X-men or an Avengers book without Wolverine. I was interested with the premise but I can't deal with another book of Marvel's favorite abusive drunken uncle in forefront and everyone else in the back. We get it, he's your most popular character, can you stop shoehorning him into every book?

Posted by saoakden

@Mr. Kamikaze: I believe in Havok will be leading this team.

Posted by Trodorne

And of course with it being such a big issue we now have the 10+ variant covers to go with it. Im so glad marvel is up on the idea of big changes but can't cut down on some of variants.

Posted by Loki2u

Way off topic here but........

Did I miss "This weeks essential comics"?


Posted by ahgunsillyo

My God, this issue has 17 variant covers?! Show some restraint, Marvel! Sheesh!

Posted by Mercy_

@ahgunsillyo: LOL. Restraint and Marvel in the same sentence?

Posted by Cavemold

@ahgunsillyo said:

My God, this issue has 17 variant covers?! Show some restraint, Marvel! Sheesh!

acutally 20 counting the hastings ones 2

Posted by ComicMan24

Some of the variant covers look much better than the official cover. And as for Havok's costume, someone over there in Marvel must really hate him to have him wear that suit again.

Edited by turoksonofstone

I can really appreciate how Marvel handles their comic properties. This should make for some interesting stories and a nice little run. Though I no longer read big two books it is nice to see one of them using existing characters in creative ways and having actual story fallout from an event with some meaning.

Posted by hyenascar

Love Havok, and Rogue and Scarlet Witch are always interesting. I love seeing these characters involved, but I always bought x-family books cause I liked following their world. I think I would be more interested in seeing Wanda spending a prolonged period of time with the x-men. It would be good to see how she dealt with a surrounding full of mutants.

Posted by That60sGuy

@Trodorne This must be the issue with MOST variant covers EVER! and only a few of them are actually good. Happy Halloween my ass.

Posted by Michiel76
@Mr. Kamikaze: Well you have a point there, we have 4 leaders on this team that could be a disaster
Posted by Top Flight Security

I cannot wait to buy this book!

Edited by Howlverine

Looks awesome. That is one POWERFUL roster. Thor and Havok on the same team? Written by Remender, to boot.

On a related note, does anyone remember this OLD issue where Spidey, Havok and Thor teamed up against teh Living Monolith? It was bloody cool. Series and Issue no would be appreciated.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

What is thor doing to rogue to put that look on her face on the 14th cover down?

Posted by longbowhunter

Procedure? I guess being almost a hundred Cap would be due to get some work done.

Posted by fodigg

You know, I wouldn't mind them doing a storyline where Scott is gone and Alex has to step up into big brother's shoes.


@ahgunsillyo said:

My God, this issue has 17 variant covers?! Show some restraint, Marvel! Sheesh!

Posted by John Valentine

Havok's an absolute joke.

Posted by Dhor

i hate the art. Just horrible issue. The art and the writing seem amateurish at best. the last pannel seemd from 30 years ago

Posted by evilvegeta74

Rogue doesn't belong on the cover with these guys, maybe they will kill her off!

Posted by oduck31

Just read it. Thought it was good except for the Rogue and saw fight. I think its a good book to lead off with for marvel NOW.

Posted by Pwok21

Loving the alts they've got going.

Especially the Halloween, Deadpool and the last team lineup on the page.

Posted by JMLG

art is kinda meh...

Posted by SolthesunGod

I enjoyed this. I'm not the biggest Cassady fan but I thought his spreads were great. I personally liked Rogue's outburst. It was just after a funeral of someone she was very close to so I didn't have a problem with her being over emotional. I thought the conversation between Rogue and Wanda was the best part of the issue. I thought it was interesting to highlight both of their obvious prejudices and it made me realize why Rogue was the perfect choice for this title. She was raised by mutants who hated humans but still showed her a lot of love. That has to skew her perspective growing up. I also thought it was great that we finally got a character reason for the Scarlet Witch just walking around after what she did in M-Day. She's deluded. She says she's accepted responsiblity but really she's rationalized what she's done because she thinks the mutants she depowered are better off because she hates herself for being a member of her minority. It doesn't make her likeable but it's certainly makes her more interesting. Great characterization by Remender.

Posted by raptorsrevenge

Just finished this issue over lunch. It's just as twisted as Remender's Uncanny X-Force. We're in for a treat. :D

Posted by danhimself

I didn't mind Cap's costume here....the one he was wearing in Consequences was HORRIBLE

Posted by Blackice709

I liked this, can't wait to see what happens next.

Posted by DATNIGGA

havok is cool... but hes an absolute joke

the accusations against cyke made no sense... lol

like... i can't defend this just reread everything after house of m on the x men & you'll see how backwards everyone's mindset is

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

So is this just a continuation of Avengers v. X-Men? if I didn't get that series should I just not get this one either because I have no interest in seeing Mutants full of anger at the Avengers? Or do the Mutants on the Avengers get along pretty well with the Avengers with minor members being mad still?

Does having X-Men characters on the Avengers feel forced? Do they seem out of place? Does it feel like the Avengers aren't Earth's Mightiest Heroes anymore because they have to have characters on the team like Dazzler or Colossus or whoever is on the team?

Posted by Dernman

Just read it. Looks good and the end oye.

Posted by notarandomguy

I like the Deadpool one

Posted by sho3s22

actually really enjoyed this issue. Really like the idea of the red skull being more than just captain america's rogue

Posted by pspin

Remender + Cassaaday = Reading.

I was pleasantly surprised with how good this issue was, it is hard to judge a series based off of one issue but this is looking good.

Posted by MisterKetch

Marvel needs to stop with the Variant covers I mean seriously is there anyone reading this who would buy more then one copy of a comic because you care that much about a cover?

Posted by Lokheit

Wow, that was REALLY gross at the end O.o Didn't expect that, Remender continues to surprise me! :D

But I can't stand Wolverine attitude against Scott about all of this, like Wolverine is some kind of saint or something like that...

Posted by BlackArmor

@Dernman said:

Just read it. Looks good and the end oye.

Dern tell me how it ends in a pm please

Posted by One_Eye

I'll never get used to Havok's baggy pants. He looks ridiculous in all the art thus far.

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