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Ultimate Spider-Man #160 - Death of Spider-Man: Part 5 of 5 Review


The end of the Death of Spider-Man arc is finally here. After months of waiting, will this actually be the final appearance for Ultimate Spidey?

The Death of Spider-Man banner has been gracing the covers of Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Vs. New Ultimates for months. Is this the final issue for Peter Parker?

The Good

As I mentioned in my reviews for the last couple issues, Bendis has been doing a great job in writing Peter Parker as a teenage hero doing everything he absolutely can to be a hero. If this is indeed meant to be his final hurrah, he is on his way to go out in a blaze of glory.

Let's be honest for a second. By now, the final fate of Spider-Man should be known. Is he going to actually die or not? Marvel released to information yesterday including an image from the second to last page. Even though the arc is called Death of Spider-Man, it's more about whether or not he actually dies. This story has been about Peter being a hero and willing to go to any means to save the innocent. He knows his life is at stake but because he is a hero, nothing will stop him...except death (if that actually happens).

There were actually a couple moments were I was on the edge of my seat wondering what the fates of other characters would be. Norman Osborn goes all out. He is insane and obsessed with killing Peter. Anyone in the area is in extreme danger.

Bagley's art is great as usual. You get a sense of what Peter is going through as he attempts to put an end to the battle. You can almost feel each punch, explosion and impact on the pages.

The Bad

Spoilers are bad. I mentioned that Marvel spilled the beans yesterday. Were there really any beans to spill? We all have an idea how this will end. The battle and issue does a great job depicting Peter's heroism but I'm not 100% sure how I feel about that final moment. It's a fitting end to this arc and series. I'm not sure where this will go next. The very final page was nice. Maybe I'm just bummed that this is the final issue.

The Verdict

If you have been reading this arc, you already know that Bendis has been delivering a young Peter Parker at his heroic best. We've had months to prepare and now the final issue of the arc is here. Bagley and Bendis deliver a fitting end but it's unfortunate that the outcome was spoiled. Realistically, we all have an idea how it will end. This entire story has been about the journey, as all stories should be. Maybe you'll know how it ends before reading and maybe you don't. What matters is what happens on the way there. We get an epic fight showing what this version of Spider-Man is all about. And that is exactly what I want. I could do without the death of characters though. But that's the nature of the beast.

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Posted by doordoor123

I liked how everyone was involved in this issue. Minus Iceman.  
I didnt let anyone spoil me and I feel I enjoyed this issue much more than you because of it.  
Ive heard the Peter with be the new Uncle Ben to someone elses Spider-man. Its sad because this was the best version of Peter Parker ive ever seen. I wore a Spider-man shirt today in honor of young Ultimate Peter.
Posted by Fantasgasmic

How can you not list Ultimate Uncle Ben's ponytail as a bad part?

Posted by Meteorite


Posted by tbpinkfloyd

Well the good thing is that there'll be a new Spider-Man in the Ultimate U this fall. Bad thing is that I've been following Peter for the past ten years so it sucks to see him go. 

Posted by 5ive

I would have been curious to see how the industry and fans would have reacted had it been the original spiderman from the regular marvel universe

Posted by Deranged Midget

Good to see Bendis working with what he does best.

Posted by InnerVenom123
@Fantasgasmic said:
How can you not list Ultimate Uncle Ben's ponytail as a bad part?
Oh thank goodness, I'm not the only one that hates the ponytail.
Posted by ninjadude853

Everyone know that image of Uncle Ben and Peter walking into the light? Is that supposed to be a cover or is it actually supposed to be in the issue? 
I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but i want to see that picture in print and not online, and it's not in mine.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Definitely gonna pick up the Death of Spider-Man in trade. One of Bendis' best consistent on-going series which comes to an end.

Posted by pspin

I really hope that Peter comes back, I realize that with the track record of the Ultimate Universe that he probably won't but this is by far one of the best series Marvel is putting out and it is all because of Peter. 
If he does, I hope it is handeled correctly and not some stupid cop out but I really hope that he comes back.
Posted by 5ive
@ninjadude853: its the actual cover. no title or anything. i think its hot
Posted by Cafeterialoca

I REALLY hope Goblin stays dead.  That last page got me REALLY angry.
Posted by bingbangboom

Sucks because I would have really liked to see this character grow into an adult Spider-Man but I doubt he will be gone for good. We will see him back, when Ultimate Universe needs another reboot or sales. Ultimate Spider-Man has been the best and most constantant  thing with the whole Ultimate Universe. Even Loeb's Ultimatium didn't destroy it. RIP.

Posted by nick7913
@5ive: With  cynicism. Unlike the Ultimate Universe where dead (almost always) means dead, mainstream Spidey is a brand that would sooner or later have to be resurrected. I love that Bendis made the character his own and now no one else gets to play with him.
Posted by Samimista

The cover arts were very beautiful and haunting especially the one with Peter and Uncle Ben heading towards the light.

Posted by fitchy101
Posted by wangbumaximus

Excellent review, El Guerrero! Quite indeed the fact the difficulty of making a good, if not great, story if the outcome is obvious. Bendis, despite of his several overrated works these days, did pull out a good send-off! Marvel should make good of its promise of the Ultimate status quo--staying their characters (secret or human identities most particularly) DIED! If not, screw these people!

Posted by keith71_98

Solid review and a great book. I would have skipped over this if not for the high praise.
Posted by Gold Dust Boi

With Ultimate X-men coming out again, I was thinking of picking up some Ultimate books but now not so sure...

Posted by PowerHerc

Good job.

Posted by castleking


Posted by RavenVice01

I liked your review of Ultimate Spider-Man's death
Posted by Mahzian

What a great issue, I haven't read this book since way back when Pete was dating Kitty Pride, but was still able to enjoy the ride and feel something at the end, I think I'll have to grab this title when it restarts if it's anything like this.

Posted by EnSabac

I loved this story end. Bad as it might sound I got a little misty while reading this.

Posted by ddaann1985

Nice review...but said to see Spidey go....

Posted by SharpShotApollo

I liked the issue, but I need to read more of the story arch. I'm going to the comic book store tomorrow to buy them all!

Posted by MaRCeeL0


Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

That death scene. Really got me, and I won't deny I choked up a little.

Posted by AirDave817

I've been trying to decide if I wanted to continue reading this book. Spider-Man is a cool character. Bendis made Spider-Man cool and readable again. I hadn't read Spider-Man since an odd handful of issues in the '70's.  
I've read every issue of Ultimate Spider-Man since Bendis started it a decade ago.  
This is pretty good closure on Peter Parker. To me, Peter Parker is Spider-Man.  
I'm still looking for a compelling reason to follow Bendis on Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 3...

Posted by ChrisBuster


Posted by Timandm

Well said...

Posted by excalibur5150

Posted by Jaylayson

Posted by hugglebunny

Good review.

Posted by IronMan1234

I liked it

Posted by crash_

great review :)

Posted by miki


Posted by Hairywolf25

Great Review
Edited by ImaPaqRat

Excellent Review

Posted by BatUniverse

Cool! Can I won my quest now?

Posted by DDDDDDD_BB

I have just finished reading the Death of Spider-man. It was a brilliant book.

Posted by christopherwalken


Posted by revbucky

Thanks for the helpful review G-Man.

Posted by fifichiapet

It was good.

Posted by IanBeale


Posted by Maikeru_Deyuan

It was cool

Posted by foxandwall

It is an interesting review^

Posted by thanosrules

So many covers. Thanks for the review!

Posted by TheOptimist

The real question on the quality of issues like this is how they are reviewed six months to a year after their release. Do they stand the test of time? It would be fun to see some of these reviews be... well, reviewed, to see if they hold up past the hype.

Posted by Comiclove5

Great review

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