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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #10 Review


Miles Morales is still getting the hang of his new powers but now he has to deal with his uncle as well. He's quickly learning that being Spider-Man isn't as easy as it seems.

After his Uncle confronted him about being Spider-Man, Miles is discovering a whole new set of problems he now has to deal with.

The Good

Peter Parker would have given anything to have his uncle around. Miles Morales's uncle isn't on the same level as Uncle Ben. With his time as the Prowler, he's gotten into some bad things and has now turned his sights onto Miles. What we get is a new dynamic on the Spider-Man/Uncle situation. Peter's uncle was an inspiration to him. Miles' is the opposite. WIth Uncle Aaron knowing his secrets, will Miles be able to continue to do the right thing?

Month after month Bendis amazes me with this different Spider-Man we have. I wasn't thrilled when word got out Ultimate Peter Parker was going to die. Miles becomes a more likable character with each issue. He is still a young kid trying to cope with gaining spider-powers but with his different background and the different elements in his life (like his uncle), it's a completely different take on Spider-Man. We don't get a big epic Spider-Man battle here but the confrontation we get is just as intense.

David Marquez has only been on the book for a couple of issues but his style fits right in. I feel like he's been on the book for ages now. His style is varied, whether it's capturing the expressions on characters' faces or conveying the fluid motion of the characters in action.

The Bad

This is one of those sort of 'unfair' complaints. Miles is going through a certain situation that is meant to make us feel uneasy. It's creating tension for Miles and the story. I can appreciate where it's taking things but I'm not completely thrilled with the direction. It does add a new angle to Spider-Man but hopefully we will get some old fashioned Spider-Man action as well as this tension.

The Verdict

Bendis and Marquez deliver another great issue of the adventures of Miles Morales as Spider-Man. Bendis puts the action off to the side as we see Miles deal with his shady uncle, further illustrating the complete opposite relationship that Peter Parker had with his uncle. It's an interesting angle but it does make you long a little for some regular Spider-Man action as well. It was hard to believe that Peter Parker could be replaced. Bendis is continuing to show us that life in the superhero world can move on. Marquez's art fits in perfectly with the action in the book. ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN continues to consistently remind us how fun and fresh the Ultimate Universe can be.

Posted by BlackArmor

Is this a jumping on point?

Posted by HolySerpent
Posted by Skaddix

@BlackArmor said:

Is this a jumping on point?

Its okay I suppose.

Posted by feargalr

The art is great in this book, and I have been really enjoying a new take on spider man, but it's kinda still in origin story mode and I'm starting to get kinda like, just become spider-man already kid, its been 10 issues.

Posted by JamDamage

@BlackArmor: actually, because the series is still so new, and because Bendis likes to really really.............really draw some of his story lines, this CAN be a jumping on point. I'll tell you this without spoiling it. It lets you know how Miles became Spider-man, and where it came from. That might leave you questioning how it happened, but after you read it, and picture it in your head, it'll be pretty much how it happened. Like I said, if it wasn't for Bendis moving his stories slowly then I'd say no, but yes, it is okay to jump on here. Nothing really big has happened since Miles became Spider-man.

Posted by JamDamage

@feargalr: I agree. But I also just told someone that because Bendis moves his stories so slowly that he could jump on here.

Posted by BlackArmor

@JamDamage: I know how he got his powers since I read the first issue and just forgot to keep pulling it but if nothing has really happened I may jump on here Thanks

Posted by anarchypants

@BlackArmor: This wouldn't be the worst jumping on point considering every issues connects and there are no one shots.

Posted by Cozy_Da_Djed_Eye

@HolySerpent said:


A man of few words, lol. I can respect that.

Posted by Captain13

@BlackArmor said:

Is this a jumping on point?

yeah, but you'll get more out of it if you at least read the first two issues

This has been the best issue so far IMO. I like the more confidant Miles Morales.

Posted by notquitevarsity

Bendis needs to hurry up. But its still a great series

Posted by Deadcool

@JamDamage:Well, I wouldn't say that "no big stuff" happened, we met all the suporting cast and the relationships between all the characters, but I think that would be explained later aswell...

Posted by Deadcool

I really enjoyed Marquez's art in this issue, this tittle is becoming better and better.