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Ultimate Fallout #1 - Chapter One of Six Review


What happens when a character dies? Besides return from the dead, we get the sad sappy remembrance issues. That's what this is but it will kick your ass and make really make you sad, even if you think you know what to expect.

Now that Ultimate Spider-Man has had his heroic death, it's time for everyone to mourn. We've seen this a lot lately but this one really stands out.

The Good

At 160 issues, Brian Bendis truly created something special with his take on Spider-Man. The early issues of Amazing Spider-Man were great but never really had the same feel that Bendis has created while focusing on the fact that he was a teenager. We all groan at the mention of a story dealing with a comic book death but the Death of Spider-Man has been more than just a story about a death. It was a story showing how a young superhero really stepped up into officially becoming a true hero.

After a character dies, we usually get a period of mourning (not the case with Bucky Barnes but that's another story). If you're familiar with the supporting characters in Ultimate Spider-Man you might have an idea what to expect. But that will not prepare you for the emotion involved. I was actually (politely) cursing Bendis for making me teary even though you could see what was coming. To me, that's a sign of a great story. Bendis had me invested in his character from the beginning and seeing the fallout managed to reach me emotionally.

Of course Mark Bagley did an amazing job on the art as well. He beautifully captured the emotional expressions on everyones faces.

The Bad

Does this issue get cliché at moments? Of course. It's an issue dealing with the aftermath of the death of a character. Seeing the way it affects everyone is what works. Maybe I'm getting sappy in my old age but it was a fitting after Ultimate Spider-Man #160.

The Verdict

You can't (or shouldn't) have a comic book death without seeing the reactions of those close to the character. I highly enjoyed the Death of Spider-Man story arc despite being tired of the numerous comic book deaths we've been seeing. Bendis simply made it work. He should us how heroic his version of Spider-Man could be and made his death matter. Because this is the Ultimate Universe, death here isn't the same as it usually is. If Ultimate Peter Parker does somehow return, he's going to do some tricky maneuvering to make his return work. Brian Bendis made me get emotionally attached. You might have an idea what type of reactions you'll see and how they play out but that doesn't lessen the impact. Combined with Bagley's depiction of the emotion on each character's face, this truly was a touching issue.

Posted by _jackbauer

Who will the next spidey be?

Posted by El_Tigre
@_jackbauer said:
Who will the next spidey be?
Steve Rodgers!
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that burnt little girl made me tear up. Damn it! 
Ultimate Spider-man's death was handled right. Marvel tends to not handle normal deaths correctly because everyone knows the character will come back eventualy.  Ultimate Spider-man is DEAD. No coming back from that.
Posted by cincyducksfan35

Yeah this was such a good comic. Just so damned sad towards the end :(

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My favorite part was the little girl Peter saved from the fire hugging Aunt May... and just the turn out for the funeral period, to see that many people show up... i totally saw it coming but it was still awesome.
If there's one part of this issue i have mixed issues on, it's Captain America's confession to Aunt May. On the one hand, it's nice to see him own up to his mistakes (though i think that  Gregory Stark, Frank Castle, and Carol Danvers are much more at fault than Steve). On the other hand, couldn't he at least wait until after the funeral to do this?
EDIT: Oh, and i want to mention Nick Fury's reaction, specifically one small panel after Mary Jane accuses him of killing Peter, just one panel of what can only be described as a mix of shock and grief from Ultimate Nick Fury. Who is not exactly a shining paragon of humanity... it's just a powerful moment.

Posted by Golden Cod
@ninjadude853 said:
i want to mention Nick Fury's reaction, specifically one small panel after Mary Jane accuses him of killing Peter, just one panel of what can only be described as a mix of shock and grief from Ultimate Nick Fury. Who is not exactly a shining paragon of humanity... it's just a powerful moment.
I love how ultimate MJ (metaphorically) smacks the truth into Fury.   It reminds me of a scene during Ultimate Spiderman's own Clone Saga where MJ pointedly accuses Nick Fury of being oblivious to how much Peter looks up to him.  
Posted by G-Man

Yeah, the little girl part was so cliche but it still packed a helluva wallop. Can't believe Bendis managed to tung on my heart strings like that. And it's pretty weird seeing Nick's reaction here compared to Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates. I didn't care much for that.

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am excited to read this. So, I am glad that you gave this 5 stars and that the issue was good

Posted by Eyz

Awww man. At least Ultimate Spidey gets a better treatment, around his series finale. (unlike, say, Mayday Parker or Miguel O'Hara)

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@ninjadude853: Given what happened in Avengers vs. New Ultimates, I'd add guilt to the mix of emotions that Fury is showing there. They pretty heavily imply that the battle was orchestrated by Fury as a coup to return to head of SHIELD. I can't wait for MJ to blow the lid on Fury.

Posted by Meteorite

I'd love to pick this up, but I can't afford to if it's a mini.

Posted by keith71_98

Very impressed. I'm still not an Ultimate guy but I've been reeled in by Death of Spider-Man. This issue is equally impressive.
Posted by danhimself

man this issue was needed to be longer though...each issue should be like 10 pages longer

Posted by Trodorne

Its a good review but im going to pass on this issue. I don't think its worth my money, especially if they go and bring peter back in the Ultimates reborn universe.

Posted by bingbangboom

I honestly really enjoyed this issue and felt something special and sad for the character and those involved. Very rare that something like that happens. This is the right way to handle a hero's death. It is sappy at points but tugs on the right strings and feels important.

Posted by Gunslinger6

Great issue, but we still haven't seen a dead body. Let Marvel say what they want, I don't think Spidey's dead. Last time we saw that his heart stopped, and the ambulance was already near. Then in the next issue they're mourning him already. He's alive somewhere.