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Ultimate Comics X-Men #8 - The Trouble With Telepaths! Review


Who's side is Karen Grant on?

The Good

Things are not always what they seem and appearances can be deceiving. This week's release of ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN #8has been remarkably consistent with previous issues and it is bound to blow you away. Three pages in and readers will open to a two page spread of the "two great cities floating in the air." It's likely that this issue would not have been as impressive had there been another artist on the book; yet with the skill of Carlo Barberi and the delicate inks of Walden Wong and Juan Vlasco, how can we go wrong? If this issue is anything it is breathtaking. The artists capture emotion, perspective and depth of the characters and moments in each panel. It's a truly beautiful issue.

As for the story? It will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you have been wondering "what side is Karen Grant on" then this is an one you absolutely do not want to miss out on.

Great pacing, exciting story that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Bad

Nothing bad here. This continues to be an immensely enjoyable series.

The Verdict

I really dig Marvel's Ultimate universe because writers have the tendency to do really bold things with their characters and plot lines. Creators take a lot more risks and as a reader, I am always left feeling surprised at the outcome of a story. This is yet another example of a really awesome comic book that will leave you with more questions than answers by the time you reach the final page. Exciting, beautifully illustrated and consistent pacing make this a must read for this week.

Posted by x_29

We already knew karen grant was jean grey

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@x_29 said:

We already knew karen grant was jean grey

yea since Ultimate X
Posted by zackattack529

i liked this issue, i didnt know who karen grant was so to me the mystery worked out haha i know for others it was kinda like "uggh..again?" but good thing im barley getting into ultimate comics

really digging this series and ultimate spiderman :)

Posted by Novemberx2

I did not like this issue at all, I've generally been disappointed with this whole series, I really enjoyed the focus Ultimate X had on mutants been hunted, rather then the X-Men trying to generic super heroes. However, this issue has to some extent tried to do both. But everythime i think its going well Spencer throws a curveball (Strikers A mutant, Magneto and Professor x are alive)

Yet After the Ridiculous (and awful ending) that happened in the last issue, for this issue did not have anything last issue, if feels like the story is barely progressing in any direction, After focusing on Kitty/iceman/johnny storm its turned to rouge, then to quicksilver and now out of nowhere (in the context of just this series, not the whole ultimate universe) it turns to jean grey.

Now Im not saying this is a wrong approach, but currently the story is not progressed at all, Kitty is still not the most wanted terrorist, the story feels like its not progressing, This could work if this series had the time, but given the failure of Ironman 2:0, i don't think its luxury this Spencer has. This is a series where play it safe and keep a focus story on one set of characters (Kitty/Iceman etc)

Good art, I don't want to write this series off yet, but i think its the weakest of the Ultimate line.

Posted by frozenedge

She's Jean Grey which means she's an enemy to everybody

Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee

Funny how Jean Grey is alive in the Ultimate Universe and Scott is dead......

Posted by pspin

Once again another issue in which I have no idea what is going on and I have read every issue

Posted by treysome

I enjoyed this issue. Spencer always turns it on it's head just when I think I know what is going on. Good work.

Posted by brucecapell

If you can follow the convoluted 616 comics you should be able to follow this line just fine since there are only 3 ongoings. These have been really great. Spencer is a long form writer but I'm really enjoying this series. This issue gives the artist alot to work with.

Posted by feargalr

I really liked this issue, though I'm still not liking this story arc as a whole, all the stuff about the city and the Xorn and stuff just doesn't feel like ultimate marvel, it feels like a 616 story, but I did enjoy this.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@feargalr said:

I really liked this issue, though I'm still not liking this story arc as a whole, all the stuff about the city and the Xorn and stuff just doesn't feel like ultimate marvel, it feels like a 616 story, but I did enjoy this.

Yea I know what you mean, they'v kind of lost the realism it had
Posted by feargalr

@spiderbat87: That's always what i liked about ultimate marvel.. like obviously it couldn't be too real, but realer then 616, even in ultimatum a lot of people died and that would make sense... although i think they missed some huge story opportunities there

Posted by mattwing87

I am really enjoying the new Ult X-Men series. I like the idea of how mutants are in camps and being killed in "their" current timeline instead of an alternate reality like in the main universe. Anyways I enjoyed this issue. Although i like the cover, they should have put Jean Grey on it rather than Liz Allen.