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Ultimate Comics X-Men #16 - United We Stand; Chapter One Review


Kitty Pryde and Nick Fury plan for an uprising against the sentinels.

The Good

What a wonderful set-up to this United We Stand story line. This is already turning out to be an incredibly epic story. Kitty Pryde works with Nick Fury in order to raise a mutant army to take down the sentinels. We get to meet some new mutants, and a few of them look incredibly familiar. It finally feels like we're seeing an expanded X-Men world again. For so long, this book felt so contained and only the actual mutants in this world were the X-Men. I'm glad to see it branching out a bit more.

There's some great development with Rogue here as she meets a man (Is that Kid Omega? I hope so!) that she may be able to actually have a relationship with. I've said it before. Brian Wood is great at writing people. I know that sounds weird, since any writer should be good at "writing people," but Wood seems to have a better understanding of a character's emotion and how those emotions affect their actions than any other contemporary writer. And, as I've said before, he's wonderful with dialogue writing.

Well, this is a first. There are two pencilers on this book, Carlo Barberi and Paco Medina, and not only did I not notice on my first read-through, but I couldn't find anywhere where the art was inconsistent. Yes, I went through again to be nit-picky. I love the fact that this book had multiple people doing pencils and the art never changed up. Thank you. Aside from that, I love how gorgeous this art looks here. It has a great style that fits the book, and the colors and shading are fantastic.

This issue has one fantastic reveal page.

The Bad

This issue revolves heavily around Kitty Pryde and Nick Fury. I wish there was a bit more room for the other X-Men in this issue as well.

I felt like I zoomed through this issue. I really wanted more, which isn't a bad thing, but I'm personally becoming more and more impatient with waiting a month to read this book. So, essentially, my problem with this issue is that I feel it's so addicting that I can't wait 30 days, or so, to read it.

The Verdict

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Ultimate Universe? I think I have. This book is great. I love the new story line so far, and love seeing Kitty in a leadership position. Rogue finds someone to love in this issue, and it looks like Kid Omega; however, it's the Ultimate Universe, for all I know, this could actually be Ultimate Doug Ramsey. The writing and art are fantastic here, and I was really surprised there were two different pencilers on this book because I couldn't tell the difference. This is so close to a 5/5 for me... so close.

My only problem with this issue was that it moved way to fast for me.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

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Posted by mattwing87

This was a great issue! I was really excited to see the Ultimate version of Quieten Quire!

Posted by rouju

Wow, can't believe they manage to sparks my interest. I quit reading after they killed Cyclops at Ultimatum, best Cyclops version according to me).

Posted by liquid3601

This issue was awkward and weird. Nick Fury went through all the trouble of showing up just so he could deliver pep talks and take orders from a teenager? This whole event, while absolutely bananas and fun seems like a poor excuse to show some crossover between these three tonally disparate titles. Having this universe's Cap show up in 2 pages of Ultimate Spidey doesn't make much headway in convincing me that a relatively mundane book like that takes place in the same universe as the extravagant nonsense happening in Ultimates. Likewise having Fury inexplicably show up and start Vietcong'ing with this bunch of teenagers here seems like a halfhearted attempt to bridge another gap. I find it hard to believe Fury doesn't have something more pressing to do with SHIELD being usurped and all the fracturing of the states going on.

Posted by ThePRez

I didnt like that much the art of the issue.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Is it sad that I looked forward to this book more then AvX 11?