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Ultimate Comics Ultimates #1 - The Republic Is Burning, Part I Review


Time to round up the troops. Nick Fury sends our Iron Man to investigate some ships. Excalibur learns an important lesson: Don't mess with an Asgardian's ale.

The Ultimates are reforming... again. How will Nick Fury handle the team this time? And why are there a bunch of people running around with suits that look surprisingly a lot like the costumes of Future Foundation?

The Good

The thing I've always loved about the Ultimate universe is the skeptical attitude it has. If you've read the book, throughout the years, then you know one thing the book always made comment on was that they never truly thought Thor was a god. They thought he was a nutjob. Now, they know about Asgard, and the fact Thor truly is a god, but there is still a skeptical attitude towards it. The Ultimate universe feels less tongue-and-cheek and more like real life.

It's been a while since we've had a truly good Ultimates book (Since Ultimates 2 in my opinion), and this book is a great set-up for what could be a great story. All the elements of a great story are here: developed characters, solid writing, great art, a hint of mystery, and Excalibur getting beaten up by Thor.

Hickman is a great writer, and one of the few writers (aside from Jason Aaron, who I mentioned in the Wolverine review) who can make me like and care about characters I usually would turn the other cheek too. That being said. I like a drunken, party-loving Thor, and I'd have him no other way.

I don't know who these people in the white and black costumes are, but they remind me a lot of Future Foundation, but an Ultimate version. A group of people trying to create a new world for themselves? I'm very excited to learn more about these people and watch the world unfold.

The Bad

The very first two volumes of the Ultimates were great, but everything since then has been... well... the exact opposite. The tone has been completely different. So far, this book seems to be back along the same lines of the original volumes and less... well, cheesy. That being said, when I saw there was another new volume of this book, I wasn't that excited, and frankly, even though I really like this book, I'm extremely skeptical because I love this team and don't want it to get ridiculous like the last few volumes.

The Verdict

Do you love great starting points? Then this is the book for you! This book seems to be back on track. It's no longer "way out there" or "over-the-top." This issue is grounded and pretty serious. I'm impressed. I have a feeling Hickman is going to take this team to new levels, and while I'd love to give this a perfect score, I still feel a bit skeptical about the team, and while the issue was awesome, it just wasn't amazing. I highly recommend this book, especially for new readers.

Posted by Chaos Burn

I love the fact the Ultimate universe is becoming more and more the Marvel movie-verse

Posted by ImperiousRix

I absolutely LOVED volume one and two of Ultimates. 
I really don't want to get bogged down in the Ultimate Universe again, buuuuuttt... I feel really compelled to pick this up.  I'm extremely torn!  Why couldn't this issue be terrible?!

Posted by drumguyrob

Now I'm thinking I should've picked this up today. I'm trying to cut back a bit on my monthly reads, but I'm a big supporter of Hickman.

Posted by cincyducksfan35

Im more excited about these Ultimate books than the DC relaunch. And idc that no one else agrees with me, ya like what ya like

Posted by JonesDeini

Hickman's my favorite writer right now but I just don't care about the Ultimate U. 

Posted by StriderNo9

I liked it. Good jumping off point for the Ultimates. I just want my Cap back.

Posted by Deadcool


Posted by longbowhunter

I thought this came out today. For some reason I couldnt find it at the shop. Sounds good.
Posted by badaboop
I'm really excited about this series.  Judging by the tone he wrote with after the comic in the letters section where he was interviewed, he seemed to me like like he was truly serious about the project and is planning on delivering a great story.  Although the first two volumes of the Ultimates by Millar were fantastic, they were told and done.  I think Hickman's going to take it from where those stories left off and offer us something completely different with his own ideas, as opposed to Loeb who just totally raped these characters in Ultimates 3.
Posted by cincyducksfan35

Why was this polybagged? I get it when there is a major spoiler inside but this was just a solid issue. Maybe they think polybagging makes people think somethings very important? idk

Posted by inferiorego
Why was this polybagged? I get it when there is a major spoiler inside but this was just a solid issue. Maybe they think polybagging makes people think somethings very important? idk
It was polybag because of the huge spoiler. That spoiler was that Ultimates doesn't suck anymore.
Posted by cincyducksfan35
@inferiorego: hahaha took long enough
Posted by Golden Cod
@inferiorego said:
It's been a while since we've had a truly good Ultimates book (Since Ultimates 2 in my opinion)
You had my undivided attention at those words.   I've been waiting for a writer to finally do Millar's work justice.   
Posted by Druid

Millar himself hasn't done justice to his earlier work (Ultimates vol 1&2). Ultimate Comics Avengers and everything he's written for the Ultimate universe since then has been crap. I only starting paying attention to the Ultimate universe again when I saw they were changing up writers.

Posted by greeneagle

The guys in future foundation look alike outfits were created by Reed Richards and he is their  Leader. The 1st and 2nd volume of the Ultimates was awesome, everything else up until this issue has been a let down. With Hickman writing this, i am eager  to see how all this plays out, does  Steve return. 
PS: The last page was epic