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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #23 - Spider-Man No More! Review


Miles hasn't been Spider-Man for a while, since Venom killed his mother.

Hope you read the last issue because there's a few spoilers below.

The Good

It's one year later, and Miles has moved on with his life, since he quit being Spider-Man after his mother was shot during a confrontation with Venom. Spider-Woman wants him to put the suit back one, but Miles just wants to be normal.

I'll admit, when I saw that opening page, where it says "one year later," I laughed out loud and it just reminded me of when DC did it a few years back, which was a bit of a flop. However, I ended up loving the idea, minus a few small things (see below). It actually works really well. Miles is still dealing with the loss of his mother, but we get to see him down the road, after the main part of the grieving process. He's moved on, for the most part. Sure, his mother's death is still a huge part of his life, but we get to see Miles at a point where everything has gone back to normal. However, he's changed. His innocence has been shattered, and you can tell just the look on his face that he's a completely different person.

I was pretty harsh during my review of the last issue of this book because I felt Miles' mother's death was cheap. The difference between this issue and last month's was night and day for me. One of my favorite Spider-Man stories is SPIDER-MEN. Most of it deals with the death of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe, and writer Brian Michael Bendis puts together one emotional, heart-wrenching story. We get that here, in this issue. This is a very emotional issue as Miles is still dealing with his mother's death and refuses to take the mantle of Spider-Man back on.

While it's sad to see Sara Pichelli leave this book, Dave Marquez is a very welcomed addition to the series. I've always really liked his style, and he fits this book wonderfully. I love his heavy outlines around the characters, and Justin Ponsor's colors help make this a top notch book in the art department.

The Bad

The last page... While it looks insanely cool, and I'm so excited about the characters featured on it, the dialogue is super-rough. Basically, it's a bunch of characters playing the "name game," and by that, I mean that they're just introducing themselves to the reader. Everything, up until that moment, in this issue, was perfect for me.

Does this mean that this book is one year farther in the future than the rest of the Ultimate books or are the Ultimate books also going to jump ahead? If it's only ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN jumping forward, that's going to be a huge problem if anything needs to cross over.

The Verdict

ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #23 is a fantastic issue. Bendis and Marquez are a fantastic scene, and while the last issue was a bit of a let down for me, this issue was fantastic all over. I really like the jump forward a year, and Bendis does a fantastic job with changing around Miles' personality subtly to go along with everything that has happened to him. On the downside, I really didn't like the dialogue on the last page of the issue, and I keep wondering if the rest of the Ultimate books are jumping forward as well, if that even matters.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

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Posted by HollowPrince65

I love this book and this review. The last page was a bit of a "whose who" and I found it a bit cheesy, though I guess some people don't know who Cloak and Dagger are as they haven't been in much as of late. The whole arch from Venom to here has been spot on. I hope UCSM isn't in a league of its own and will stay a year ahead of everyone else, as i'd love another cross over to happen. BMB is killing it with this series and i must thank him for it because this series got me into comics.

Posted by OutlawRenegade

This was my favorite comic of the week. Bendis rules at dialogue, and the subtle art changes were great!

Posted by inferiorego

This was my favorite comic of the week. Bendis rules at dialogue, and the subtle art changes were great!

I think he's much better at getting the reader emotionally tied into a book and making these people feel real. His dialogue is usually good, but every issue I read has a few lines that are cringe-worthy, but that's just me. I'm a cranky old jerk.

Posted by nappystr8

This series is so good. Where most books suffer from the drawn out pace Bendis has been so fond of lately, in this book it fits perfectly. We really get a chance to know every one of the characters in this book which is mainly an all new cast. The Miles and Dad stuff this issue was great. I like that they jumped forward a year. Not only does it give the young characters the ability to to show age and thus feel more realistic, but it also adds some considerable depth to Miles's decision to quit being Spider-Man. Plus a year is a short enough amount of time that it makes continuity problems with the other Ultimate books less of an issue. Can't wait for Cloak and Dagger next issue!

Posted by OutlawRenegade

@inferiorego: I can see that, but the school and restaurant scenes were so believable and engaging. I also like how Miles and Ganke look older.

"Kid's got play now."

Posted by mrkareemruiz

Miles Morales is better then Peter. Miles didn't jump right back to into being Spider-man after he just saw a love one get killed. This comic is more real.

Posted by Ares94

Was there a thing between Miles and Gwen ? (she's like 17-18, and he is 14, so it would be weird, but whatever, it's comics) Another great issue. Kid's got play now, like his dad said lol he has chicks flying around him . neat. :)

Posted by Teerack

I love Spider-Man No More covers.

Posted by TheeOmegaGhost

I loved that they jump a whole year Miles seemed more mature and the whole Miles, Mile's dad and Gwen scene was great and had some funny moments. The year jump isn't going to affect crossovers Bendis said that the other ultimate comics are going to do the same thing just at their own pace.

Posted by wisesonAC

i loved this issue. miles is older and more mature. like 15 now right? the dialog was spot on. i really like the whole one ear later premise. and cloak and dagger!! this was the best read of the week!

Edited by Twentyfive

This issue was awesome, and I am actually in complete agreement with this review. I can't wait to see more of Katie and Miles, and can't wait to see how he goes back to the costume.

Miles' dad looked like Common for a few panels lol.

Posted by Brownghost
Posted by JamDamage

I agree with the rating being a 4 star. The problem I have is that this was the best book I read this week, and I see a whole hell of a lot of 5 stars. 5 stars means "You're stupid if you don't read this." Great issue tho. Go get it.

Posted by JamDamage


Miles is awsome. I'm glad he's worked out so well, this way Peter can stay away still, and that his death also meant something. Bendis did the right thing when he introduced him and took his time in making him the new Spider-Man. We got to know Miles on a more personal level and that's the thing that Bendis really does better then anyone. For us Ultimate Spider-Man fans, the title is special for us because we know just how good it is, and has been. I can't count how many times I've had to roll my eyes after someone tells me that they will only read the 616 Spider-Man and won't even give the Ultimate SM a chance. There is also one cool thing about the one year jump with Miles. I don't know how long he was Spider-Man before the jump, but we at least know that Peter has remained dead for over a year without the reincarnation. OH IT'S COMING. Just not yet, and with how the fans are happy with Miles, not for a long time. Miles reminds me of Wally West in a way. The fans were happy with Wally and not calling for the Barry Allen return even tho Barry did. It made the Barry return that much cooler tho. Not like when Bruce Wayne died the love for Dick Grayson as Batman was split. Same with Captain America. Some loved Bucky Cap, some didn't. Alex Ross still won't draw a picture of Kyle Raynor because he hates him. Miles tho, it seems that we all love our little black Puerto Rican Spider-Man. Good job Bendis. Good idea with the jump too.

Edited by sparty-dbq

So are Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men going to jump ahead a year too? Because otherwise this book is a year ahead of the rest of the Ultimate Universe.

Posted by tximinoman

I loved this issue. And this series for that matter. Miles is one hell of a character.

Posted by Owie

Agreed. I was getting pretty down on this series recently, after loving the first year and a half or so, and was ready to drop it based on whether this issue was any good. Bottom line, they sucked me back in! Great character-based issue again after no so much of that recently. And I love me some Cloak and Dagger that that's good too. They're much more in the vein of a Spidey series than him going out to the midwest to fight a war!