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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 - All-New Spider-Man Review


There's a new Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe. With an introduction to the character along with an explanation as to how Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man, gains his spider-abilities. Does this new character have what it takes to replace Peter Parker?

Get ready to meet Miles Morales, the new Ultimate Spider-Man. Peter Parker, our beloved Spider-Man from before, is dead. Miles is going to have some big spider-booties to fill. With Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli on board, Miles has some strong supporters.

The Good

We can all understand that trying to replace Spider-Man, even in the Ultimate Universe, is a big risk. Bendis has crafted his version of young Spider-Man with incredible finesse. The Death of Spider-Man arc was a success because of the way he was portrayed as a hero, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Now we have a new character, Miles Morales. We got a look at him during Ultimate Fallout. The trick is going to be to make us care about him and to make Spider-fans accept him as the new web-slinger. As a true introduction to him, the issue succeeds.

When Ultimate Spider-Man first began, we didn't see Peter Parker as Spider-Man right away. It took an entire story arc for that to happen. In a similar fashion, we don't have Miles swinging around New York City in spider-spandex. We do get to know who he is, where he comes from and how the heck does he get spider-powers. It all works out nicely.

Perhaps Bendis tugs on our heartstrings a little in getting us to care about Miles, but it doesn't come across as forced. He's a good kid and actually has parents...for now? Could it be that this new Spider-Man will have other differences besides just his race? Here's a minor spoiler, his spider-abilities may be a little different than Peter's. But we've seen a tiny bit of that as well in Ultimate Fallout.

Sara Pichelli's art is great. It's obvious that race and ethnicity is a factor in this book. Often artist tend to draw generic versions of different ethnicities but that is not the case here. The different races are portrayed accurately and you do get a feel for the diversity in New York City. We don't have any superhero battles but with the story and detailed art, you won't even miss it.

The Bad

How does Miles get his powers? What is his connection, if any, to Peter Parker? Obviously I am not going to spoil those. I'm a little torn over some of it. As a long time Spider-Man fan, I can accept this new direction. The set up for Miles is believable. What will be the extent of his powers? We don't know yet. It's a great set up in the story but it does feel as if it goes by quickly. But that could be a good thing, leaving us wanting more.

The Verdict

The new Spider-Man is here and it looks like the mantle is in safe hands. Bendis and Pichelli give us a great introduction to who Miles Morales is and how he gets his powers. As in the first volume of Ultimate Spider-Man, the story doesn't rush into the spider-action. We do see the background and there are enough differences between Miles and Peter (besides the obvious skin color) to make this truly feel like a new character. We don't just have a new kid trying to be Spider-Man. From the set up, there will be different problems Miles will face along with some potentially different types of powers. What matters most is Miles' introduction doesn't feel forced. I may not be 100% sold on how he got his powers but it does make sense.

I recall reading that Aunt May and Gwen Stacy (maybe even Mary Jane) will play a role in guiding Miles along in becoming a hero. While I would love to see the return of those characters, and it is inevitable, I hope it doesn't happen too soon. The same with Nick Fury. He'll have to make an appearance. Let's have Miles develop a bit on his own before we see the others brought in. We're off to a great start which really shouldn't be a surprise.

Posted by doordoor123

I kind of felt ripped off because so many of these pictures have been leaked. Like I knew what his powers were going to be at the end. ugh. But I'm still excited for this new direction. I think it'll take a couple of months for me to really start liking this though.

Posted by scnjedi

It was a nice introduction issue, but I found the story far too decompressed and the page count was shocking. I might end up picking this up in trade, but I can't justify spending $3.99 (£2.50) for such a comparatively small amount of content.

Posted by SpikeSpiegel

I'm going to go pick it up because of this review. Thanks!

Posted by Mas

While it will be interesting to see how this goes I still don't feel like Peter needed to die for them to introduce Miles. Couldn't they have had Miles become an unique hero?

Posted by Rixec

My friend and I thought it was awesome! He was just trying it out but now he's adding it to his monthly titles. I can't wait for the next issue!

Posted by labarith

How long until we get a 616 Miles Mayhem?

Posted by Burnstar1230

I kind of wished there was a bit more to this issue, but I can get why they stopped where they did. It was a good issue.

Posted by BatUniverse


Posted by sparty-dbq

Well, I'm sure we know enough about superhero origins to know it's gonna happen, so I say we get a pool going:

Which one of Miles's parents will die before the opening arc is done? Mom, Dad, or both?

Posted by Rixec

@sparty-dbq: Or - dare I ask - possible both living? Making him different from usual Marvel characters?

Posted by GBrutality

see, what i really liked and was admittedly shocked by, was the fact that miles doesn't feel like a forced character. and with that i also mean that, yes, he is of a different race, but they don't write him like that which kicks ass. they write him like a person instead of trying to make him just sound like an ethnicity, which comes off as beyond idiotic and happens quite often. so now that my fears are cast aside (so far) i guess my only qualm was how fast he was able to somewhat do what he could by the end. it looked like it took peter all day until the end of the first issue when he was able to climb onto the ceiling. with miles it seemed like it took a few minutes at best. just something i found odd. otherwise, really cool.

Posted by InnerVenom123

It was good. But there are some really bad moments of dialogue that, personally, took me out of the experience.

Edited by SpaceCommander

I love how the first page was reminiscent of the first page from Ultimate Spider-Man #1 and I love how they brought back the letters column. Plus, this book has a writer, artist, and colorist who are in my top 5 of their respective categories.


Is it me or does his uncle look like Snoop Dog

Posted by ravisher

nice but so quick

Posted by ssejllenrad

I love this new direction! I'll be following this!

Posted by MisterParker

Disappointingly short, that's all I have to complain about so far(besides the obvious problems like killing off Peter Parker). I foresee the ability Miles exhibited at the end will save his life numerous times in the future... still, though, the amount of content just doesn't do justice to the $3.99 spent on this issue.

Edited by Lexino

@SpaceCommander Yes! when I first saw his uncle I thought Snoop Dogg and I was expecting him to say fo'shizzle or similar lol

About the issue, it was interesting to read but yeah bit short, hope it leads to interesting stories.

About the letters page, I think its very brave to show the letters, especially the negative ones, I think this shows Bendis has massive cojones. I have no problem with the change of Spider-man because this is the ultimate universe and it doesn't inferfere with the 616 universe, and the 616 Peter Parker is still alive and kicking and will be Spider-man forever, so why the outrage over the ultimate version of Spider-man when the Spider-man we all know and love is still alive, I wonder?

Posted by Gambit1969

...because the Ultimate Peter Parker portrayal was much better than the 616 original.

Posted by MisterParker

@Gambit1969 said:

...because the Ultimate Peter Parker portrayal was much better than the 616 original.
Posted by gambitpryde1993

I'm still missing Peter Parker, but this issue helped alleviate it. Miles is ja likeable everyman, and it was cool the tension in his family about the charter school and his uncle. I liked how he got his powers, but what are they exactly? Definitely getting issue 2. It's in my pull along w/ the new Ultimate X-Men book

Posted by WASDF

I don't see how this being a first issue is part of The Bad. It'd be really too much if they explained EVERYTHING in one issue.

Posted by Osiris1428

I'm going to ignore that last stupid comment. My complaint is that comics these days feel so short. I read a comic from about ten years ago and I felt I had about 30 minutes of a read )if I wanted to streatch it). Now these stories feel like snacks instead of a meal if you know what I mean. But this kid feels like another New Yorker whith his own stuff to deal with. I feel like I could see that kid coming home from school getting off the bus. That whole school lotter thing is very relevant and I think a nice touch. The fact that he doesn't look down on his uncle as if he could maybe one day change is relatable. I don't know enough to keep reading or drop it from this issue and I don't like that. But, I guess I'll stick to it.

Posted by ltbrd

Just got to read this today and I have mixed feelings about everything. On the positive side I'm glad they took the time to explain right off the bat how Miles got his powers. Yes it was a bit forced but its better we know from the start rather than some weird explanation at a pivital moment in some battle or something (like he was a clone using the doctor's DNA mixed with peter's or some crap like that). However I am interested to see if they take a more mythical approach to the spider bite in the same vein the 616 universe delve into peter gaining his powers because the spider choose him and he's connected to a "web of life" because of this. I only bring this up because of the greek mythology the book opened with rather than focusing entirely on the fact the scenes were in a lab. Plus the fact that the spider was basically dormant and "waiting" this entire time. Also I liked the fact the serum worked much faster on miles than peter as it shows the advances oscorp was making towards the end and makes sense miles wouldn't just be getting the same formula.

The big negative was the uncle. not so much his inclusion, because it was nice to see that interaction between a man outcast from his family finding his one connection in the nephew that needs an adult figure that isn't pressuring him to be perfect and that he can actually enjoy being a kid around. however all evidence seems to point to the uncle being the thief and if that's the case and he can break into high end safes like the one at oscorp what the heck is he doing in a standard apartment in brooklyn. the guys obviously good so isn't he a more well known thief overall? or does he stay in brooklyn to at least be close to his family and especially miles? Another negative was the invisibility. I get we shouldn't have a 100% duplicate of peter but being able to blend into your surroundings is a bit much......and how do his clothes do it as well? i get his skin could blend but his clothes? obviously that one wasn't thought through very well. yes spiders do have camoflouge in their natural habitats this just seems like a bit too much.

But overall its a great read and my interest has been peaked to read this series and see how miles continues to grow......though i'm really more interested to see when Fury and SHIELD are going to be brought in. Given how much fury blames himself for peter's death, will he try to be more direct with miles and get him proper training early? will SHIELD supply him with a suit (oh and on that note I like the tied in the suit colors immediately by having the spider be black and red)? both the cover and the image on the back page give his webbing a more metal wire look than peter's so I'm wondering if it will be a device like the bola wire the 616 Spider-Girl uses or something similar that's built into the suit? that would be an interesting contrast to peter as finishing his (peter's) father's formula only occurred after being bit because of the knowledge he gained from the spider but miles doesn't have the benefit of a formula to work from (and while he's smart and seems to have a good grasp of reality he's not a genius like peter) so he may not develop webbing. instead he's got the invisibility and a web shooting system designed by SHIELD or someone else. just a thought.

Posted by KainScion

@SpaceCommander: yes God yes, someone finally said it. he does doesnt he.

Posted by Osiris1428

@KainScion said:

@SpaceCommander: yes God yes, someone finally said it. he does doesnt he.

Had a thought: Is that dude supposed to be the Ultimate Prowler??

Posted by SpaceCommander

@Osiris1428: I think so

Posted by Lvenger

After reading a synopsis of this issue online, I unfortunately have to vehemently disagree with the score you've given this review G-Man. First of all, Morales has virtually no personality whatsoever and there is no character exploration or development. Also, Bendis does a poor job establishing his supporting cast as they are as uninteresting as Morales himself. Bendis relied on the colour of Miles' skin to establish himself in this issue rather than developing the character himself which I find to be very disappointing.

Posted by -Vigil-

He needs to KEEP HIS PARENTS! How realistic is it for every single hero to have their parents die? My parents are 60, and all four of their parents are still alive!

Posted by sngoku0

I thought that Miles received his powers kind of fast but still enjoyed how they tied it together. Also as mentioned in the review it was nice to see other ethnicities portrayed in NYC setting with out being stereotypical. I'm excited to see which direction the book takes but as of #1 I'm very pleased!

Posted by Eyz

I'd say, we're off to a good start :)

Posted by Icemizer

I didnt follow the Ultimate Peter Parker because really I did not care but I did pick up this book and instantly saw a world of potential. I will be interested in the explanation of his powers being able to cloak is clothing though.