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Trillium #1 - Chapter 1: 3797 - The Scientist; Chapter 1.2: 1917 - The Soldier Review


Put your space helmet on and get your machete. It's time for the last love story ever told.

The Good

TRILLIUM, on title alone, sounds like a work of hard science-fiction; cold, clean, robotic. In actuality, like the eponymous flower, it's delicate, intricate, and rich with mystery -- though there are certainly elements of sci-fi to be found. Jeff Lemire has composed a beautiful adventure, bookended by two different points in space and time, and assuredly poignant at their intersection.

It's "the last love story ever told," and while those lovers have only just had their meet-cute (if having a disoriented encounter with a stranger in fugue state counts as a meet-cute!), the tone has been set for a layered story of two incredibly different paths that cross in uncanny ways. It's far too soon to tell if TRILLIUM is a tragedy or a triumphany story, but it's undoubtedly interesting.

The shift in perspective from Nika in 3797 to William in 1921 is fascinating; on the surface, they're wholly different stories, from different times, and even different ends of the universe, but they're also the same story. Nika is among the last of the human species, in a strange new land, on the run from a plague. William is the last of his battalion, in a strange new land, on the run from his haunting memories of the war. Both are in foreign environments, drawn to the trillium flower because it represents life and healing, and both reject the warnings of a guide in their quest for it (they both seem to have a bit of an authority problem bubbling under the surface), and the convergence is breathtaking.

The Bad

I found this issue to be thoroughly engaging and enjoyable, and have no comment in this category.

The Verdict

Jeff Lemire has distilled the art of crafting compelling first issues down to a science, and TRILLIUM is no exception -- layered characters on the verge of making interesting choices, a looming threat with meaningful consequences, a solution that seems too easy to be true (so we know it isn't!), and heaps of mystery. His sweeping, watercolor-tinged illustrations add to the otherworldly, adventurous feel of the book, and it's captivating from the start.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

2 5 stars Lemire books :)

Posted by MissJ
Posted by longbowhunter

This was everything I was hoping for. Since it was first announced I've been hungry for this book. It's adventure, mystery and sci-fi all through the filter of Jeff Lemire. I'm so ready for the next issue.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

oh yea

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

You had my attention at sci-fi and locked me in with Jeff Lemire.

Posted by Dabee

Does anyone know if there's one side that has to/should be read first? I would hate to spoil anything.

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@missj said:

@madeinbangladesh: He's ROCKING it right now.

He's coming to do a signing at my shop soon. SUPER excited about it.

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Posted by hufnagel0

@dabee: You can read them in either order. I preferred starting with the soldier story since it feels more familiar and then get pulled into the created world for the second half.

Liked the issue a lot, would definitely recommend picking it up. It was a bit wordy in the scientist chapter (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), it just felt like a lot of Nika's conversation with the commander was repeated during her monologue. Still dig it a lot.

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Posted by K3vinkha0S

I found it very haunting yet beautiful. I didn't pick any side in particular, I just started reading and it ended up being the Sci-fi space story first. Worked out great I thought. I have a feeling this might end up being in a lot of Best Issue of the Year categories.

Posted by BR_Havoc

Is this a book I should go out and get now or wait to read it in one sitting in a trade?

Posted by lifeboy

@br_havoc: I'm going for the trade. It sounds like a timeless classic that I will want to keep in (hopefully) hardcover. I didn't answer your question but just some feedback for you.

Posted by nappystr8

I thought the story itself was well written but somewhat cliche. I would have given that a 3.5 or 4 stars. But my overall rating is a 4.5 because of the innovative flipbook format where there is still suspense regardless of which story you read first, and because it gave me a code to crack. And when you translate the alien language I think the payoff is better than that which was occurring in Hickman's Avengers.

The alien's words: We know who you are. We have been waiting for you. You are the daughter. You are the one who will undo all. You are the great destroyer. It is time once again to begin the unraveling of worlds. You must eat before you enter the mouth of god. Eat. Now it is your turn.

Posted by Al_capOWN

Is this a short series or ongoing?

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@dabee said:

Does anyone know if there's one side that has to/should be read first? I would hate to spoil anything.

Technically the scientist's story is the first one. As they call it chapter one, while the soldier's story is Chapter 1.2. But I read the soldier's story first and did not feel like it ruined my experience in any way. It's nice to have the freedom to choose where to start.
@br_havoc said:

Is this a book I should go out and get now or wait to read it in one sitting in a trade?

I think this first issue of Trillium at least, because of it's unique format, works best as a single issue. But I'm sure it would work well in trade too.

Posted by Rorie

Hmm I'll wait for the black Trillium so I can smith them into Trillium bars. Those sell for more on the AH.

Posted by ghostcopy

@nappystr8: I had fun working it out as well but you forgot one bit

you are the voice of the mouth. you are the tongue.

hope there is more

Posted by manwithoutshame

I love Lemire's art!

Posted by MissJ

@al_capown: 8-issue limited. It'll be collected in trade, if you've got the patience to wait.

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Posted by scouts1998

can't decide if i should buy it in single issues or trade

Posted by nappystr8

@ghostcopy: Oh no! How'd I miss those. Thanks for letting me know.

Posted by DonFelipe

Where can I get this Trillium-A flower? I want some!

This is such a brilliant story and wonderful piece of art. Kudos to Lemire!

Posted by derf_jenkins

I'm guessing 8 issues won't be enough for me.

Posted by Al_capOWN

Looks awesome, IDK if I should wait for the trade or not.

Posted by SmashBrawler

So good.

Posted by BR_Havoc

@lifeboy: Actually I think I will end up waiting for the trade, Like I did with Punk Rock Jesus. This seems like a series that I would want to read in one sitting and not have to wait issue to issue.

Posted by SavageDragon

This was a great first issue. 5 stars for sure!

Posted by Perfect 10

wow once again i am in the minority. i was underwhelmed by this book. only know about it because of comicbookgirl19. it was a decent story and i will be sticking to it but nothing groundbreaking, new or exciting. its mostly mystery so we (i) have no idea what's going on so no reason to jump up and be "oh that was so great. cant believe they are doing this". not crazy about the art either but i've gotten used to this style so...maybe a 3 star. ghosted, east of west, pandora. those are five star books: exciting, beautiful art, engaging stories, rich history, shocking moments when you go "did that just happen?"

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

@perfect_10: Ghosted I haven't read but it's Image so it's probably brilliant, East of West is definitely a 5-Star, but Pandora? Are you serious? Not even close. I mean, for starters, the entire plot hinges on the absolute STUPIDEST group of Gods who ever existed. They punished Pandora for something she had no way of knowing she was doing? I mean, why the hell was the box in the middle of nowhere in the first place? NOBODY was there to say "don't open the box", LITERALLY ANY HUMAN BEING EVER WOULD HAVE OPENED THAT BOX IF THEY HAD FOUND IT UNDER THOSE CONDITIONS. And yet she's considered by the gods to be one of the three greatest sinners of existence? Did these Gods have tapioca brains inside lead thick skulls?

And don't even get me started on Pandora just deciding that Vandal Savage is the one villain in the world who has no good left in him, the fact that he wasn't was obvious from the moment she thought of the idea.