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Trees #1 Review


Warren Ellis and Jason Howard give us a different kind of alien invasion story.

The Good

TREES was another comic that sort of snuck up on me. When I saw Warren Ellis had a sci-fi comic at Image, that was all I needed to know to check it out. It’s a comic about an alien invasion and the aftermath. But it’s not quite what you’d expect it to be.

Let me ask you, when you hear “alien invasion story,” what immediately comes to mind? Most likely you’re saying or thinking spaceships, big explosions, and possibly a group of human resistance. With TREES, you don’t get that. That’s part of what keeps you hooked to the story.

Taking place ten years after the arrival of an alien species, no one is quite sure what their intentions are. Because of their nature and lack of immediate attention to the people of Earth, there’s really no telling what will happen. This story takes a different angle and goes deeper than an average alien story. Getting to see how people have reacted and what their thinking is of the presence is pretty fascinating.

With a lack of immediate “big sci-fi action,” Jason Howard has the task of moving the story along and showing us everything this world is experiencing. Ellis’ story takes to different parts of the world and we see a variety of different people. Howard mixes up the perspective occasionally and you really take note of the art and colors throughout the story. The detail in the background adds to the feeling of creating a new comic book world.

The Bad

There is a big question as you read the story. It’s similar to the question the people of this Earth must have. As a first issue, it’s a little difficult to figure out where the story is going to go. There doesn’t seem to be a clear hook or direction besides the fact that this alien species has taken residence on Earth without interacting with the people. But that is part of what makes this an intriguing read.

The Verdict

TREES definitely falls into the “and now for something different” category. Warren Ellis delivers a strange alien invasion story that catches you off guard. It’s hard to tell what this story will be about or where it’s going to go but that’s the charm of the book. It allows you to relate to the characters as they are left wondering as well. Jason Howard’s nicely creates this new world and gives loads of detail that really fleshes everything out. I may not know where this story is going to go but I’m definitely hooked.

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Posted by MadeinBangladesh

I would give it 3 stars. Interesting concept but didn't grab me yet. I hope issue 2 is good.

Posted by manlybanister
Posted by Nahuel

I think the premise is interesting, but I'll have to wait for the Trade. Can't add another book unless I start dropping my Valiant stash.

Posted by ganthet2814

Ellis is an interesting writer. I have read a good bit of his work and found it very good. He is sometimes hit or miss but that depends on the subject matter. I always check out his books when they hit. His novels are a good read as well. All in all I like Trees. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Posted by GreenKingdom

Interesting but no doubt intentionally vague setup, I'm curious to see where this goes as well!

Posted by MadeinBangladesh
Edited by Owie

I agree with some of the other comments...interesting set up, could definitely have potential, but it didn't fully deliver yet. I will definitely be checking out the next issue to see where it goes though.

Posted by rac_shade

I thought the premise & the art were both top notch, it's gone on my pull list where it will stay.

Posted by _Marc_74

yea unsure on this one

Posted by iaconpoint

I liked it. I'll give it a few issues before adding it to my list but the concept is pretty cool.

Posted by E1000

Loved this comics. Nothing quite makes sense and that's nice !!