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Translucid #1 - Wild Horses Review


Heroes? Villains? Forget what you know, you're about to go on a colorful trip into the philosophical.

The Good

I'll admit it: I was drawn in by the cover for this one. There's something so compelling about the neons, the negative-space chess knight, the mysterious looming figure. The yellows and pinks remind me of FBP, and even if the preview hadn't looked totally weird (in a good way), I probably would've picked it up.

The good news: I'm not regretting my insta-grab for the bold, bright cover. TRANSLUCID kicked off with an incredibly well-executed first issue, and I'm definitely invested in the story. It's thoughtful, it's philosophical (I especially enjoy the breakdown of the hero-villain relationship and its inherent symbiosis), and it's visually stimulating. Neons aside (though the interior palettes are striking!), I've been flipping through this book and admiring clever panel angles, well-chosen breaks, and bold, designed SFX.

There's a really wonderful build; Chondra Echert and Claudio Sanchez throw some interesting twists at just the right times (even the ones you see coming don't happen quite the way you might expect), and the pacing is just right for amping up the "interesting" factor. And on the page? Wicked. Daniel Bayliss knocks it out with striking character designs, fluorescent cityscapes, and a mighty fine hallucinogenic trip.

The Bad

There's a framing device that I haven't really warmed to yet; it's cute (and adds an extra layer to the A-plot if you really think about how it connects), but I'm jarred out of my focus on the current entanglement of The Horse and The Navigator -- and their story is really cool.

The Verdict

I'm still trying to process TRANSLUCID -- in a good way. It's giving me a great deal to think about vis-a-vis how heroes and villains engage with each other in our beloved sequential medium, and the spotlight on "the neverending battle" makes for a brilliant discussion topic (make your friends read this book!) and a dramatic tango of a script. Vibrant colors and dynamic panels make for a visually-enticing book, and I'm already caught up in the chess match between The Horse and The Navigator.

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Posted by LyraFay

Sounds good and trippy!!

Posted by AllStarSuperman

nice review, I may try this out.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Hmm interesting, I may have to give this a look

Posted by Akindoodle

*Saved to Comixology wishlist.

And I just have to say that Jen, you are the maddest and most daring member of the Comicvine crew. You definitely seem to be the most willing and likely to pick something random off a shelf and find us something completely new and unexpected. Cheers.

Posted by MissJ
Posted by AirmanV

The guys at my comic book store know that I'm always interested in different/weird stories. I walked into the store to pick-up my pull prepared to ask if they had Translucid and it was already on my stack of comics lol after reading it I gotta say it was pretty damn awesome. Boom! has been releasing some great books lately. Translucid is one of the few books that has had me thinking about it days after reading it and I can't wait for the next issue!

Posted by loudlikepat

Awesome review! If any of you guys (or gals) have little information on Claudio (the writer) he is the lead singer of the greatest band on earth. Coheed and Cambria. All of their albums follow an amazing syfy adventure also made into a comic called The Amory Wars (which is also in the infant stages of being brought to the big screen). He also has a few other amazing comics written as well, The Key of Z and KillAudio. Sorry if I'm gushing about this dude, but seriously the guy is incredible! Take a listen to some Coheed if you haven't. Seriously the best band to come out in forever. They have seven albums out now and all of them are mind blowing. Gush over. Have a wonderful day, and seriously...GREAT review!!!