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Threshold #3 - Blue Funk; Awkward Alliances Review


Jediah Caul is looking to get a hold of his lantern.

The Good

Jediah Caul and Blue Beetle go at it! Jediah and Stealth escape and Captain K'Rot and crew try to find Jediah's lantern. Blue Beetle struggles with why he's on the planet. In the back-up story, Lafleeze loses it and throws down.

Although artist Tom Raney only worked on the first ten pages of the book, they look amazing. There is this fantastic looking "almost" splash page. Aside from the overall character look, the look of sadness on his face is beautiful. It sums up the entire scene and Jaime's feelings all in one emotionally impacting page. It's sad and brilliant all at the same time.

Artwise, you really have to give it up to colorist Andrew Dalhouse on this issue, who really keeps the entirety of the comic somewhat consistent, even though there were two different artists on it. His color work is ridiculously good here. He's great with light and depth and the color work on the second page is phenomenal. The industry needs more colorists like this.

Blue Beetle fits into this series so well. I love seeing Jaime in this world. He's becoming a bigger part of this book and between Jaime and Jediah Caul, you have two very strong lead characters in this series. Jaime is still trying to figure out how he got onto the planet. He doesn't know who to trust or why his suit went all "kill mode."

I've finally got my fingers on the pulse of the book. I think after this third issue, I have a much better understanding of it and how it works. It's a heavy ensemble book. There's lots of characters jam packed here and they all have their individual stories. Writer Keith Giffen does a fine job at handling all these characters and making them all individually interesting while adding to their overall stories.

While the back-up issue was solid, I felt that Scott Kolins work was the real stand-out. I've really been enjoying his tweaked style on these back ups and his art comes off as a bit more cartoony, with the help of colorist John Kalisz. It's a great style that fits the tone of Giffen's writing here.

The Bad

Something that always bugs me about comics is when an issue has an artist change, halfway through, on the same story (Scott Kolins doing back-ups doesn't count). Tom Raney was the artist on pages 1-10 and Phil Winslade finished with 11-20. Winslade is not a bad artist by any means; however, his art does not look as great as Raney's. He's bland by comparison.

The Verdict

This issue was a borderline 4, but it's Dalhouse's colors that pushed it up. This is one of my Top of the Pile books for last month, and while I really enjoy this issue in particular, it was a tad slow and I really didn't like the artist switch halfway through the issue. I love how Blue Beetle is being incorporated here, and I feel like finally someone is utilizing this character in a new and exciting way. Giffen is doing an awesome job with this series.

Overall, I recommend this issue.

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Posted by The Stegman

I read the first two issues, and while they were good...nothing wowed me enough to add it to my pull, I'm already at 32 titles, at this point, a comic has to be really, really good to make it to my strained pull list.

Posted by lifeboy

That is one ugly mangey rabbit on the cover. This is on my pull list though.

Posted by frandj

What made me instrested from 1st issue is that the book is about blue beatle versus (another) green lantern by giffen himself. But the book has to many conversation. The 2nd the 1st time K,rot, piggy, and cat show up. I were surprised to see captain carrot incarnation change from superman wannabe into criple jerk rabbit bounty hunter (to think more about it somehow he look like han solo right now)...which i think good. This issue is no different... But somehow the surprise element isn,t as no. 2

Posted by jsphsmth

Aside from the amazing Stealth fight scene in issue two, the series isn't doing anything for me. I have to drop it, but considering how it is selling, it won't last long.

Posted by hammers_of_justice

This is only on my pull list because of the Larfleeze back-up story, I read this issue late last night and enjoy it, It's getting better.

Posted by Lonestar9

I'm glad it's getting better. Wasn't too crazy for issue 1, and # 2 in on my to read list. May get #3 now.

Posted by DonFelipe

Threshold has great potential but especially The Hunted is lacking direction somehow - I don't like this kind of story telling at all. Too many characters have been added too quickly and now there's half a dozen of supposedly main characters who appear in a few pages each and everything feels quite disconnected at this point.

The only reason I'm still picking this up is the back-up story. Larfleeze & Stargrave remind me a lot of Futurama's Zapp Brannigan & Kif Kroker - both combos are hysterically funny and quite entertaining.

The Hunted needs to pick up pace quickly otherwise I'm with this series won't last long.

Posted by Raw_Material

The cover is incredible!

Edited by Rich711

I like this book A LOT. I really hope it doesnt get dropped like so many other non-JLA related DC books have lately.