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The Wicked + The Divine #1 Review


Live fast. Die pretty. Make art.

The Good

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE is fascinating. Just plain fascinating. It's smart, it's opinionated, it's inhabiting a world just outside the reaches of our own, and after one issue, it already feels incredibly rich with history. The team behind PHONOGRAM takes another pass at pop music-infused comics, but this time places divinity square in the hands of the artists.

There's an easy comparison to American Gods, but THE WICKED + THE DIVINE feels like it's occupying a different space; one that's more glittery and ephemeral -- like pop music. I'm excited for peeks at past Recurrences, and am curious how differently the gods will manifest in other times (the glimpse of the '20s was excellent but brief, and left so many questions!).

I had to re-read this issue and check that it wasn't oversized; I feel like I learned so much about this world in just the first twenty-odd pages that it couldn't have all fit. This is exposition and world-building done right. We get the basic gist of how the Recurrence works, see the gods doing their magic, catch glimpses of the world they interact with and the public opinion of the gods, and set up for a violent, scandal-laced conflict.

The Bad

Nothing to see here. I'm swooning over this book.

The Verdict

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE drops us into a glamorous and exciting world populated with gods and everything that goes with them -- their fans, their skeptics, their supporters, and their enemies. It's an immersive world with plenty of hooks, and the story is incredibly smart. Pull list material, for sure.

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Posted by The Stegman

Freaky, I was JUST reading this book's description on Comixology.

I swear, Image cannot make a bad series.

Posted by ArchiZoom

One of them looked like Rihanna and Amaterasu was Florence Welch.

Edited by RaggedScarecrow

Flat out best thing I bought this week.

Posted by longbowhunter

Initially I was going to skip this. Pop music and celebrity status are buzz words that make my skin crawl. But it was a light week and I'm not going to miss checking out a new Image book. Needless to say I was glad I picked this up. This is a really interesting world Gillen has set up and the issue has a pretty extreme cliffhanger.

Posted by judasnixon

You know Kieron and McKelvie pitched Marvel a Dazzler series..... I can't help thinking how awesome that series would have been.

Edited by ZbvmX

I love love LOVE this cover! It's a callback to Pantokrator, an image of Christ depicting both his mortal and divine qualities side-by-side.

Posted by longbowhunter
Posted by LyraFay

I like how one of the character is called Laura which is mine name! Sorry really lame reason!

Edited by The Mast

To be fair, it's not Image making these books. It's Image having the good sight to give great creators free reign to do anything.

They deserve credit for the platform existing, but not the performances that occur on it. Anyway, amazing first issue.

Posted by Maddpanda531

One of my most anticipated books of recent times and it certainly did not disappoint.

Posted by orangedrink888

Loved the first issue! Bought the Luci cover read it, and then went back to my local comic book store to get the other cover. Loving Jamie McKelvie's art. He just gets better and better.

Posted by mak13131313

I'm definitely not disappointed I added this to my pull list. Great first issue!