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The Wake #6 - Part Six Review


The second act of THE WAKE begins here and chances are you won't be prepared for what happens.

The Good

Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy have been telling a pretty fascinating story. We were introduced to several characters and as the threat from the depth of the sea revealed themselves, it appeared there was no telling who would live or die. As last issue ended on a pretty big cliffhanger, we were teased with this issue jumping forward two hundred years later.

Throughout the first five issues, we've seen glimpses from the far into the past as well as this future time period. What we don't fully know is how they'll all fit together. In this future time period, we get to fully meet Leeward, the woman seen at the beginning of the series. The Mer-creatures still exist and the result of their action has caused the sea levels to rise around the world. Even though this is still tied to the original story in the series, we're being introduced to a whole new set of characters, situations, and world. As you try to put it all together, you'll be hanging onto every bit of dialogue Snyder has written. There's a completely different set of rules in this time period. As the action begins to escalate, Snyder throws another crazy twist in our face.

Sean Murphy's art is a joy to see. He's created a completely different-looking world that is a result of the creature's actions. Seeing everything makes you want to see more of this world. Matt Hollingsworth's colors makes Murphy's art even more beautiful.

The Bad

There were some moments when there was text meant to tell us the location and other information. The white lettering was hard to make out against the lightly colored backgrounds.

The Verdict

What the heck is going on? Scott Snyder is giving us a crazy story that will completely suck you in. We were left with a big cliffhanger last issue only to find the events of the story jump forward 200 years. As we see the far off aftermath of the attack from the sea creatures, we are introduced to a new world that still has a huge threat hanging over everyone. Sean Murphy's art and Matt Hollingsworth's colors makes a great story even greater. It's not often we get an intriguing story accompanied by such beautiful art. THE WAKE is the whole package. With the way Snyder keeps shaking things up, there's really no telling where the story is going to go.

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Posted by TheFirstLantern

I have every issue except for 3. I don't know if I should read or not?

Posted by WonderWoman87

Just finished this issue, and it did not disappoint ! This new world seems so cool, I wish they could make it on on-going.

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Posted by Hawkguy

I always try and wait for a mini-series to be completed until I read it, but I just cannot resist with The Wake. I will follow my ritual and read it all in one or two sittings once its all finished however.

Posted by Fenderxx

God ... Sean Murphy art all day !!

Edited by darknightspideyfanboy

holy crap that ending i was like how?

Edited by judasnixon

Cover of the week!

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Edited by SavageDragon

I'm glad its back, issue 5 was so heartbreaking and the ending of this? Whaaaatt?

Also how did the editor let them print that white lettering against yellow backgrounds ahh my eyes.

Still awesome book, need to read this issue again.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Edited by jjdajetplane223

I'd love to see an animated movie adapted from THE WAKE!

Posted by viin

So glad a new issue has finally arrived. Im so tired of the 2 month wait. Hopefully they get these last 4 issues out by month. I really enjoyed the dark and edgy feel of the first 5 issues and this issue was bright, open, and full of information. Im still very interested to see where this story leads and Im already fearing the last issue. I want this series to continue.

Posted by tuckboarder

@fenderxx: Amen to that man his art is some of the best in the industry

Posted by scouts1998
Posted by mak13131313
Posted by kivatt

@scouts1998: Seriously, should I wait to pick up The Wake as a collection or buy it 1-6 and read it monthly?

Posted by _Marc_74

buy it now

just read and was great and the strange cliff hanger. had to remind myself if that was from before

very cool

Posted by KillingJoke3230

What a breath of fresh air for comics.The story reads so smooth , and the artwork is impeccable. Not being a huge fan of sci-fi , I was curious going into the second half. Bravo ! Shame on you if your not reading this book.

Posted by AWeekInGeekdom

The Wake has been fantastic since day one! Talk about cliffhangers =/ ! Can't wait to see what's next.