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The Uncanny X-Men #541 Review


The X-Men prepare to take on the unstoppable, Hammer-infused Juggernaut; however, is there something deeper on the horizon?

The X-Men continue to prepare for the inevitable clash with Juggernaut; however, not all is what it seems.

The Good

Like last issue, this storyline where the X-Men fight a hammer-powered Juggernaut just reeks of "old school." The way Cyclops plans ahead and forms his teams based on the Juggernaut's past actions and what they know of him currently is great, and is a great way of showing his leadership skills. You get to see a lot of the team's heavy-hitters in action while seeing the team as a whole plans to deal with the practicality of fighting the Juggernaut.

I like the storyline with the mayor of San Francisco, and how they "bring her into the psychic boardroom." It really gives the reader an "in" while keeping it plausible to the storyline.

The issue's twist really underscores how dangerous this threat is; I like it, a lot.

The Bad

Not much, to be honest; things are a little formulaic, but it doesn't detract from the quality of the overall issue too much. 95% of the dialog is coming from Scott Summers or Emma Frost, and compared to the interesting scenarios put forth in last month's Thunderbolts and Uncanny X-Men, this issue lacks a little bit in comparison.

The Verdict

Well, I can't really say much besides this issue is a set-up for a potential deeper problem that will be explored in issues to come. As much as I don't like "set up" issues where little to nothing happens, they're necessary. Gillen does a good job at making the Juggernaut threat seem serious, and that's just what it is.


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Posted by papad1992

Cool review! The cover is a bit busy... I'm not crazy about it!!
Posted by frozenedge

If Juggernaut was already unstoppable before he got the serpent hammer, how powerful is he now? If that's the team Summers is going with then he might need a few more heavy hitters than he currently has. Nice review also

Posted by JonesDeini

Glad to hear this issue's better than last weeks because that seriously was a drag. The previews I read for this looked pretty good and I like the way Scott was directing traffic. I look forward to reading this next week. 

Posted by Thunderscream

i didn't realize Dazzler's costume had a starbooty to compliment the starcrotch until i saw this cover.
also....why would Shadowcat be reaching into Juggie's head? she wouldn't be able to materialize her hand to scramble his brain lest she lose it...
and seriously, it looks like Land just wasn't in the mood to trace legs on anybody. he must be hanging out with Leifield.

Posted by coslopis

So is Shadowcat regular now???