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The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #12 - Hammerhead of the Family Review


The Shocker's bowling bag smells like buttcheeks. Also, the team actually accomplishes something.

The Good

Since day one, this absurd Marvel book has been one of the best reads at the company. It's completely unlike everything else at Marvel and it's hard to imagine a whole book about b-list Spider-Man villains working, but month after month, it proves everyone wrong.

What's really interesting about this particular issue is that this is the first time the team comes together and actually accomplishes something as they break into Chameleon and Sergei's place to get the Doctor Doom unmasked painting. Obviously, the team has some help from 12 other C through D-list villains to make this work, but what artist Steve Lieber, writer Nick Spencer, and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg leave the reader with is a chaotic scene featuring bodies flying.

What's great about the action sequences in this issue is that it's not actually about the action. It's about the characters reacting to these scenes and how they get through it. The particular scene in question is more about how Boomerang is going to get to the painting, not about bad guys beating up other bad guys.

If there's one thing this book does well, it's that it consistently makes me laugh. There are numerous moments in this issue that are laugh out loud funny, especially in the opening pages where Boomerang explains what happened to him when Chameleon supposedly took over his body. There is no other book on the shelf that not only constantly makes me laugh, but one that actually has an interesting story with great supporting characters.

Ron Wimberly's cover is awesome. It looks like the poster for a cheesy spy movie from the 60s. On top of that, readers are treated to Steve Lieber who has really defined this book through his art style. Along with the great color work from Rosenberg, this book, artistically is a huge win.

The Bad

There's little not to love about this book and this series. If you hate fun, you'll probably hate this book though.

The Verdict

SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN does an incredible job of doing everything right, month after month. It entertains the reader with a fun story, stays comedic without being zany, and artistically wows the reader. This was one of the funnier issues fans have seen in quite some time and it's nice to see this team actually accomplishing something instead of bumbling through it. This is a series you should be reading. Go out and pick up the trades and catch up, unless you hate fun. If you hate fun, then don't read this.

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Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

"If you hate fun then you'll hate this book" again that seems like a really insensitive way of saying that.

Posted by TobenRacicot
Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@tobenracicot: 1. I am calm, how did my comment convey excitement?

2. I don't have a beard, I tried to grow one once but it took too long and looked stupid.

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Posted by RowdyFromScrubs

We need get more people buying this book!

Edited by BeaconofStrength

Great issue. One of my favorite series.

Posted by DrellAssassin

@captainmarvel4ever: Oh please, get over yourself. Anyway this book was such a delight to read, I was really worried about it's future after it had delays and two filler issues but the team is back and have never been better. People really need to be supporting this awesome book.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever
Posted by CommanderShiro

One of my favorite reads each month. I'm sad that some people don't read it.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

I'm so happy to have another proper issue of this after the last two fillers. I like fun, no, I love fun. This series is brilliant. And, go Sparkler! Uh, Shocker!

Posted by DrellAssassin
Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@drellassassin: You never addressed that in the comment, and instead went on about how you thought that I thought the comic was bad or over rated.

Posted by longbowhunter

Shocker just grew a pair.

Posted by derf_jenkins

This is a book that I'll be able to look back at for years and remember as a little known gem. I think the title holds it down a little bit. I'm not sure how many issues this will wind up being, but I plan on staying around for the ride. This was another great issue. Please convince others to read this!

Edited by Paste_Pot_Pete

This issue was awesome, and this series is one of the best.

Posted by Fenderxx

With the two filler issues I was worried there would be an annoucement of a new creative team, but I am soooo glad they are back and this issue was one of the best. I laughed out loud so much, my wife thought I was going mad. .... Marvel ... Never cancel this book !

Edited by Mezmero

I can say definitively that this is the greatest book about Boomerang of all time. This is one of if not the funniest ongoing series at the moment. It reminds me how Spider-Man would be nothing without all these absurd yet resourceful criminals that get jobbed out to him on a regular basis. I can't wait for more of this book!

Posted by Owie

Great to see the main team back, and the story was great. I loved how the heist mirrored the last one. I have to say Leiber's art wasn't quite as good as it normally is; I have really loved it generally, but the linework seemed a little more rushed and less precise than normal.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

I can never tell if Boomerang is a criminal mastermind or an absolute moron.

Edited by Yeison

Shocker!!!! :3 gracias a dios por este comic!!