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The Strain #102 - The Box Review


The virus is now out in the public, even though the CDC wants to continue the quarantine.

In episode two of The Strain, four of the survivors of the airline flight, which left almost everyone dead, begin to show some weird symptoms. The airline and government don't want to have a catastrophy on their hands, so they say the airline had a carbon monoxide leak, killing almost everyone on the plane. The quarantined survivors are noticing some rather strange symptoms being displayed after their release. While all this is happening, Dr Goodweather deals with sobriety and trying to get joint custody of his son.

The first episode was an incredible set-up for the series. It moved incredibly well, and those lucky enough to tape it could fast forward through the commercials, so they wouldn't lose the eerie tone the series sets up. When it comes to episode two, "The Box," it moves much slower to almost a crawl. That's about the biggest disappointment though.

While the focus of this episode is trying to contain this viral outbreak, which creates vampires, one of the cooler scenes within this episode is Dr Goodweather talking to his boss about keeping the survivors quarantined. The back and forth battle goes no where for Goodweather and the viewer will really start to feel the frustration because we all know what's coming down the pipeline, especially if you're reading the comic. It's moments like this, mixed with the horror that create this full piece that isn't just another outbreak or vampire show. It's a much more complex show that brilliantly mixes genres.

There are some changes, as Tony mentioned in last week's recap, from the comic to the television series. A moment in the comic that stands out, which we don't see here, is when the rock star Boliver gets back to his rock star life and has a moment, during the same orgy we see in the show, where he finds his crotch rotting away and black. Obviously, they don't show that in the show, but the scene of Boliver realizing something is wrong with him is highlighted by showing his attraction to blood more than anything else. It's a very cool scene and it makes its point without getting too grotesque.

The ending of this episode was really the highlight though. Isabelle is the little girl from the first episode that comes back to her father at the end of the last episode. She looks incredibly creepy. Her skin is white and gray and without a doubt, she looks dead, but her father is so relieved to see her that he ignores it. The scene, with her in the bathtub, looking forward, without moving, and what happens next really brings the horror element onto television and is a great way to hook in viewers for the next episode.

"The Box" is a good follow-up episode that isn't as good as the first but still keeps the viewer engaged. There are some minor changes between the comic and the television show, but overall, The Strain mixes genres incredibly well and provides an awesome experience. The show is still building and the characters are still being developed, so it's understandable that the build will be a bit slower than the opening to the series, but overall, The Strain is a seriously thrilling and creepy show. The Strain televises on Sundays at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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Posted by NightFang

I only catch the end of this episode

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

really liking the show so far. The acting and lot of the stuff is still cheesy and cliche, but i'm enjoying the story.

Posted by The Stegman

I couldn't make it past the first episode, the writing was so bad..I'll try again..eventually.

Posted by micah
Posted by mightyrearranger

Dat ending... O.O

Posted by The Stegman

@micah: ugh, didn't care for it.

"Never knew how big planes are, like buildings with wings"


Posted by micah

@the_stegman: haha, I know right. But so far the shows been great, let's hope it can keep that momentum.

Posted by Freddy_17

That little girl is creepy as shit!!

Posted by NewComicGuy

I think it's been pretty well done. I have no knowledge of the comic but the show has been entertaining so far.

Edited by Schmidty816

Loving the show so far. A lot of people complaining about the writing and dialogue but I have honestly had zero issues with so far. May just be me. To each their own.

Really looking forward to more.

Posted by Surza7

@micah: yea really enjoying the story so far.Some of the scenes are hit and miss but at the end dang it is pretty good.Glad I decided to give this show a chance!

Posted by longbowhunter

I'm digging it. My girlfriend ain't so hot on it.

Posted by Fallschirmjager

This show is awesome.

Posted by sashawhite

Absolutely agree with you! It is awesome=)

Edited by RogueShadow

Yes, it's pulpy and the dialogue is bad at times, but:

This show is awesome.

I just wish we could've seen more Setrakian and less of Eph's family drama, I couldn't give a crap about it at the moment, hopefully it will pay off somehow later, maybe Matt will die a horrible death.

I hope they don't waste Jonathan Hyde, he's a good actor.

Posted by Fallschirmjager

@rogueshadow: I haven't even watched the 2nd episode yet. Sunday night is a crazy night for me, I have like 8 shows. I can't watch them all in one morning before I have to go to sleep lol.

But the pilot was sweet.

Posted by RobotinDisguise

I couldn't make it past the first episode, the writing was so bad..I'll try again..eventually.

Same here.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

i dig the bio stuff. really nice, I've never read the comic/heard of it either.