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The Spider #1 Review


The classic pulp character makes his return to comics in this gritty, contemporary book.

The Good

I'm not a pulp comic reader. I never really have been. I don't know these characters, but with The Spider #1, I'm glad I'm diving right in. This book is gritty. If I have to compare it to anything else, it's a dash of Watchman's Rorschach, Punisher, and a solid noir crime story.

Richard Wentworth is a war hero and son of a wealthy man. He is a lawyer and close friends with New York's police commissioner. A new breed of villain has been popping up in the city. One that closely resembles the super-villains we're all familiar with, and The Spider puts them all down, for good.

What I like most about this character (The Spider) is that he kills. I know it's a bit harsh to say that, but how many people, in the future, would die if the Spider didn't kill off some of the more notorious criminals mentioned in this issue? It's a nice twist on an old favorite.

The first few pages of this book blew me away. The introduction to The Spider is unbelievably amazing. We get a full understand of who he is and what he does within a few panels. On top of that, the panel layout is wonderful, as the webs of the Spider invade the page as he takes down his criminals. This is a truly fabulous introduction to this character.

Writer David Liss does a great job of not only introducing us to a pulp character, but also making this book new reader friendly. I've never read anything with the Spider in it before, but this book made me feel incredibly welcome.

I was flip-flopping on the art, until I got to the end of the issue. At the beginning, I couldn't tell if the panels were pictures that were simply painted over, or just very well done proportions on the characters. By the end, I was in love with the art by Colton Worley. It fits the tone of the book so well, and oddly enough, it became my favorite art of the week.

The Bad

I had no issues with this issue... get it?

The Verdict

I was blown away. I had no expectations for this book, and I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but all-in-all, I loved The Spider. This book has a great story and a great character, and I loved the gritty noir tone this book has. I cannot wait to read future issues. David Liss does a great job at keeping this book new reader friendly, and Colton Worley's art was fantastic for this book. Liss and Worley are a great team.

Overall, I highly recommend The Spider, I was very surprised with how good this book was, and you will be too!

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

funking awesome 

Posted by THEBATFoE

Heh I'm not an idiot but c'mon this would've been an awesom SPIDERMAN:SHATTERED DIMENSIONS character.

Posted by chroinkero

This was amazing! I just picked it up because it was a #1 and it turned out to be great!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@THEBATFoE said:

Heh I'm not an idiot but c'mon this would've been an awesom SPIDERMAN:SHATTERED DIMENSIONS character.

Edited by BlackArmor

Bought this because of your recommendation, hope it's good

Edit: Damn that was good

Posted by HeroMuseum

Also picking this up based solely on your review, sounds too good to miss.

Posted by doordoor123

@spiderbat87 said:

@THEBATFoE said:

Heh I'm not an idiot but c'mon this would've been an awesom SPIDERMAN:SHATTERED DIMENSIONS character.


*Sigh* of course it starts with "I'm not an idiot but"

Posted by wesleyh

the main reason i picked up this issue was because at my local comic book shop the artist, who did a fabulous job, was there. while i was getting it signed he joked about signing it to ebay. he told me i may not like it because it takes place in modern day but i have to say it is a good read and worth picking up. and shame on you person who brought up spider man shattered dimensions

Posted by JonesDeini

Glad to see this books so well received I highly enjoyed his work at Marvel. I especially loved his Mystery Men mini. Liss thrives when writing pulp characters.

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

That's it, i'm gonna go to my LCS and buy me this.... but his face reminds me of Tron for some reason, anyways, so excite hwaaaa

Posted by jsphsmth

Good to see Dynamite successfully reviving both The Shadow and The Spider. Love the old pulp characters.

Posted by Bobzenub

I really can't decide if I liked this or Garth Ennis' Shadow. Rock on Dynamite!

Posted by The Mast

This guy is partially why Spider-Man exists...unless I have the wrong version of The Spider.

Posted by THEBATFoE

@doordoor123: Well I'm not,I was just fucking kidding...jeesh...

Posted by Dernman

I agree I was expecting nothing from this book but U ended up liking it.

Posted by sharp3322

This book was awesome!

Posted by TyphonNotMe

Finally got my copy today. Stunning art and awesome character design.