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The Saviors #3 Review


Tomas and Nate make it down south just in time for Day of the Dead. With the aliens ready to attack, the emphasis may actually be placed on "dead."

The Good

James Robinson's alien invasion story continues. The great thing about this series is it's not exactly your typical "alien invasion" story. There is definitely a different and more organic feel going on. In the first couple issues, we were introduced to slacker Tomas, who lived in a small desert town. Finding out that aliens were hiding among them, he immediately found himself a target and on the run. Thankfully he ran into the mysterious Nate, who happened to know a little about what was going on.

Robinson mixes things up a little by having the duo travel south of the border. Here, we're introduced to others in the know. With a room full of characters, we often see forced conversations with little character development. Robinson pays close attention to each character. They each have their own voice and the random conversations do feel organic. As we hear from each character, it adds to creating a bigger feel for this comic book world. This is a contrast from the first couple issues and gives a nice variety to the series.

J. Bone's art is great. While the first couple issues were in black-and-white, we get a little more color here. It's not full on colored art but the highlights really adds making this part of the overall story different from the beginning.

The Bad

We're still learning what there is to this comic universe. There were a couple times when things felt a little too convenient. It felt too easy the way Nate was able to locate a group of others in their situation that had set up camp in Mexico. It could just be a matter of moving the story along but it felt like he knew exactly where to go when it seemed he hadn't necessarily been there before. There's also what happens at the end that felt like convenient timing for the sake of moving the story along.

The Verdict

It's always great seeing a creator do their own thing in a creator-owned series. James Robinson always has interesting ideas and getting to see his take on an alien invasion-type story has been fascinating. Seeing how he's changing the landscape for our main character (at least for the time being) gives plenty of variety to the story and makes it feel like we're looking at a bigger world. J. Bone's art is great and adds a nice feel to the overall atmosphere of the story. This is definitely a story you'll want to check out now to see what's going on. Robinson and Bone are creating something really cool and fun here.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Looooooved this issue. Lot's of character moments to offset all the action in the last two issues and I really love the orange wash they had over the black and white art that really helps with the warm tone.

Posted by G-Man

@jonny_anonymous: Yeah, loved the change. Really made it feel separate from the first two issues. I wonder if they'll continuing changing it as the locations change.

Posted by KrazyCrab

I did not expect what happened on the balcony

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@g_man: I hope so. It would be cool if they gave the Victorian issue a kinda gray/blueish wash so it looks wet and rainy.

Posted by Smoking_Gun

I really enjoyed this issue. It was very interesting to meet the members of the unknown resistance coalition, and that other people besides Nate and Tomas are in the know about this secret global threat. As for the idea that Nate was able to find the coalition too easy, in the brief conversation between Nate and Carl it is revealed that Nate is one of the more prominent people in the resistance movement and kept in the know about the movements of many groups within the resistance. I do have mixed feelings about how the issue ended, with one of the aliens crashing in and killing half of the group. It felt a bit cliche and left me wondering how the alien found them. but I am hoping that will be revealed in the following issues. I was most intrigued to learn about Tomas' special ability and his importance to the story. This twist will surely keep the story moving in an interesting direction.