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The Multiversity #1 - House of Heroes Review


Grant Morrison's journey through the DC Multiverse begins here. Be sure to fasten your seatbelt.

The Good

Get ready for a comic that's a little different. When it comes to comics by Grant Morrison, sometimes you have to expect the unexpected. THE MULTIVERSITY will be either totally unexpected or exactly what you thought it would be, since there's so much going on. This is Morrison being able to do what he wants and we're the ones that benefit from it.

There are different layers to the story here. Part of it gets a little meta as the idea that some of the different worlds are told in comics. As Morrison has mentioned, this is actually part of what the characters use as they go from world to world. The comics will give them information in the new worlds. They'll definitely need them.

The issue starts out with the return of a familiar face, Nix Uotan. When we have the last of the Monitors in an issue, it's time to sit up and take notice. The idea of getting to explore the other worlds in the DC Multiverse if fascinating. Calvin Ellis (President Superman), last fully seen in Morrison's ACTION COMICS #9, will play a big role. After he gets pulled in, things get even stranger as we meet other super-powered heroes from across the Multiverse. There's a nice big feel to the story by including these different characters. That's exactly what you would want in a story with this kind of scope and because we've been waiting for a little while.

To top things off, we have art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado with color by Nei Ruffino. It's a great way to kick off the MULTIVERSITY storyline by having this first bookend part look so good. We're talking forty pages of story here. It's definitely a blast getting seeing their art cover so many different worlds in the Multiverse.

The Bad

Obviously there may be some confusion during all of this. But even if you're not familiar with "President Superman" or any of the other characters, it doesn't matter since each character is quickly introduced to some extent. Knowing that this isn't a "New 52" comic will help give you the mindset you might need to dive into the story.

The Verdict

MULTIVERSITY is finally here and it's a trip and a half. Grant Morrison is just showing us the tip of the iceberg of the DC Multiverse. There's a big threat on the horizon and with so many different characters and worlds, there's no telling what might happen next. Ivan Reis and Joe Prado set the stage in a glorious way. This is a comic you won't want to miss. Morrison is setting up some big things here and it's going to be a fun and crazy ride.

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Posted by Boynerdgeek

Heard many good things about this book. The comics critics and comics fans said this might be the best Grant Morrison works. I can't wait to read this :)

Posted by johnny_blaze

There's a chance that Vibe can pop up right? I think he's trapped in The Multiverse due to his vibration powers. Others think so too!

Posted by micah

Can't wait to read it.

Edited by The Stegman

Grant Morrison is a mixed bag for me, sometimes he's great, sometimes he's just weird. But I'll give this first issue a try.


Nice, I'm definitely picking it up.

Posted by UltimateSMfan

"Who else wants to argue with cartoon physics?" Loved this book so much!! Oddly reminded me of the first crisis,which i also loved so that worked out. Plus i was surprised to see Harbinger,eager to learn her place in this story. Captain Carrot was a beast! Oh, i made a punny :D

Posted by bladewolf

I like Morrison's stuff, but I find it reads better in trade (so that's what I'll wait for). Still, good to hear the first issue is great!

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

This issue is amazing all around.

Posted by obsidian_raindrop1

Hey Tony can you tell me how Thunderer knew the monitor was in the egg?

Edited by fil123

is anyone else hoping that the pre52 wally west is stuck in some different time/dimensions because the way he is connected to the speed force? Don't know too much about all the flash jazz, but always loved wally in the JLA comics

Posted by Thor_Ul

Just read it.

My brain almost fizzled because of the awesomeness.

Posted by Squalleon

Liked the issue. I hate to admit it but I didn't really felt the whole "haunted issue" thing. When the ending came and the issue was like "What have you done" I didn't really felt bad :P.

But all in all this series has so much potential. The issues I am expecting the most from the ones I know are the Captain Marvel one, Pax Americana, The Nazi reichmen one and the Super-sons one.

Posted by Boynerdgeek

@fil123: we can only hope. The true billy batson captain marvel will show up in The Multiversity soon , so lets hope the real Wally West show up in multiversity :)

Edited by burningzeroX

Loved the ending of this issue. This could turn out to be really interesting. My only question is how and does this relate or tie into the "Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse" digital comic as as both Nix and Harbinger are in that story as well.

Posted by deathmedal

Crazy mind-bending issue. i loved it. could be a classic in the making. Also i can't believe how much i liked captain carrot lol

Posted by Nightwing_Grayson

loved this issue

Posted by HolySerpent
Edited by tensor

Have to get it.

Posted by The Stegman

Just read it...didn't like it, a little too "out there" for me.

Posted by Mucklefluga

That was an insane read.

Posted by obsidian_raindrop1

@burningzerox: @holyserpent: no the digital and new 52 are different worlds it's like injustice a comic for a VIDEO GAME that has no connection to the new 52.

Posted by Boynerdgeek

Just read Multiversity. It is awesome !!! Oh man it will be awesome to see Justice League vs The Retaliators. Just saying :)

Posted by entropy_aegis

Did anyone else laugh at the Doctor Doom analogue? he got more and more power till his head finally exploded LOL., this is why I love Morrison.

Posted by Jphu8414

Trippy....classic Grant Morrison writing, and I loved all of it

Edited by justice teen

I am guessing this will tie into the ending of forever evil. Hopefully Donna Troy will be making a grand debut in this series.

Posted by FoamBorn

Why are the Avengers here?

Posted by obsidian_raindrop1

@entropy_aegis: earth-8 It's marvel comics.


American crusader(guy dressed as a knight)- Captain america


lord havoc=dr doom

Franklin future= read Richards

the futures=the fantastic 4


the bug=the tick


machinehead=iron man

power eternal=power cosmic

omni gantlets=infinity gauntlets

lightning axe= thor's hammer

Posted by obsidian_raindrop1

hey can anyone tell me who the girl with wings and the girl with the mask were parodying fro the avengers.

Posted by MaccyD

@obsidian_raindrop1: Nice, Glad to know that Earth 8 is in it. Btw, wasn't Iron Man = Tin Man and Captain America =Americommando? Or did Morrison change it for New 52?

Posted by burningzeroX

@obsidian_raindrop1: For the most part that is true but there are rumors of the DCAU (DC Animated Universe) aka Batman Beyond 2.0 etc actually being one of the 52 Multiverses. If you read the Digital Infinite Crisis book it has a ton of similarities between the current NEW 52 and that book. The only character that is different from what we have seen in that so far is Zatanna as she is in her classic outfit instead of New 52, but she acts more like the New 52 Z.

Posted by kazekaine1

what do you mean not a new52 comic?

Posted by obsidian_raindrop1

@burningzerox: well we'll find out multiverstiy will have a guide book. But for right now batman beyond can't be the same batman beyond of the new 52 prime earth because jason todd is alive.

Posted by burningzeroX

@obsidian_raindrop1: Not saying that Batman Beyond from 2.0 is same as Batman Beyond of Future's End. I'm saying that Batman Beyond 2.0 (DCAU) is rumored to be one of the other New 52 Multiverse Earth's. Batman Beyond seen in Future's End is from Earth Prime's Timeline. Batman Beyone 2.0 (DCAU) could be Earth 49 for all we know.

Posted by Xwraith

I didn't pick this up today, but I'm thinking about changing that.

Posted by obsidian_raindrop1

@burningzerox: we will know when the guidebook is revealed half way through the series. While there is an earth like that it's not sure if they exist (but seeing how the kwtt thing is the radio shows then it does) but this all started because someone asked whether this tied into infinite crisis fight for the multiverse and the shrot answer is no unless you cont it being somewhere in the dc multiverse.

Posted by SmashBrawler

Did anyone else laugh at the Doctor Doom analogue? he got more and more power till his head finally exploded LOL., this is why I love Morrison.

Have you read the description for Earth 8 at DC's site? It's great.

@maccyd said:

Btw, wasn't Iron Man = Tin Man and Captain America =Americommando? Or did Morrison change it for New 52?

Yeah, he changed it.

Posted by obsidian_raindrop1

@maccyd: I don't know but there was a robot so I matched machinehead to that and american crusader to to the only other person who spoke for the major comics characters.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Can't wait to read this

Posted by Rubear

Was that Many-Angled Ones? And Dino-Cop is definetly Savage Dragon.

Posted by PlaysWithSquirrels

I'm really interested in this. I don't know if I should get the first issue or wait for the trade.

Edited by buttersdaman000

I can't wait to pick this up tonight! My CBS better not screw me on this one!! (They constantly forget to properly fill pull list)

Posted by Boynerdgeek

@playswithsquirrels: You should buy the first issue atleast. After read the first issue then you decide whether it is better buy the second issue or wait for the trade :) this is my suggestion

Edited by superior_prime_maybe

what do you mean this isnt a new52 story?

Edited by entropy_aegis

@smashbrawler: Link please,I cant see it on their page and I'm too lazy to search their site.

Posted by SmashBrawler
Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

I'm really glad that I read Final Crisis.

Posted by Rainja

Joe Prado and Ivan reis on a book sounds good. I wish Marvel would keep great artist such them on there premier books :(

Posted by Primebonnick

it was a nice read no lie.

Posted by HolySerpent

@the_stegman: I haven it read but your the first I heard who didn't like it.

Posted by entropy_aegis
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