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The Manhattan Projects #3 - The Bomb Review


Jonathan Hickman continues this clever and almost crazy-sounding set up where you don't know what's going to happen. As you read each issue, you'll find yourself pulled in deeper with a desire to learn more about the different historical characters.

The Good

With each issue of THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS, we're discovering more and more what role several historical intelligent individuals had to do with building the first atomic bomb along with several other insanely advanced objects. Despite being pure fiction, you can't help but secretly long for the possibility that this could have really happened. Everyone loves a good and clever conspiracy story and Jonathan Hickman is pouring ideas over us that are so crazy you can't help but observe them in awe.

The basis of this issue and the entire series is typical Hickman. By that I mean he does what he's best at, he comes up with big crazy ideas and makes them work so dang well. With characters like Dr. Oppenheimer, Albert Einstein and others mixed up in the action, it just brings a smile to your face as you see what Hickman will do with them next.

Of course Nick Pitarra's art is a spectacle to be seen. Along with Jordie Bellaire's colors, it sets up the perfect world that Hickman is creating for us. Each page unfolds the next moment in history and you'll find yourself staring at each page, taking in all the detail in the backgrounds.

The Bad

There is a lot being thrown at us. Past issues had some incredibly advanced ideas being discovered in this past world and the idea of the atomic bomb being the government's big secret weapon is absurd. Clearly that's the intention. With the creation of the bomb, what happens next? This is only the third issue but it almost felt as if the story took a big and rapid jump. Hickman clearly knows what he's doing and where the story is going but it feels as if it's rapidly approaching the end of the story.

The Verdict

THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS is a clever and exciting series with a hint of being whimsical as well. There's no telling what the brilliant historical figures will do next or what sort of advanced technological device we'll see next. The combination of Hickman using certain historical figures along with the others he's created mixed with Pitarra's incredible art makes this a great series to read each month. It feels like the series is quickly approaching the end but I want to see more with these characters. I want to see the other worlds and creations they seek out. There is so much more to be seen and Hickman amazes me month after month. Variety in comics is great and Hickman knows how to mix up his style and story telling with each project he works on. That's what makes reading comics fun, having so many great options. Image is continuing to deliver these great options to us month after month.

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Posted by CombatSpoon86

Reading this issue and F4.1 this wk has been a treat.

Edited by SavageDragon

Ive always liked Hickman but the art on this book doesn't do it for me. It seems too grimy and not smooth at all for this world of scientists and fantastic technology and machinery. Based on the art style I have to take this off my pull list. I liked the overall story in the first two issues but it doesn't hit with me because of the art. Still a good series though.

Posted by CircularLogic

Probably one of my favorite books out from image, behind Saga. I'm wondering how long it'll keep the done-in-one format it's been following, I know there's probably an over reaching story arc in development, but I could easily just coast on these for a while and be happy

Posted by CombatSpoon86

@SavageDragon: Sucks you dropped it bc of the art bc I know the artist personally. Pitarra style isn't for everyone. Out of all his work he's done, he was more enthusiastic about M.P. than his Red Wing book.

Posted by longbowhunter

"Relax Mr. President you're dead, so this wont hurt a bit"

Posted by NyxEquitis

On a side note, the cover art for this series is great. Minimalist, but very cool and effective for what it does.

Posted by Mucklefluga

@NyxEquitis said:

On a side note, the cover art for this series is great. Minimalist, but very cool and effective for what it does.

Agreed, it's very nice. Wish i picked up these 3 issues this review makes it sound great.

Posted by Batwipe

Again another inexplicable rating. Manhattan Projects is AMAZING. This issue is a 5 star issue.  
When something as mediocre as Winter Soldier gets five stars, when it really should have gotten 2, shows how damaged the taste of the reviewers of this site are.

Posted by Flop

Art is awesome and the story is getting better and better!

Posted by Thaxus

Was wondering why issue 2 front and inside cover displayed the double lightning bolt of the Nazi?

Posted by Royal_Octopus

@Thaxus: It's actually the SS symbol, which was a branch of the Nazis. That issue is all about this book's version of Wehrner Von Braun and how he got involved with the Manhattan Projects. Great series.