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Indestructible Hulk #4 - Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Part 4 Review


S.H.I.E.L.D. sends Hulk into the Pacific Ocean to take down Attuma.

The Good 

Mark Waid has discovered the formula for a great Hulk book. Each issue thus far has managed to deliver both brains and brawn without neglecting either key part of the character. Banner's relationship with S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to go down an interesting path and Hulk continues to... well, pummel stuff with those big ole Hulk hands of his.  
I've been wondering why they had him on a Helicarrier. I get they have a back-up plan in case he goes green, but there's still a huge risk involved there. Being trapped on that massive flying vessel with the Green Goliath isn't exactly an ideal scenario. Waid addresses that concern of mine and we see Banner has now set-up shop in a far less populated location: an atomic testing facility. Throwing a total of four assistants his way seems a bit excessive (I'd honestly have to double check what their full names are), but if their continued relationship is as amusing as this brief interaction, then I'm absolutely all  ears with this part of the narrative.  
Just like the previous issues, roughly half of this book will focus on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s need for Banner's unfriendly side. Dubbed the "undersea Gaddafi" in this issue, Attuma is slaughtering ship crews in the Pacific. This issue has the least amount of smashing in the series so far, but the art team (Leinil Francis Yu on pencils, Gerry Alanguilan on ink, and Sunny Gho on colors) makes up for that with some phenomenal work. Yu's sketchy and rough style is perfectly complimented with thick inking and vibrant coloring. Right on the first page, we're treated to a disturbingly beautiful panel of Banner when he was hit by the gamma bomb. The underwater scenes (and there are quite a few) are equally impressive. Additionally, I adore how the lettering Hulks out along with Banner. Small touches like that really help make the comic standout. 
Waid's doing an awesome job with the script -- it manages to consistently juggle a fun and humorous tone. Everything from Banner testing his new employees to miscommunication with Chinese agents had my full attention and was downright pleasant. He's added a layer of mystery with Banner's phone buddy and the conversations are a joy to read. 

The Bad 

Overall the art is commendable but there are quite a few panels that feel unfinished. Certain characters lack any detail or even facial features at times. It's not frequent, but it is noticeable.   
This series has had really frenetic action that's loaded with amazing looking motion blur and this action scene definitely pales in comparison. Sure, Hulk's underwater so that hinders his effectiveness, but it didn't feel as energetic  as it could have. Here's hoping that's rectified in the next issue. 

The Verdict 

Astonishing artwork and an ingenious script makes THE INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK a must read for anyone interested in the character. There's a few moments where the art feels incomplete, but that's vastly outweighed by the amount of panels that'll stun your eyes. The cliffhanger isn't all that compelling, but the quality of this book has me confident that whatever comes next will definitely be a good time. 
Posted by InnerVenom123

This issue was so great.

But I'm gonna be sad when Yu leaves. He's perfect for this book.

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

Hulk smashing in the Pacific? If crossovers with other media is allowed, I'd vote in a heartbeat for Big Green to jump continents into the Atlantic so as he could go bro-fist some Big Daddies in Rapture.

Edited by Raw_Material

Can't wait to pick up the issue. Love the work Mark Waid has done so far with THE INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK and believe he can depict great stories to add onto the Hulk mythos. However, is it true that Leinil Yu will most likely be leaving the title? Do you think he's being somewhat 'lazy' while trying to sketch out the panels or is it the colorist, Sunny Gho the one who's being careless in the artistic aspect of this book? Do you think he doesn't want to draw the character any further and is becoming more passive while sketching him out?

Posted by Grimoire

Will be reading this issue later this week.

Posted by jsphsmth

@InnerVenom123: I s Yu leaving or is this part of Marvel's patented artist rotation?

Posted by Oscars94

This series provides an excellent depiction of Hulk.

Posted by JamesKM716

My only problem with this book so far, is that it seems fairly formulaic.

Banner talks to _____ and then goes on a mission, turning into the Hulk and beating up ______

It was cool for the first few issues, but i hope Waid switches it up soon.

Posted by Jacobin_Wisdom

The series is starting to get VERY formalistic. I want a story arc where their a villain he has to battle, or an issue that takes a few issues to solves. Least with this issue he didn't defeat the baddy of the month in so few pages.

Other than that, great issue.

Posted by ANDRELO

A GREAT DEAL OF FUN , thanks Waid you're awesome

Posted by TheAcidSkull

@InnerVenom123 said:

This issue was so great.

But I'm gonna be sad when Yu leaves. He's perfect for this book.


though YU might come back, Simonson came only for the thor arc i think.

Posted by Raw_Material

Aqua Hulk