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The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #3 - For the Right Price Review


Why yes, Deathstroke IS available to be a personal bodyguard.

The Good

It's almost hard to keep up with the Green Team, because they're constantly on-the-move (New York! Miami! Monaco! The Batmobile!), but it's a fun ride, since they're also constantly in near-disastrous situations. I like seeing the team come together -- now that Mo is officially part of it, it feels like the book can move forward even faster, and his promise to Deathstroke is sure to set up a future challenge for the group (and Mo's father).

Riot is a formidable foe...or, foes. The damage-transfer technique that keeps individual members of the group strong and ready to fight is brilliant and difficult, and based on that last panel, we're in for a great reveal about who's behind those masks next month.

Speaking of masks, this month's cameo is nothing short of splendid. It's rare to see Deathstroke in a comedic cameo (though Art and Franco have done it before in TINY TITANS!), and it's an extra treat to see the comedy of his role as a hired gun for a bunch of kids balanced out with some serious discussions and Slade's signature ruthlessness and powerful hits. It's a bit like seeing Schwarzenegger in a funny movie, and a great, fun use of a character from elsewhere in the DCU.

The humor in this book is spot on, and just enough that it doesn't take away from the story itself. It's deliciously satirical when it needs to be (see Cecelia's paparazzi battle) and self-referential at times; of course "Green Team" is a cheesy name, so the team might as well get to poke a bit of fun at themselves.

The Bad

The text-speak feels authentic to the characters, by it's difficult to look at if you're over the age of...whatever age it is that doesn't use punctuation or vowels correctly. I'm secretly hoping that the kids will decide it's trendy to start texting full sentences.

The Verdict

GREEN TEAM continues to bring heavy-duty action balanced with strong character development and light humor. It's a tough sell for new readers since the main cast isn't your typical DCU fare -- which is a shame, since the creative team is splendid at making these kids interesting -- but cameos by Deathstroke & co. might help keep the title rolling in green. I'm still curious about that robot arm, and still loving all of the fantastic excess...and I want to know what kind of favors a man like Deathstroke asks for!

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Posted by Krissyjump

I'm absolutely loving The Green Team so far. It's got something that most of the other New 52 titles are The book is just pure fun and even though I was initially hesitant about the concept it's become one of the titles I look forward to most each month.

Edited by Evilmime13

But, besides that, having never read this comic before, it sounds interesting. I would have liked to hear a little more about the plot, but Deathstrokes in it, so thats a bonus. Can it be read as a single issue, or do I need to have read the first two?

Posted by saoakden

Deathstroke looks like he's wondering his book got cut in place for these teenage millionaires.

Posted by MissJ

@evilmime13: It helps to have some context, but luckily it's a really fast catch-up!

Plot-wise, this issue hops around a bit to focus on different subsets of the team and various situations they get caught in (Commodore & Mo contracting Deathstroke and fending off attackers, Ceceila and J.P. dodging the paparazzi and trying to hide her robot arm, only to be attacked, the team dashing off to Monaco to face Riot with Deathstroke). The previous issues help you get to know the team and understand the threats they're facing.

Posted by ImagineMan16

I'd really like to get this, but I don't have the room on my pull list. If I decide to drop something down the road, this title will be one of my first replacement considerations.

Posted by jwalser3

I might get this just to see how DeathStroke acts in this.

Posted by bladewolf

This series has a lot of promise. I thought this issue was just so-so, but the first two were good enough that I'll stay the course for at least a few more issues. I agree that it's nice to have a light-hearted and fun series in the DCU which is a bit too grimdark these days.

Posted by Chewblocka

Why was the Deathstroke series cancelled ? :'( sigh

Great issue! (other than the start where you kinda wonder where Deathstroke comes out of). The art was on point and I cant wait to see whos behind the mask next month O_o

Posted by bennyq

I want sure why the text speak was even there. Weren't they face timing? Should've just been normal words.