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The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #2 - Arm's Length Review


Cecelia suits up…and transforms.

The Good

Now that we've met the members of the GREEN TEAM, it's time to get to business. In this case, business involves sloughing off an ambush by Riot, getting another team member in a super-slick suit, and learning some below-the-surface things about our teen trillionaires.

The creative team on this book makes it; there's a great mix of imagination and attention to detail, and none of it is accidental. The art is just right for the story, and the story is a smooth blend of action and personal drama. Speaking of drama -- Art and Franco might be known for their all-ages fare, but fans will be pleased to see that their range extends to a very grown-up sort of tension. There's also some very grown-up conversation; the teens might act their age with impulsive spending and crazy gear, but they're insightful beyond their years with observations like "Money has secrets. Your dad..may not be the guy you think he is."

GREEN TEAM takes characters that I want to dislike -- the anti-underdogs, if you will -- and makes them interesting enough to pay attention to, and sometimes even charming. Art and Franco have given each member of the team a distinct personality, and they've really developed each character's voice -- Cecelia, this issue's focal character, is so on-point as a starlet with a disastrous reputation that she might as well be the Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes of the DCU. If those girls had robot-arms, that is.

The Bad

Part of this book's fun is the crazy, over-the-top spending (hello, used Batmobile!), but there are some points where the Green Team's penchant for excess gets a little…excessive. I'll suffer a starlet's request for bottled water to bathe in -- it's silly and extravagant, but sounds like something spoiled brats do -- but I think changing the furniture and art in a hotel room makes J.P. look like a chump, especially in comparison to Commodore and Mo, who spend money with a purpose.

The Verdict

Bruce Wayne is just a guy with a lot of money; he's not particularly special or interesting except for the parts of his personality that make him Batman. Likewise, GREEN TEAM could just be a formulaic team superhero book with a bunch of kids whose power set consists of "is unbelievably wealthy," but it's the team's (and the book's) personality that really makes this title interesting. There's also plenty of groundwork being laid for exciting future issues -- only two of the team members have suited up, we don't know where Cecelia's robot-arm came from, and there have been teases about Deathstroke being hired for the team as a bodyguard -- so I'll be keeping this in my pulls to see where the story goes.

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Edited by Sharkbite

This book has been good natured fun. I was baited into pulling it from a complete misunderstanding (I thought that this title was going to be told alongside The Movement as a sort of good-guy/bad-guy perspective on the same story, with these being the people the Movement would fight against).

Now that I have started reading it, it earned a place on my pull list and will stay as long as the writing holds. For being the privileged wealthy, Green Team is an underdog book that I can't help but cheer for. It's worth checking out.

Posted by MissJ

@sharkbite: This is almost exactly how I feel; I pulled it because I was curious about its positioning with/against THE MOVEMENT, but I'm sticking around because it's great on its own (even if the marketing was totally misleading -- that's not the creative team's fault!).

Edited by Dernman

I agree about the bad portion of this book. Though I am liking the book. To me it's much better than the Movement. It will be missed when it gets canceled.

Still think the Commodore can turn out to be a bad guy.

Edit: Hope they don't do too much of the texting. Need a translator for that but thats probably just me.

Posted by comicace3

Why does the girl on the cover look like Amanda Conner's powergirl?

Posted by MissJ

@comicace3: It's an Amanda Conner cover; that might have a bit to do with it!

Posted by 2099man

It's amazing. They took an old concept from the pre crisis era and made it work BIG time. I see the green team becoming a potential mainstay in the DCnU if this amount of quality is kept up .

Posted by Teerack

What is this even about? Was this character a random hero or something pre 52?

Posted by MissJ

@teerack: It was a one-shot in the 70s that never really developed into anything.