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The Flash Annual #2 - The Quick and the Green; Details Review


In a story that touches upon their first meeting, we see if the Flash and Green Lantern can defeat a galactic threat.

The Good

I want a Barry Allen/Hal Jordan series. I want this series written by Brian Buccellato.

When it comes to comic book annuals, there's sometimes the question as to whether or not the issue is "worth" getting. Does it have anything to truly offer the reader? The answer here is a big yes.

Free from the constraints of the current storyline, we see Buccellato allowed to cut loose and tell a story clearly the way he wanted to tell it. From the banter/dialogue to the action, the story flowed so freely, you can't help but enjoy the issue and have a fun time while reading it.

The story begins with Barry and Hal out for a final night before Hal takes on his responsibilities leading the Green Lantern Corps. As they get pulled into a dire situation, we see it connects back to when they first met. In JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, we saw the two had some sort of history together. This is where it began.

The way Hal and Barry talk to each other feels completely natural. They take shots and insult each other the way that friends do. This is something we only see from time to time in comics. It's great being able to get a sense of what their friendship must be like.

I've long been a fan of Sami Basri. Seeing his art is great here and it fits the story nicely. Francis Manapul (and Buccellato) deliver a remarkable cover. The backup by Nicole Dubuc and Cully Hamner allow us to see how others approach the character. Having this story touch upon events from "two years ago" in Barry's life is pretty cool. At the same time, I am so incredibly grateful Buccellato wrote Barry and Hal's first meeting as taking place "a few years ago" rather than give a specific time frame.

The Bad

There were a couple elements that felt a little too convenient in the main story. Hal also does something with his ring I don't believe we've seen before. It's interesting and I wonder if we'll see it touched upon later.

The backup story was just okay. It's a story that has a bit of a message to it. It does a good job in displaying Barry as a hero but didn't really feel as if it added anything to the Flash or was fully necessary.

The Verdict

There's still so much in the New 52 that we don't know. Seeing a flashback that touches upon the first meeting between Barry Allen and Hal Jordan was a welcomed treat. Brian Buccellato shows he fully gets the characters and does a superb job crafting the dialogue and banter between the two. This story makes me want to see a Buccellato written Flash/Green Lantern team-up book. The characters are so different yet work so well together. Sami Basri's art is great and seeing Cully Hamner's take on the Flash was enjoyable as well. THE FLASH ANNUAL is a comic everyone can enjoy. You can dive right in and get a good comic reading experience. This is exactly what a comic book annual should deliver.

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I loved this issue. The art wasn't as nice as the ongoing, but still really good to look at. The one liners and banter was funny and entertaining and I just love the Flash/GL brolationship here. Its a fantastic read. Worth the 4.99

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i so need to pick this up.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Gonna read this latter, should be good.

Posted by hectorsquall


Seriously, I haven't enjoyed an issue this much in a very long time and the way Barry defeated "The Champion" was just priceless!laughing

I want a Barry Allen/Hal Jordan series. I want this series written by Brian Buccellato.

Please DC, make it happen... praying

Posted by Teerack

This duo would make an amazing ongoing. Much more interesting than forcing Batman and Superman together some more.

Posted by 34g3f3ert3t43

Wait... So this takes place when? I thought Hal Leading the GLs happened long after issue #1 of JL?

Posted by knightofthechronicle

@n1colaspr1me: Part of the story takes place in the present, the other part takes place before JL 1

Posted by 34g3f3ert3t43
Posted by Mucklefluga

Cannot wait to read this. Seeing these guys team-up is gonna be great.

Posted by Nahuel

I also want an ongoing about this duo.

If Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman are successful enough is sure as hell this is possible.

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

@teerack: hey, batman and supes have always had a natural relationship for an ongoing... the forced one i think you're talking about must be referring to the god damn superman/wonder woman ongoing... that's unnaturally forced

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Seriously, I haven't enjoyed an issue this much in a very long time and the way Barry defeated "The Champion" was just priceless!

I want a Barry Allen/Hal Jordan series. I want this series written by Brian Buccellato.

Please DC, make it happen...

Yes, we need a Flash/GL book, by Buccellato. The banter between them was great.

Posted by Teerack

@baberaham_lincoln: No Batman and Superman have been so horribly forced together so many times people have actually developed a belief that they have a natural relationship.

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

@teerack:!?!? oh shit... ;P. I don't even read batman/superman, so i assumed everyone liked it so much since the sales for the first issue of Greg Pak's ongoing was second most sold comics, next to Superman unchained. My bad if i assumed to far =D

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I liked the back up story better than the main one, I don't see the problem of it being needed, since when did we really need great stories?

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Solid issue.

Though, I've never been a fan of non-lanterns wielding green lantern rings...don't worry Viners, this isn;t a spoiler as it's on the cover :P

I was a bigger fan of The Flash Annual #1 - United They Fall, but this was still an issue worth the price.

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I really enjoyed Cully Hamner's art, I like those angular lines and bold shadows on bodies.

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

I'm thinking of getting this. I love the Flash, but I never really liked the Green Lantern. Maybe this can get me into his comic too and make me give more money to DC than what I already give them.

Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

We now need a Atom/Hawkman meeting.

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Love this book! Also I'm petitioning for Flash/Green Lantern book.

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This annual was awesome! I think the Flash is slowly becoming my favorite superhero. The interactions were nicely done, real. It really is nice to see Hal and Barry joke with each other as real friends would with each other.

Also, that coup d'grace was really fun.

EDIT: Oh, and the backup story, that was really nice too. It's something seen before, but reading how the small actions the Flash did also had a positive effect in the future. That was beautiful.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I thought the backup story was MUCH better than the main one. THe main one had potential, but it was really rushed at times.

Posted by bennyq

What was the thing Hal did that we haven't seen before?

Posted by bigboi100000

@bennyq said:

What was the thing Hal did that we haven't seen before?

was that Hal in the coffin?

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Flash/Green Lantern book, make it happen DC Comics!