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The Flash #8 - The Speed Force Review


What happens when Flash's power results in messing up the timestream? Get ready for a trippy adventure with some surprises as Manapul and Buccellato continue the glorious adventures of Barry Allen.

The Flash found out his powers are a danger. If that's the case, what will that mean for Barry and the events from last issue?

The Good

I've probably said it before, when I first heard Barry Allen would be the Flash in this title over Wally West, I was a little trouble and concerned. Barry made his sacrifice and exit just as I started reading comics. Wally is the Flash I grew up. Reading old issues, I grew to respect Barry but never thought I'd love a new series with him as much as I am. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have made reading about a younger Barry fun and exciting.

In the last couple issues we discovered that Barry's power comes with a price. He has to use caution to avoid creating wormholes through time. But what happens when lives are at stake, including the lives of those close to him and he has to decide whether or not to use his powers?

Enter a new character going by the name Turbine. Who is Turbine and what's his deal? You really need to read the issue to find out. It is a fascinating story. And it's not just an issue dealing with the introduction of a new character, there is more on Barry's powers. Plus, who doesn't love a good time travel/timestream story? (Emphasis on 'good').

Aside from the story, of course we get the amazing art by Manapul superbly complimented by Buccellato's colors. They make the action scenes rise to a new level. I love the different layers they add to the art and how the colors play a big role in the story telling along with the art. These two clearly are meant to be together (or at least work together if that sounds a little weird).

And the last few pages got me even more excited.

The Bad

Nothing. Reading this issue made me happy and excited.

The Verdict

Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato continue to make reading comics fun. Whenever time travel or messing around with the timestream is involved, things often get muddled and a bit ugly, storytelling-wise. But when it comes to the Flash, it's always an exciting trip. The realization that Flash's powers could potentially be hazardous adds a new element to Barry's character. We saw the decision he was faced with in deciding to risk causing more problems in order to save the life of something close to him. The results gave us a rather interesting story and introduction to a new character, Turbine. Besides the captivating story, Manapul and Buccellato's art and colors make the story even better. It's not often when creators are able to pull double duty. These two flow through each issue with spectacular results and make it look easy. I had a blast reading through this issue and taking in all the art. It's refreshing to be able to read comics that is simply enjoyable. That isn't to say this issue is all about happiness. There is some dire situations and even some violence and death. And the last page should bring a smile on your face because of the way it was handled and what it means for the next issue.