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The Flash #32 - Cold Call Review


The future's not looking to great for the Flash. Can Barry Allen prevent things going so badly?

The Good

Throughout Robert Venditti and Van Jensen's run on THE FLASH, we've been getting glimpses into the Flash's future. It's not looking too good. We know bad things are happening because of Flash's actions and it's a bit of a downer seeing what might come to be. Although with future Barry trying to go back and fix things, we have a very nice twist unfolding.

This issue starts out twelve years in the future. The more I see of this future Flash, the more I dig his look and design. Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund are doing a great job giving us different looks for the different Flashes. Meanwhile in the present, Flash is trying to solve the problem of the killer that stole weapons from the police evidence locker. And of course, more with Wally West.

There's a nice balance between the two timelines. It almost feels like we're getting two stories for the price of one. There are some interesting developments in the current day life of Barry Allen.

The Bad

We saw some connection between the future and present day storylines before but there isn't much in this issue. We can assume Venditti and Jensen have it all figured out but it feels like this could have a big effect on the Flash's activities. Hopefully we'll find out more about the time slips and why it seems to be getting worse.

I'm still waiting for things to settle between Barry and Wally. There is something that happens in this issue that almost felt like it came out of nowhere. In some ways, that's good. It just felt like a sudden shift.

The Verdict

Robert Venditti and Van Jensen are continuing to shake things up for the Flash. We're getting to see more of the future Flash and his cool look but it also means things aren't looking too great for Barry's future. Seeing more from the future along with the develops in the present gives a nice balance and feels like we're getting two stories at once. Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund easily juggle the two different eras and it's always interesting to see what's coming next. All of this plus more on Wally West.

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I just have to say that i am so in love with Brett Booth's art, Flash looks amazing and so damn hot

Edited by johnny_blaze

Great issue. Inb4wallywesthate.

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When future flash entered the room in the beginning he looked like a killer. Enjoyed the Wally moment even though it felt a tad shoved in.

Posted by feedonatreefrog

I'm starting to love the art.

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I enjoyed this issue. It did tease some interesting things to come. I agree with the review. I liked the moment where barry and wally bonded over baseball, it did feel a little sudden for barry to put his arm around wally but it was still a nice moment.

The art did look pretty sharp in this issue as well.

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Uh oh, could this be the turning point where Allen's relationship with Spivot is ending and him being closer to Wally becoming a setup for his future with Iris? BTW! the part where his future self visited Leonard (Captain Cold) was pretty touching.

Posted by modunhanul

I haven't read Flash issues yet, but it looks good.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

It's really bugging me that there's so much relationhip tension forced in here between Barry and Patty. They make a fantastic couple and this is one case where I don't want them to force him and Iris together just because that's how it was before. They spent so much time putting Barry and Patty together that; at lest here in the new 52; it just WORKS.

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Posted by MartinMokgotho


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@trevel8182 said:

@johnny_blaze: You mean Wally Westside?

Looks like the "Westside" name is starting to pick up by other users.

Anyways I enjoyed this issue. I just hope Barry and Patty don't break up soon.

Posted by batsymyplaything

That's right, baseball over basketball! Go Baseball!

I also liked the wally and barry moment. As for the time chop-chop, I've kind of getting impatient over it not being completely explained and remaining as a mystery to drive the storyline.

Posted by SilverPool
Posted by Nygma619

That entire last scene at the baseball field came across as completely forced. Wally goes from pouting, disinterested in baseball as a sport, and wishing he were at a basketball game, to being in to the game and being buddy-buddy w/ Barry in a matter of seconds; JUST BECAUSE Barry says some words to him and a guy hits a home run. Sorry but that’s not the way real life works, if they were trying to make NuWally feel like a genuine person instead of just a plot device then Jensen & Venditti FAILED MISERABLY with NuWally’s transition here.

Also the dialogue form the press box was clunky as hell. Who says "pay-dirt" after a batter hits a home run?

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Wally's sudden transition from hating Barry, baseball and everything, and just acting and feeling miserable to cheering, smiling, etc. just doesn't seem realistic. At all. They should have built that moment up more. It is just one moment at the very end of the issue and Wally will probably deny it ever happened next issue, so that it wasn't that easy to effect him, but it did feel... unrealistic.

Posted by Nickscip

That Captain Cold scene was SO touching. Really shows the relationship Barry has with some of the Rogues.

Posted by VanderSEXXX

Did anyone else notice the timeline inconsistency here? Cause we remember that supposedly 35 years in the new 52 timeline according to The New 52: Futures End #0 where we see Barry making a last stand together with Leonard, yet this future timeline in this current Flash series supposedly 12 years later shows Leonard already in his deathbed. Isn't it supposed to be the same universe? so did Leonard actually recover from his ailment there being able to fight again 23 years later? Cause if not then this is very inconsistent is it not?