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The Flash #23.2 - Reverse Flash Review


Is issue #23 we discovered the shocking identity of this new Reverse Flash. Now we get to find out what the whole story is.

The Good

A good villain has to either have a really good backstory or one shrouded in mystery. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato go the route of giving us the story of what motivates this incarnation of the Reverse Flash. It can sometimes be a risk but at the same time, it's better to hear the story from those that actually created the character.

It was issue #23 were we discovered the identity of this villain. It was a nice twist that some may not have seen coming. But it's part of that twist that gives the motivation and makes what happened last issue more powerful. It's great seeing the pieces fall in place as the two writers back track to fill us in on some events that happened behind the scenes of the main series. Seeing the actual origin play out is pretty cool and you do start to feel sympathetic for this particular bad guy. With a character like the Joker you don't want or need to feel sympathetic. With Reverse Flash, there's a fascinating aspect that makes you want to see what happens next as well as that sadness in seeing him do something that's just so wrong.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you read issue 23 before reading this to find out who Reverse Flash is.

Scott Hepburn depicts the flashback scenes nicely. Brian Buccellato's colors give the issue the feel we've come to expect throughout the series.

The Bad

Things happen. We all know this. Originally Francis Manapul was solicited as the artist. Scott Hepburn does a really good job here. What really stood out for me. Different artists all have their own take on characters but this got to be a little distracting.

Reverse Flash's story was fascinating but where can he go after this? We'll have to keep an eye out for him after issue #24.

The Verdict

Telling a villains story can be tricky. Manapul and Buccellato manage to tell a compelling story and origin, making us feel sympathetic towards the villain without making him seem like a watered down sap. This Reverse Flash stands apart from the previous incarnations. It's not often the villains sad story actually remains interesting. Seeing this new dimension added makes me want to see more. It's hard to say what place he might have after this arc but I am definitely intrigued.

Note: I thought the 3D version of this issue was pretty groovy. You gotta love that Manapul art.

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Posted by soumya

I liked this issue.More importantly it went well with villains month.It seems like this book got the right timing to introduce a villain's origin(which is the only thing the other books lack).The art was good too..

Posted by HollowPrince65

I kind of really enjoyed the art here. The story was great, the flow was just right, and the monologues were spot on. Very enjoyable (oh and the 3d cover tho)

Posted by Superbat420

Shocking... Didn't see coming? Wtf everyone knew it was going to be Daniel west...

Posted by HollowPrince65


Considering it was kinda said in 23....yeah we knew that already. There was no surprise in this issue because we knew who it was. (plus some of us pieced it together before the reveal). No need to be a negative nancy

Edited by hunterzolomin

im sorry but the new 52 reverse flash is terrible with a side of hot garbage smell.

its just another middle finger dc is giving us long time flash fans.

they took everything away what made flash awesome. that isnt the reverse flash we want.

Edited by Herokiller12344

Get a load of how edgy the new costume is.

Edited by csguterres

@hunterzolomin said:

im sorry but the new 52 reverse flash is terrible with a side of hot garbage smell.

its just another middle finger dc is giving us long time flash fans.

they took everything away what made flash awesome. that isnt the reverse flash we want.

My favorite Reverse Flash still is Hunter Zolomon.

But Daniel West is a great Reverse Flash as well. Just like Zoom, he is a compelling character, not just a boring bad guy (*cough* Eobard Thawne sucks *cough*). Give him a chance.

I know Barry will win in the end, but I'm rooting for the West guy!

Posted by Superbat420

@hollowprince65: the new 52 is garbage, and I say that because of the poor consistency nothing's a surprise anymore its all horrible story telling, even though trinity war and forever evil has blown my mind, its all déjà vu

Edited by hunterzolomin

if anything they should have rebranded him as the new savitar instead of reverse flash. zooms yellow costume was iconic and badass

Posted by kingjoeg

Really sick of writers playing the abusive father card. It seems like every villain had one, it's become an overused cliche.

Posted by flash354

i like how he turned into the reverse flash but he's no eobard thawne..

Edited by JLDoom

Even though this origin was a bit generic it was still a fun read. Really liked how it was told in a reverse chronological order.

Posted by batsymyplaything

Wanted to know how Daniel got his powers, and I was left confused. How the hell did the speed forced monorail got to the mirror world?

Edited by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

I thought it was pretty good. Though I still prefer the original Reverse Flash.

Posted by flash354
Posted by Provehito


Hey, man:

Told you before the Speed Force users gave him the power to go back. Just as Daniel described it, as "fuel".