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The Flash #18 - The Heroes' Journey Review


Barry Allen is trying to sort through the recent problems in his life and now he has new (and inexperienced) heroes to worry about.

The Good

One of the great things about this book is it completely feels like Barry Allen's book. That may sound odd but even though he appears in JUSTICE LEAGUE, you know this is where the character is defined. Batman runs into the problem of having too many books trying to define his character and events.

Little details like the Flash helping repair the city after Gorilla Grodd's gorilla army attack is great. We're seeing some carry over and just because the last arc is over doesn't mean we can just forget what happened. There are repercussions from the past stories such as the damaged caused, Barry's relationship status and even his employment status.

With some characters having been trapped in the Speed Force for months, now we're seeing what's going on with them. This adds another layer to the series and potential problems for Flash to deal with.

With a story just written by Brian Buccellato (Francis Manapul is taking a two-issue break), the series doesn't miss a beat. Seeing parts of Barry Allen's civilian life is great. His current status is a bit of a mess and it's fun to see how it's playing out and the fact that Barry will try to use his situation to his advantage when possible.

Marcio Takara does a superb job filling in for Manapul. It can be hard to accept another artist when you become so used to a certain one. Buccellato's colors help make it easier as well.

The Bad

It's hard to form a firm opinion on the new members of the new team, The Speed Force. It's safe to assume there's more to their story to come and their inexperience makes it fun to see. How they'll fit in remains to be seen. There are some elements of comedy relief as we see these new heroes trying to be actual heroes but they almost feel like they could get in the way of the overall story.

Trickster also has found a new group to align himself with. This felt a little out of nowhere since the last time we saw him was when his arm got ripped off by Gorilla Grodd.

The Verdict

THE FLASH is a great and fun title in the New 52. Brian Buccellato continues to develop the character and it's great seeing the twists developments from the last arc are adding to his life. We get to see Barry as the Flash and in his civilian guise. Marcio Takara fills in on the art and it's good. It's very good. Seeing his art is just a reminder we need him on a monthly book again. Despite his connection to the Justice League, it's great seeing this title manage to stand separate and guide its own way in the DC Universe.

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Posted by TeamUnitedNerds

Oh wow. How has Flash been lately?

Edited by speedstermike

I like that he rebuilds the city unlike other superheroes.

Edited by Zeeguy91

@teamunitednerds: Incredible. The Flash has been, by far, one of my favorite titles coming out of either of the Big Two right now, and this issue was spectacular, in my opinion.

Posted by Zeeguy91

I would totally buy a Speed Force team book. LOL.

But, yeah, I say that "Sprint" and....Albert (they didn't really reveal his hero name, did they) are great new characters. I really like that Brian didn't just give them both the generic super-speed powers like Barry's. It looks like Albert might be a technopath and Gomez could be a speedster.

Edited by DarklyDreamingDeadpool

i still don't like the new reverse flash, but the flash is one of my favs.

Posted by thejman250

- I find this issue to be somewhat trivial. I'm just looking forward to the reverse flash, and Barry's interaction with Bart.

Posted by darknightspideyfanboy

@zeeguy91: yes they did reveal Albert hero name

Posted by Zeeguy91
Posted by briyen

@zeeguy91: haha me too!! with gomes and albert and maybe a few more, speed force five! :D

Posted by toptom

this was absolutely the worst issue so far.

Edited by ptigrusmagus

This issue was alright. Would kind of prefer to see Wally before other team members but still cool. No offense intended because it looked good but I've realized Francis Manapul accounts for 70% of the reason I read this book.

Posted by bladewolf

I almost didn't buy this issue, but I'm glad I did. Now I feel like I need to buy Dial H 11 next week too...

Posted by LeeHiley

"Trickster also has found a new group to align himself with. This felt a little out of nowhere since the last time we saw him was when his arm got ripped off by Gorilla Grodd."

Go back and check out Trickster's first New 52 appearance in the Mob Rule story arc. He was hanging out with his gang in the Badlands back then.

Posted by entee

The art didn't fit this title's flow at all. Takara's good but Manapul's done so much with the Flash that it's always jarring to see someone else fill in. The art was just too scratchy and littered with really dark inks.

Posted by The Average Bear

I like that he rebuilds the city unlike other superheroes.

Edited by red_titan

I need spoilers. Whats wrong with Dial H? What is with the new team mates? Answers!!!!! please????

Posted by paralaxsteve

Totally loved this issue and have been thoroughly enjoying the new 52 Flash comics the art is just so beautiful and the writing is top class.

Posted by mickeymayhew

the art is dreadful, it's like it was drawn by a blindfolded five-year old; either that or I have no appreciation of what makes good comic art. It's beyond cartoony. I need to drop this title. And Bary - 'Not ready to be a mentor yet' - okay, so that's all Kid Flash/Wally Werst continuity kicked to the curb. Good on ya, DC!