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The Black Bat #6 Review


There's a bomb about to go off. Can Black Bat put a stop to it or will this issue have an explosive ending?

The Good

With each issue, you can't help but like and admire Black Bat as a crimefighter and comic book character. There's something about this 'world' that writer Brian Buccellato has created. Even though we haven't seen much of it with the story focused on the current dilemma and Tony Quinn's past, you get a sense of something really cool here. Hopefully Black Bat will survive this first arc so we can see more...

Buccellato continues the story and you can feel action building as we approach the end of the arc. Things aren't going exactly according to plan for some and there's plenty of action and suspense to move things along.

As the action kicks in, Ronan Cliquet mixes things up when it comes to the scene layouts. The action has a nice frantic feel and Cliquet changes the the perspective around to add to this.

The Bad

This series often has a dark feel to it but this one felt darker than usual. A couple times the darkness almost made the art feel a little muddled. There were also a couple times Black Bat looked a little too beefy.

The Verdict

THE BLACK BAT continues to be a fun and action packed series. Brian Buccellato is fleshing out his own little corner with the introduction and continued adventure of the Black Bat. Ronan Cliquet captures the action and switches things around during the action scenes to add to the excitement. There are some moments the art and color feels a little too dark. The story continues to build up to a pretty big cliffhanger. It's pretty safe to say you'll want to read the next issue to see what happens next.

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Posted by jwalser3

Great issue.