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The Bionic Man #7 - Chapter 7: Body & Soul Review


Steve and Jaime are reunited but with another threat on the loose, their time together may be short-lived as Steve discovers the truth.

Everyone is finding out the truth. Too bad they're not going to like what they hear.

The Good

As a fan of the original show, it's great to see this modern take on the characters. At first I thought it would be just an attempt to appeal to the nostalgic nature of older readers while also trying to dazzle younger readers. What Kevin Smith, Phil Hester, Jonathan Lau and Dynamite are doing is working.

This issue offers a lot of revelations. Jaime believe her fiance, Steve, died in a plane crash. Now that she knows he's alive, the question remains how much will Steve tell her about his bionic parts. With this happening, we're left wondering how this will tie into the upcoming BIONIC WOMAN series. There's also another Bionic Man running around causing major damage. Steve finds out the story of this man and what that means for his future.

Hester's script moves the story seamlessly. Because Dynamite has looser guidelines in the way they tell stories (in other words, swearing is allowed), the characters have a slightly more realistic feel. Lau's art is always great to see. Along with Ivan Nunes' colors, there's a lot to like about this series.

The Bad

All the revelations are great in moving the story forward and building up the characters. The problem is it slows down the pacing just a tiny bit. There's a lot of people sitting around to take in the information. The position that Steve is put in towards the end adds an interesting twist and but hopefully won't become too cliché.

The Verdict

This is the issue many have been waiting for. Steve and Jaime are finally reunited. Revelations are made in that situation and Steve even finds out more about himself and the organization he's working for. Hester and Lau continue to be a great team and asset for Dynamite Entertainment. The classic characters have been given a modern twist and seeing how it all unfolds has been enjoyable. Due to the revelations in this issue, the action is cut a little short but it's good to have a little downtime in order to build up the story.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I really want to get in to this series 

Posted by Green ankh

This series so far for me is not "human" enough. It do not care for the overly Cyborg feel.