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The Amazing Spider-Man #690 - No Turning Back, Part 3: Natural State Review


Spider-Man and Morbius square off! Curt Connors (with the mind of the Lizard) tries to find away to turn himself back into the Lizard.

The Good

As I've said in past issues of this story, I love the writing and the art. Now that's out of the way, so let's get to the specifics of this incredibly fun issue.

Fantastic fight scene in this issue between Spider-Man and Morbius. All the while, Madame Web is trying to get Spidey to leave the scene in order to stop possible deaths. The pacing is great and the panel composition is interesting and unique. This was a great side-story to the main Curt Connors story in this issue.

I loved that the focus was more on Curt Connors here than anything else. Aside from the madness of Curt trying to turn himself back into the Lizard at anyone and everyone's expense, I really liked the Lizard dealing with his new human body. I like the bits of inner-dialogue of Curt hearing music or finding things funny. It's little things like this that really add to the character and the story.

I really dug the last few pages of this issue as the stakes are raised. How do you stopped being that need to be saved? On top of that, what choice is Curt "The Lizard" Connors going to make? It feels like that this is just the beginning of something a lot bigger.

The Bad

When is Spider-Man going to start listening to Madame Web a little more? That's one thing that bugs me. He's dealt with her on numerous occasions, and he knows she can see the future, or at least one version of it, so why does he always put off her advice?

One thing that's kind of annoying me at Marvel in recent years happens here. Everyone gets (insert power here). Fear Itself had "everyone gets a Thor hammer." Spider-Island had "everyone gets Spider-Man's power." While I really enjoy this issue, and believe me, not every one gets Lizard powers, and it does make sense, I'm getting a little bored with this idea.

The Verdict

I'm still loving this story, and you will too. There are some fantastic fight/action sequences in this issue, and I loved the inclusion of Madame Web, which seems to be leading to something bigger and even more awesome. I loved how this issue focuses more on Curt Connors more than anything, since this really is his story, not Spider-Man's. On the downside, I wish Spider-Man would listen to Madame Web a little bit more, and I got a tad annoyed with more people getting someone else's powers, which has been used at least three times in the past year.

Overall, I love this story and issue. I highly recommend it.

Posted by CrimsonCake

He seemed hesitant about turning back.

Edited by Dernman

Spider-Man and science couldn't stop the lizard but junk food, pop music, and video games can. Take that heath food nuts, take that music snobs, and take that fitness nuts. :p

Posted by cobra88king8

Let Call Me Maybe forever be known as the song that helped Conners regain his humanity

Posted by venomoushatred1001

@cobra88king8 said:

Let Call Me Maybe forever be known as the song that helped Conners regain his humanity


Posted by UrbanChill

i dont read amazing spiderman and this was my first pickup and i wasnt impressed at all i honestly would have rated this book a 2 or 3

Posted by dcfox

Probably one of the worst books I've read all year. Everything from the story and writing to the art was bad.