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The Amazing Spider-Man #689 - No Turning Back, Part Two: Cold Blooded Review


Spider-Man and Morbius think that Dr Connors has been cured of the Lizard. Little do they know that Curt Connors body may be back, but his mind is completely gone.

The Good

The fun continues as Spider-Man and Morbius do their best to bring back Doctor Curt Connors. Little do they know, Curt Connors is completely gone and only the Lizard remains. Connors has Morbius and Spidey going at it and it's a fun couple of scenes, and meanwhile, Connors is trying to find a way to turn himself back into the Lizard. This is insanely fun story that reads and feels a bit like a Silver or Bronze age story. It's right to the point, and it has a great flow from start to finish. Dan Slott puts a lot of love into this book, and it shows on the page.

This story is a big leap away from Ends of the Earth, which was incredibly large with an incredibly serious tone to it. For those of you who did not enjoy the immensity of that story, this one will be right up your alley.

Giuseppe Camuncoli is doing a great job on the art. I love how he draws Morbius here, and I really like the two sides of Dr Connors. Obviously, when Connors is around other people, he's very human, and you can see it in the facial expressions. When people aren't around, Camuncoli does an awesome job with Connors by going over-the-top with the psychotic looks on his face. He does a fantastic job showing movement in these fight scenes as well.

I've never been a huge Madame Web fan, but I think adding her into this story could be incredibly interesting. I'm really hoping we get to see some of the characters in her vision play into this story.

The Bad

Overall, I felt like I wanted a lot more out of this issue, and I felt a bit disappointed by the time I got to the end. I'm really enjoying the story as a whole, but it seems this issue didn't 4 pages worth of storytelling throughout the whole issue.

The Verdict

I wish I could give half stars here. Well, I will anyway. This is a 3.5 for me. I love the writing and the art on this book, and I'm glad this book is a lot of fun to read. On the downside, I felt like I wanted more because the story didn't move forward enough in this issue.

Overall, I recommend this issue, but highly recommend the overall story thus far.

Posted by zackattack529

this is my second ever amazing spiderman issue. and i couldnt be happier that i only joined last issue. these two issues have been alot of fun for me and ima see the spiderman movie tomorrow featuring lizard. so then i can KINDA compare what i like better, this story or the movie story :p

Posted by Imagine_Man15

@zackattack529: Read "Shed" if you want a really great Lizard story. Although this one is shaping up to be pretty pretty amazing as well. I'm seeing the movie later this week, I'm excited to make the comparison too.

Posted by butters911

Ive loved Slotts run on ASM, but this issue and last may be his best work yet on the title, that doesn't also happen to have Marcos Martin on art.

Posted by KainScion


Edited by animehunter

First I would like to say I enjoyed this issue, but I do agree with that Mat there needed to be more in the issue

But I do have a question, quick warning if you have not read the issue it might be a good idea to read it first.

As you can see I tried to limit the spoiling as much as I can.

I recognise a few of the characters and can only guess the others


A guess - can anyone confirm?

  • Female character with clip and hair tied back, I believe is Norah WInters, but not a 100%
  • Male character with white coat and glasses, I believe is Tiberius Stone (No bio available)
  • Male character with red mask and white beard - No idea who that is.

Quick note apparently some will appear in ASM #690

Posted by samstersos

@Imagine_Man15: movie was great, where can i get shed?

Posted by jlat89

@KainScion said:


Posted by Txapote

@animehunter: Seems an elderly Tarántula.

Posted by Rdhg

@animehunter: I think the guy with the beard might be Tarantula.

Posted by BlackLace

Sounds good

Posted by Spartnqbrn

I haven't been reading Amazing Spider-Man long, In Madame's Web's vision who is the guy that looks like Mumra supposed to be, Hobgoblin? Also, when did Madame Web go from old, brittle lady to a beautiful late twenty-something model?

Edited by animehunter
Posted by Dernman

Anyone notice Lizard say the cure worked on Spider-Man? Kinda have the mad nightmare that peter is going to lose his powers and become Alpha's handler ala Bruce in Batman beyond. Part of me thinks that guy in the mask in the vision is Peter from the future. Most likely all this wild speculation I'm doing is because Slott is driving me up a wall with whats going to happen in 700. He has me convinced I'm going to hate him for it.

Posted by LordRequiem

I love Michael Morbius, and am glad he gets a bit of the spotlight.

Posted by thedrudo

The Variant artwork is so sick! Loved the past two issues.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Wait, why can't you give half stars?

Posted by Duke_Nasty

Love the Camuncoli art. Great issue

Posted by Owie

I am so-so on the art; some panels and people look great and others are blah.  Underwhelmed by his Mary Jane last issue.  His Morbius is excellent though.