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The Amazing Spider-Man #685 - Ends of the Earth, Part Four: Global Menace Review


Is Doc Ock trying to save the world or destroy it? Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Silver Sable, with a little bit of extra help, finally discover Doc's final plans for Earth.

The Good

HOLY MOSES! The ending to this issue is a HUGE shocker and all it makes you want to do is read the conclusion to this story! Seriously, this is one amazing ending to an issue. It's a reveal page that is actually shocking. I NEVER would have thought that would have happened. If you read this, do NOT spoil it for anyone else!

Thus far, this has been one of my favorite Spidey stories in the past decade. As always, Dan Slott is the perfect person to write this book. Aside from the amazing ending, we get to see a more serious side to Spidey in this issue as the world is literally at stake. Spidey does a few things he wouldn't normally do to get the answers he needs, like taking part in torture. Yep.... torture. It makes sense, given the situation. The old funny Peter Parker you know and love is essentially gone because this is not a time for fun and games. It could be the end of the world.

On top of that, Doc Ock isn't even considered the bad guy in all of this, Spider-Man technically is. The world comes together to almost praise Doc Ock and everything he's "done" for the world. It's a pretty cool twist, and I like getting the perspective of the everyday man in the 616 universe during this dire crisis.

I really liked seeing Titanium Man work with Spider-Man's team for the simple fact that many consider him a villain (even though he is a hero in his country) but he and Spidey can put aside their differences for the greater good.

The Bad

I usually like Humberto Ramos' art, but in this issue, it bugged me a bit. In the beginning of the issue, long shots of characters looked a bit sloppy. The rest of the issue looked really good, but pages 2-6 had some mediocre art. Characters' faces looked warped and proportions, even for Ramos looked awkward. This only happens on these pages, and the rest of the issue looks pretty good.

The Verdict

Usually, I won't give something a 5 out of 5 if I have a huge problem with an aspect of the book, but I simple loved this issue. The whole story is incredibly solid, but it's those last few pages that make this an amazing issue. This is one of my favorite Spidey stories in the past decade all because Dan Slott is fantastic with this character. Spidey gets a bit more serious here, and it was great seeing Doc Ock as the hero, in the public's eyes.

On the down side, I had a big problem with Ramos' art on the opening pages. The rest of the issue was great, but the first few looked a bit rushed or sloppy for Ramos.

Overall, I love this story line and I loved this issue. I highly recommend you pick up the whole story line and give it a read. It's fantastic, and I can't wait to see how it ends!

Posted by Mucklefluga

Can't wait to read, can't wait to read. can't wait, can't wait CAN'T WAIT

Posted by Deranged Midget

Awesome review and a spectacular issue. My only problem, as you mentioned, is Ramos' art. It was sloppy and the characters looked too thin.

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Posted by SeanFoster

@TheAnnihilator: yeeeeeeeah.

Posted by InnerVenom123
Posted by KainScion

@TheAnnihilator: wasnt obvious to me ? why would it be said person?

Posted by TheHeat

I really enjoyed this issue.

Posted by TheAnnihilator


Because of the nature of his powers and that he and Chameleon still have their parts to play. And the fact that it's very unlikely that they would actually have THAT big of a repercussion in this event. Ock is trying to break Spider-Man mentally, and Spidey has never taken deaths so well, especially if he feels like it was his responsibility to save them. How do you think he'd handle this many people dying because he failed to stop Doctor Octopus?
Posted by anarchypants

I just took Spidy off my pull list but once I read this review I grabbed this issue... glad I did :) I'll have to make some pull list cuts elsewhere.

Posted by bookerman20

From Spider Island right to Ends of the Earth....

Just glad Spider-Man has been going into a great direction lately.

Posted by pspin

Dan Slott needs to stay on ASM for a long time. He is amazing

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

Hey guys, i've been wondering, what's the perfect issue to jump on for this, i heard #689 is starting something new??? if so, what issue.

Posted by cobra88king8

Yet another great issue. I'm really liking Spider-man and his Amazing Harem's adventures

Posted by darthfury78

@Baberaham_Lincoln said:

Hey guys, i've been wondering, what's the perfect issue to jump on for this, i heard #689 is starting something new??? if so, what issue.

Issue #688 is the starting point for the new Lizard story. But What I would love to see is more team-up adventures between Spider-Man and Black Widow.

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

@darthfury78: But isn't black widow in Winter Soldier??? anyways, thanks for the info, definitely picking up #688

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@Baberaham_Lincoln: The Black Widow appears in Amazing Spider-Man 684 thru 687. Since Dan Slott couldn't use The Black Cat as she was being used in Daredevil, he might have decided to use Natasha(Daredevil's ex-girlfriend) in her place in addition to Silver Sable. When was the last time we ever saw Silver Sable and The Black Widow working together beyond their first and only team-up story in Marvel Comics Presents in 1990? And to have both ladies teaming up with Spider-Man is certainly a first. Now if only we could see a future story where The Black Widow teams up with Spider-Woman and Spider-Man. That would be a dream adventure come true. But once the Ends of Earth storyline has ended, there will not be anymore team stories for Spidey in ASM. But, in Avenging Spider-Man, expect to see he and Ms. Marvel working together once more!

Posted by SavageDragon

Not usually a Spidey reader but your right @Mat 'INFERIOREGA', this story arcs been really great!

Posted by Zeeguy91

I thought this was a very solid issue. It was nice to see that Slott actually chose to get serious with Spider-Man for once and I liked the interaction between Peter and Sable, even if it was a little cheesy. However, one thing that I have to complain about was the art. It didn't bother me that much before, but I HATE Ramos' art. The way he draws faces and figures, its just...UUUGGGHHH! It looked like a cartoon, and not a good one. His proportions are SOOO distorted and his drawing of Doc Ock's face looked more like a literal pile of crap than an actual face. I really hope they get a better artist, and soon! So, final verdict:

Story: 4.3 out of 5

Art: 0.5 out of 5