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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villains Micro-Series #8 - Shredder Review


What has Oroku Saki been hiding from the Foot? This issue jumps into the villain's mind to show us what he's been holding back this entire time.

The Good

There's a lot more to the latest version of IDW's Shredder than meets the eye. He's no longer just a skilled ninja clan leader -- he has a whole back-story involving resurrection and mystical elements. Shredder has had plenty of time to shine in the ongoing series (as well as in SECRET HISTORY OF THE FOOT CLAN -- a series which exists just to explain his origin), but honestly, we've never gone too deep into the character. We've often only seen the tough appearance he tends to give off, but in this issue, Paul Allor and Dan Duncan make him do something rare: open up to Kitsune. As he elaborates, we dive right into his head and a whole new element is adding to his mythos.

On the surface, it's a fantasy based story about the afterlife which is loaded with some commendable action scenes. It's every bit as badass as it is fascinating. But, as pointed out later in the issue, it's really a superb look at who Shredder truly is, what he wants in life, and the lengths he'll go to get it. It goes without saying that this issue will only further cement his status as a legitimately formidable villain.

I consider Mateus Santolouco's clean art the definitive look for the franchise's modern era, but former TMNT artist Dan Duncan returns for this issue and brings his grittier visuals back to the universe. His style's rough around the edges, a lot sketchier and absolutely oozes intensity at times. Considering most of the issue takes place in a twisted and fairly diabolical setting, I think it's an appropriate fit for the story and helps to further immerse us in Shredder's dark and tormented tale.

The Bad

Honestly, my only complaint is the art can be a bit rough in some spots.

The Verdict

Even though City Fall was a Shredder-focused story, the ending made it crystal clear the publisher still has big plans for the character (and if you haven't read it yet, go do so right now). While SECRET HISTORY OF THE FOOT CLAN established his new origin and the primary series made him even more intimidating, this micro-issue does a remarkable job giving us a character-driven look at the infamous individual while also expanding his story. And, to top it off, there's some seriously pleasing melees in the issue. If you've already seen the star rating, then you should know by now that I strongly recommended this to anyone who has been digging IDW's TMNT.

Oh, and can we all take a moment to appreciate just how cool that cover is?

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Posted by Kelevra216

Can't wait for the new arc to start this month (with #29). Been waiting to jump into these series and get to catch up with trades! Heard great things about City Fall, the keyword seems to be "intense" when describing the event.

Posted by Dark_Guyver

I've definitely been missing Duncan's art! This was another great issue from IDW. Loved the twist towards the end. Now, bring on the Triceratons!!

Edited by tparks

Great review. I've been curious how this series was going to play out after City Fall, because pretty much everything since issue #1 has led to that event.

The future looks like it's going to be going into some pretty epic story arcs and Shredder will be the driving force behind them. I couldn't be happier with the direction they are pushing this series with Shredder.

Edited by Ando123

Was one the best issues of TMNT I've ever read.

Posted by Raw_Material

This is the issue I've been waiting for from this series!

Posted by manwithoutshame

please mr. mcfarlane, make me a model of this cover. I'd like nothing more than Shredder to be ominously looking down at me while I'm on the computer.

Posted by Praetor_fenix

Everything about IDW's shredder is pure fanservice he's so badass it's almost ridiculous, like that Dr. Doom obsesion Marvel got a few years ago or that Batman obsession DC has had for about 50 years or so. Even so, refuge in audacity dictates this series works and this particular character rocks.

Posted by Fenderxx

They just took Shredder to the next level. The motavation was always revange which is fine, but this really brings shredder into focus and shows just how bad this dude is. This is a brillaint addition to the mythos and I would say on par with the Mr. freeze change in the animated series as far as fleshing out the character and like I said adding to the other all character in a new and interesting way.

Posted by RoTheKid

Whoa man! These cool Turtles books are looking to drain a person's comic book budget!