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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villains Micro-Series #6 - Hun Review


The leader of the Purple Dragons makes his return! Find out who he is and what role he plays in 'City Fall.'

The Good

If you've read TMNT #25, odds are you were left shocked and/or confused with a certain big reveal in the middle of the issue. And if you haven't read it, go do so now. Seriously, it'll be impossible to talk about this without giving away that spoiler. Go on, shoo!

Now that they're hopefully gone, I can talk about how awesome the twist with Casey's dad is. When it first hit us, I won't lie, I was a bit confused. Does this mean he's Hun, and if so, how? Or, was he merely part of the Purple Dragons and happens to have the same tattoo? Perhaps this tattoo means he was one of the founders? Well, this issue reveals that yes, Casey Jones' dad is Hun and the entire issue is dedicated to explaining his back story while also diving into his connection to 'City Fall.'

Co-writers Mike Costa and Ben Epstein give a nice balance to the story, allowing it to cover numerous time periods in an organic fashion because the character is narrating from the present. They've done a really great job turning this character from a miserable and weak individual (drunk and lashing out at his son) into a focused man looking for redemption. Despite going about it the wrong way, Hun still comes off as a character you could root for and want to succeed.The reason for his heavy dose of exposition is totally justified, too. It always bugs me when someone just abruptly shares their life story, but seeing as he's in a position where he's expected to tell all, it absolutely works.

Mike Henderson and Ian Herring deliver some solid visuals for Hun's debut. It's more of an animated vibe (fitting since the character made his first appearance in the '03 show) but set in a darker tone. There's a heavy emphasis on shading, further bringing us into the more villainous setting. The duo also did an impressive job when it came to the emotional tone behind each moment, especially when it comes to dim environments such as the Purple Dragons' hideout. I love how the few streams of light reveal just how dirty the location is.

The Bad

The ending is a nice moment for the character and gives some degree of hope when it comes to his progression, but when it comes to the greater picture, it doesn't really build the excitement like the other Villain Micro-Series issues have. Each have ended on a note which served as a great lead-in for the next primary issue, but this one mainly exists just to elaborate on who Hun is and where he currently stands. That's not a bad thing, but it unfortunately doesn't leave you overly stoked for what's next like the previous Micro issues have.

Casey's reaction to his father's drastic change was surprisingly composed, but given the nature of their relationship, I guess it's understandable. Also, minor art gripe: there's a panel where it looks like Hun is incredibly chubby instead of large and muscular (when he's pointing).

The Verdict

Just when you thought 'City Fall' couldn't get any more interesting, IDW goes ahead and throws a new dynamic into the mix by totally reinventing Hun. He's not merely a man tossed into the universe to provide awesome brawls. Instead, he has a compelling connection to the heroes... one which he's totally unaware of. I can't help but wonder how long it'll be until the lies and deception come front and center because eventually the truth will have to come to the surface. When the lies do begin to fall apart, I'm very interested to see what that'll mean for the character and his potential future. This is yet another must read chapter if you're following 'City Fall.'

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Edited by Wolverine08

Awesome issue!

Edited by k4tzm4n
Edited by lifeboy

K4tzm4n, we need to talk Ninja Turtles buddy. Me and my boss think megan is a bad casting for April o Neil. She is just to darn attractive to be playing April. Dont get me wrong, april is an attractive person, but megan is just superstar beautiful. They should have gone with an april like in the first movie...

But i sure will be more motivated to see it now that they have her in it ;)

Posted by manwithoutshame

I'll have to get this.

Edited by DuffBrew85

What a great look at Bebop and Rocksteady at the end

Posted by theTimeStreamer

i am enjoying a turtles book. never thought this day would come i enjoy an indie book more than the big 2's.

Posted by Dark_Guyver

Great issue! 4/5 seems like a fair score. Now bring on Bebop and Rocksteady next issue!

Posted by tigerkaya

Hell yeah Hun! Really liked him in the 2K3 series heres hoping Agent Bishop gets a spotlight.

Posted by k4tzm4n

i am enjoying a turtles book. never thought this day would come i enjoy an indie book more than the big 2's.

Never thought I'd see the day where I agreed with you! :P

Posted by theTimeStreamer

@k4tzm4n: hell just got a wicked cold breeze.

Posted by Fenderxx

I just jumped on this title, and got the back issues starting at city fall, I did not know that the micro series tied in so close to the main story, but I picked up the last one and this issue and have been enjoying it alot, need to go back and get some trades of this run,

Posted by tparks

@duffbrew85: They look pretty awesome. I can't wait for them to finally make an appearance.

Posted by Lvenger

I literally did not see that Casey's dad would be Hun coming when reading TMNT 25. But that's the kind of sharp, clever twisting writing I like from the TMNT universe. Great review Gregg!

Edited by EXtreme65anime

Even though IDW Hun strength and size didn't come naturally like the 2003 and MIrage Hun, I think it's great that Hun got juice up like Captain America in this series. Can't wait for issue 27. Mike Henderson art is great and all, but I just wish he didn't draw Hun all chubby, I wish he look more lean and muscular like on the cover (Tyler Wapole).

Posted by k4tzm4n