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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #206 - Target April O’Neil Review


Casey Jones versus Evil Robo Ninjas! Could this be the coolest thing in the universe?

"Dude, I so want plasma-chucks! Donny, can you hook a turtle up?!"

Casey Jones returns in an episode that's not only tons of fun, but also full of emotion. Karai still has blinders on and she wants revenge against the Heroes in a Half Shell. Since she thinks Splinter took her mother from her, she wants to take something away from the Turtles: April. Naturally, this forces an uneasy reunion between characters and throws Casey into all of the chaos. Spoiler alert: he loves every second of it.

The narrative between all of the characters (well, on the good side, that is) is fantastic in this episode. The show makes us fall in love with Casey, smoothly addresses the relationship April has with the team (most notably Donny), manages to give each character a proper amount of dialogue, and still throws in an impressive amount of exciting battles. It's seriously commendable how well everyone is juggled in this one.

The real treat here is the dynamic between April and Donatello. This plot point takes a major step forward and is handled in a great way. It's not cheesy, it's not forced, it's not creepy. Instead, it's fun and even heartwarming in the end. Once again, they use the cartoon to help illustrate what'll happen and, as always, it gives a good laugh. Oh, nostalgia.

The previous episode with Casey only gave us a sample of the guy, but this one goes all out. This time around, the Nick show allows him to shine by throwing him in a hockey arena with a bunch of footbots. Yup, it's as much of a blast as you'd want it to be. While his action scenes rock, that's not even scratching the surface of all the frenetic fights that go down. April gets some respect and thankfully Karai doesn't have to be downplayed when the two clash. The Turtles also get a chance to fight more footbots which means we can see them truly unleash. That's always a treat, but there's a particularly creative moment with Mikey that I really appreciated. Furthermore, Donatello has a standout moment and his serious upgrade in epicness is understandable given the weight of the situation. Oh, and did I mention Chrome Dome is in this? It's not as crazy as the Leatherhead fight, but it's still all kinds of awesome.

The handling of the overall narrative is solid and the laughs are every bit as strong. There's a downright hysterical scene involving some Kraang and Mikey has some of his best remarks yet. If the ending doesn't put a smile on your face, I just don't know what will.

I only have a few really minor gripes with this one. Firstly, I don't understand why the Footbots need upgrading if the Turtles were barely able to elude them last time. They were even able to adapt to their unpredictability in the last encounter. But really, it's no biggie because I'd much rather see them serve as cannon fodder than always having the Turtles struggling against their basic enemies. We're here to see the Turtles be rad, not the Foot soldiers, right? Secondly, Shredder once again drops an idle threat and he does it so often that it makes him feel less formidable. Hopefully we'll get a reminder of his power sometime in the future. That said, we're talking about a single line in the entire episode, so like I said above, it's a really minor gripe.

This may not be my favorite episode yet, but it's still quite amazing and is without question the strongest episode we've yet to see this season. Huge on humor, even bigger on action, and sprinkled with emotion, "Target April O’Neil" is simply awesome and I'll definitely watch it again sometime soon.

Viners, what do you think of the latest episode? Let us know below.

Posted by Master_Thief

I saw this ep this morning.......... what was the minor gripe

Edited by HushoftheWind

My only minor gripe is how Donnie owned Karai so easily, when Karai and Leo mostly stalemate. I guess i can chalk that part as lazy writing, other than that this was a stellar episode.

I will say it again, City at War is looking a go for this series adaptation. The table is setting each week.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

My only minor grip is how Donnie owned Karai so easily, when Karai and Leo mostly stalemate. I guess i can chalk that part as lazy writing, other than that this was a stellar episode.

I will say it again, City at War is looking a go for this series adaptation. The table is setting each week.

That was awesome though. I didnt like how April and Casey owned the foot mechs, it made them seem like fodder.

Posted by frozenedge

@allstarsuperman: I attribute Casey owning the foot mechs so easily is because he was on the hockey rink, something he's good at while the foot mechs probably don't fight on frozen ground that often. April doing well is just the writing not wanting April to get caught yet

Posted by fables87

I'm glad they finally added Casey Jones int he show.

Posted by The Stegman

@frozenedge: but... The Foot drones can adapt quickly. You saw them adapt to the ice.

Posted by frozenedge

@the_stegman: Maybe they couldn't adapt to how fast Casey was moving? I don't know. The effectiveness of Kraang tech goes up and down just about every episode they're in. This seems to be one of those down moments minus Chrome Dome of course

Posted by The Stegman

@frozenedge: Eh, I feel like if they could adapt to the Turtles (who imo, move much faster than Casey, even on the ice) they could adapt to Casey. I think the main purpose of the fight was to show that Casey wasn't completely defenseless and could take care of himself. I didn't mind him beating the Foot bots in order to show his capabilities.

Posted by frozenedge

@the_stegman: That's probably what it was meant to show. If he's gonna be hanging with the Turtles, which I'm assuming he is seeing how well he handled himself here, he's gotta at least be able to provide backup

Posted by Ms. Omega

Great episode.

Edited by mark15

loved it

Posted by Lvenger

The best of the series yet. Even if Donnie beat Karai too easily and the Foot Bots are cannon fodder now.

Edited by RoTheKid

I really enjoyed this episode as well, Gregg. And I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I got into a debate with two people about this episode. They are tired of this "love obsession" that Donatello has with April and they can't wait until it's over. It was a chore trying to talk to them, so, it's nice to see that I wasn't the only one who enjoyed this episode!

Edited by cuddles667

Donnie is seriously starting to creep me out.

Edited by Battle_Forum_Junkie

This was one of my favorite episodes so far. I'm starting to like the new Casey.

Edited by Ms. Omega

Next week Raph's pet turtle gets mutated :) The episode is called Slash & Destroy cant wait :)

Posted by ElizabethCastro210

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Posted by Drewyetti

"I LOVE BEING A TURTLE!!!!" and "I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!!! although, is it me or those anime parodies in the tv series reflects their lives in each season. First season, there was a anime parody that reflected Leonardo's life in terms of leadership and decision making, then in the second season, there's an anime that reflects Donatello's feelings for April and his relationship with her. I bet the third season will have an anime that reflects Raphael's and then an anime that reflect's Michelangelo's life in the fourth season. Five season perhaps splinter's?

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

This series never disappoints.

I feel Donnie being able to best Karia can be attributed to motivation and duration of the battle. First, the battle didn't last as long as the big ones between her and Leo. In a longer battle against Donatello, Karai would have realized why she was screwing up and adapt. The main reason was motivation and goal. Karai was motivated by revenge and was targeting April. The revenge makes her judgement suspect and April being her focus gave her tunnel vision. Donnie was motivated by protecting April and his goal was keeping Karai away from her. Thanks to this he not only got the strength and reflex boost one gets when defending someone they care for, but he also was able to focus fully on Karai, while Karai needed to focus on her target (April) and the constant obstacle (Donnie)

As for Kasey, this episode just builds on the foundation they gave him earlier. He wasn't completely there last time, but in this episode all the seeds of what we know Casey to be were visible. I do feel that him besting all those droids with no professional training was a bit of a stretch tho. If the battle had ended quickly, him acing on his home field advantage and the droids not adapting yet I would have bought it, but he landed the final blow some time after the turtles had dispatched with both Karai and Chrome dome. Still, very small gripe and the only thing I could even find fault with in this episode.

Also, internet people... Nyan Donatello... This episode gave it to you, make it a thing.

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

Why does so many have problem with Donnie being able to go toe to toe with Karai. The show is cleary showing how slowly these turtles are improving. Last week Mickey was able to hold up against Dog pound even though first time they encountered Dog Pound just wiped the floor with them... And also how shredder couldnt be touched the first time and then later on by the docks they were slightly better than the time before.

Edited by Rebecca815

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