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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #207 - Slash and Destroy Review


Slash finally makes his debut! Can Raph save his brothers from the powerful mutant?

Ever since Spike's introduction, we've all wondered when the little turtle would take a dip into some ooze and turn into the powerhouse we all know as "Slash." Well, that day has finally come and it was most definitely worth the wait.

The new mutant's story is very straightforward but that makes it no less compelling. Raph's fed up with the consistent silliness, goofing around and slip ups from his brothers. The dude just wants to fight crime and do it darn well, too. When one of Donny's experiments goes wrong and puts Raph's pet turtle in danger, it sets the hothead off and he takes the ooze canister from Donny until he can get his act together. One thing leads to another and Raph's lovable and cute pet ends up soaking in the glowing substance. Just like classic Splinter, Spike's been observing Raphael and his family this entire time. He's learned how to fight like Raph (aka viciously and like a boss) and, just like Raph, he's dedicated to one thing: wiping the city clean of evil. However, to become truly effective, he thinks he needs to cut (for a lack of better words) Raph's connection to his brothers. It's a very clear cut story with this guy but the pressure it puts on Raphael is stellar.

Needless to say, this is the episode Raph fans have been waiting for. While Slash obliterates his brothers with just one hit, Raph has a brutal brawl with the creature which explodes across multiple rooftops and is packed with plenty of hits. It's an awesome fight which forces Raph to show his true colors and even stand face-to-face with a twisted version of himself. It's a surprisingly dark, emotional and even violent plot, so the creative team makes the excellent choice to give Leo an absolutely hysterical subplot. To go into details would spoil the laughs, so let's just say he goes on an adventure to snag a mutagen container as various humans bump into it. This side story produces what is without question one of the biggest laughs from this show yet.

My gripes with this episode are relatively minor, but there's a few of 'em. Slash does one thing which left me scratching my head (flawless imitation of Leo) and it's odd to have one container spill open after falling off a desk but the other is perfectly fine after being hit by vehicles and such. Mikey and Donny don't get much focus here, but thankfully, the show has been more than able to give them proper attention in countless other episodes, so it's not that big of a deal. Lastly, there were a few direction choices which hindered the impact behind some seriously powerful and cool moments.

"Slash and Destroy" is a superb debut for Slash and a shockingly engrossing story for Raph. While their plot is filled with chaotic action and a darker tone, the show still holds onto its fun atmosphere with a downright hilarious adventure starring Leonardo. Overall, this is another great episode and one you definitely shouldn't miss.

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I really enjoyed Corey Feldman doing the the voice of Slash almost forgot it was him. Overall another great episode I really hope they bring Slash back. Leo's "Tea Time" was priceless.

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It was a Goonies reunion

Goonies never say die!!

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Oh wow! I didn't even know that was Corey Feldman. Now I have to re watch it. Great episode!

Posted by bones360uk

Loved slash from the Archie tmnt comics

Posted by powerflux

untill now i always thought a turtle having a pet turtle was kinda weird, and creepy, but now it makes sense

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I don't remember any other episodes that explored Raph's character. It seems like Donny and Mikey have had several, though.

There are a few plot decisions that I haven't liked, but overall TMNT is still enjoyable.

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Best episode so far to me.

Posted by RoTheKid

Man, I really enjoyed this episode! This show gets better and better with each episode.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

"it's odd to have one container spill open after falling off a desk but the other is perfectly fine after being hit by vehicles and such"

This so much, my only other grip is the slash seems to change size sporadically. And he jumps on a window and it doesn't break, but hes like the size of 3 turtles.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

Watched it, and I'm absolutely new to slash. Was he every in the 2003 TMNT Cartoon? Because the guy seems absolutely awesome.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

@theacidskull: no slash wasn't in the 2003 show. Closest they got was the dark turtles in fast forward season

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@theacidskull: no. There was a evil cone of each turtle

Yeah, I know, but Dark leo was the only one who got a story arc in which he showed signs of becoming good, the others were still goons.

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FELDMAN! and gotta love slash.

Posted by Drewyetti

This cartoon is getting better and better with each episode!!! I love this series and i admit i had my doubts before the first season aired and i am glad that i was wrong as this series is brilliant, as in brilliant story, brilliant voice cast, brilliant character developments, brilliant plots & twists and brilliant theme song.

TMNT 2012 FTW!!!!

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so damn good! quit emotional too.

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This show is always amazing and I have to say that this is my favorite episode yet, period. It was an amazing story, a lot of fun to watch and for us Raphael fans a serious fan service. I loved it, 5 stars.

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i like this show but it still no where as good as the 2003 series

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This was a great episode. Corey Feldman did a great job, I love the character Slash. I hope that they bring him back.

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Posted by Mezmero

This episode was awesome. In one fell swoop Slash has become one of the Turtles' deadliest threats thanks to the fact that he's one of the few who knows the location of their lair. This whole time I never considered the possibility of Spike mutating. This series does justice to Raphael's character and solidifies him as my favorite Ninja Turtle of all time. I also enjoyed seeing Leo's solo stealth mission. The action was crazy good though the comedy was not as sharp as past episodes. I love this show and I can't wait for more.